Sunday, December 29, 2013

Roswell: Extraterrestrial spacecraft accident.

The following question to solve by Horary Astrology is this one: Did an extraterrestrial spacecraft crash in Roswell?
The first house ruling the querent rises at Gemini, 10 Degrees 55 Minutes, so Mercury and the Moon are the querent planets.
Mars and Uranus rule accidents. Uranus particularly is the ruler of aerial accidents and also of aliens. We should consider those two planets and the nine house for distant travels to answer this questions following the Horary rules and strictures.
We can see in our chart that Mercury is combust, which is under the Sun rays, and a combust planet with the exception of Mars, loses his power and consequently gives a negative perspective.
The Moon however, applies for a sextil to Mars and a trine to Uranus, and these are aspects which give us a clear YES answer to our question.
Besides our combust Mercury and the Sun conjunct the star Facies associated with accidents.
The Moon and Mars are peregrine and this is a weakening situation.
In the nine house of long travels we find Venus in Capricorn, but since Mars is in Libra, ruled by Venus, and Venus in Capricorn, which is the exaltation of Mars, both planets are in Mixed Reception and this is also favorable.
Saturn, big malefic is the ruler of the 9 house and reinforces the idea of a catastrophic situation in Roswell.
The Ascendant conjuncts Aldebaran, a star related in traditional astrology with catastrophe by weather conditions, floods and shipwrecks.

Consequently, our Horary chart gives a YES  answer to the question about the extraterrestrial crash in Roswell.