Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A MARTIAN as Canada's Prime Minister..!

Mono-thematic, isn't he?

August 28th, 2010 10:46 pm PT
Alfred Lambremont Webre
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

If a coalition government comes to power in Canada in the next election, as it did in the U.K., Michael Ignatieff, leader of the Liberal Party, may well be the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Michael Ignatieff wrote in his book The Rights Revolution:

“I want to alert readers that I am a Martian outsider. Martians can never hope to grasp the tacit knowledge of real human beings. On the other hand, they sometimes see things real human beings fail to notice.”

ExopoliticsTV caught up with Michael and his wife Zsuzsanna at a political rally at a community center in Vancouver, BC. You can watch the action and listen to ExopoliticsTV correspondent Susan Gordon interview Alfred Lambremont Webre, author of Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe, on the state of extraterrestrials and democracy in Canada.

Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chaos in the "UFO Fiction Club"

Para: prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com

The extraterrestrials that Richard Boylan works with are not to be trusted. The best evidence are the rants he periodically launches into against those that disagree with his all ETs are gold nonsense. Those that buy fool's gold are bound to be disappointed. Many on his UFO facts list have been deceived but there is still time for them to wake up.


Michael Salla

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Exopoliticians and Councilors of Earth fear the Nothing Heppens Syndrome..!

There are Powers working on the ufological community, and these are well known. The greatest of all is the NHS. NHS means Nothing Happens Syndrome
The Ufological, exopolitical contactees and mythologists, including our beloved Councilor of Earth, insist that everybody (but them) is Cabal, psyop,disinformer and Agent of Darkness.

Nonsense because, as you people know well, the big Enemy of the Ufosophists is not other than NHS.
Many of the "friends of the Space Brothers" know this. The future belongs to the Nothing Happens Syndrome .

What can the "Ufo-gurus" do?. Just talk, they talk and talk and write about Aliens. Orionids, Pleiadeans, Altimarians, Draconians, Martians, Star Brothers,...you name them.

Pundits tell us that these aliens are sending us messages.
No technology, no medicine, no science. These extraterrestrials are new agers. They buy our own old books and turn them into "spiritual messages".

Of course, you don't believe this. Probably you understand that all those Extraterrestrials just do not exist.

They are marketing, paranoia, pseudo-science, imagination, fiction.

The "aliens" are, day after day, defeated by the Nothing Happens Syndrome.

Perhaps you don't believe in what we say? You have the right to believe what you want. You are not our enemy just because you have a different opinion.

Just wait one more day, week, month, year, and see the Nothing Happens Syndrome at work.

Richard Boylan's attack against Dr. Michael Salla and Alfred Webre.

Dr. Richard Boylan, self-proclaimed Councilor of Earth (sic.)posted a violent attack against the Exopoliticians Dr. Alfred Webre and Michael Salla.
Boylan's post is included below. Obviuously the "aliens" do not bring any peace to our poor planet Earth.

[UFOFacts] UFOFacts is not for Cabal disinformation rags
To: UFOFacts@yahoogroups.com


I note a couple of people in the past day have tried to post UFO-oriented material (see below) from Cabal disinformation sources.
As I told one member,
"Let me make it absolutely clear: No Cabal disinformation operatives get free exposure on UFOFacts.
Michael Salla and his stooge Alfred L. Webre are Cabal assets.
Salla's various fake on-line "newspaper" "Examiners", supposedly
from various cities, habitually feature false propaganda and
Therefore those "news" articles do not get publicity on UFOFacts either.
Just as a child molester feeds his victim candy before he molests
her, so also Salla and Webre feed supposedly "interesting" UFO tid-
bits to their audience to gain their trust so that they can sell them on disinformation later.

Dr. Richard Boylan, Moderator

> --- On Wed, 8/25/10, EXOPOLITICS.COM wrote:
> Subject: EXAMINER: 'Extraterrestrial hypothesis' is now public operative explanation for UFOs in France, U.K. and China
> Date: Wednesday, August 25, 2010, 12:33 PM

Friday, August 20, 2010

How is this possible?

Dear friends, please read the post included below, and think that Boylan's group StarKidsHangout@yahoogroups.com is just for kids..!

[StarKidsHangout] time being reset now by Star Nations (judiciously) to create time-loops and "second chances"
DrBoylan [Chat now]
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To: StarKidsHangout@yahoogroups.com; DrRichBoylanReports@yahoogroups.com


This news is likely to be of interest to many.
My close associate Wendi, who works with Star Nations, acquired information that time being reset now by Star Nations (judiciously) to create time-loops and "second chances".
While some Human Star Seeds can manipulate time for a good reason, Wendi comments that "this is the same work Zeta do. Star Nations work within the conscious desires of Source [God]. They strive very hard to stay under the will of Source. They do not place themselves above Source in any way. That is another way you will know when a visit from a different type of being is Star Beings or dark Cabal. Cabal will say they are "God" or that they are above another person, or that they are superior to others. They will use words like "Master" and such.
"Star Beings are working in what the Watchers call "Time Loops" ...
There are many things going on right now and it is a sensitive time we are in.
If you feel like you are living this experience again, chances are good that you are just picking up on the awareness of being inside these loops. Most people don't feel these things, so loops within loops and resetting of time doesn't bother them. They move forward without thinking much about it.
"But Star Seeds are not like most younger developing species. And some do pick up on the distorted feelings that can come from "time loop" awareness.
"The thing to do is to just remember that even the life we are living in this NOW does not belong to us. The time is not ours. All time belongs to Source. Asheoma loved to remind me of that little detail. When we remember that we are INSIDE Source, well it is easier to just let it go. We can trust Source is the one calling the shots and not us. Of course we have the honor of being able to talk with Source and make our requests known. That is the cool part ;-) "
- Wendi

This prompted me to inquire,
"Wendi, would you comment on what is the purpose of some of this time-resetting and of making time go in a loop, which Star Beings are doing?
"I think we are aware now, thanks to yours and others' comments, that time loops are happening.
"But it would be instructive to say why it is going on, what good purpose Star Nations is accomplishing with this fiddling with time, (with Source's acquiescence of course)."

To which she and her contact, Star Nations Councillor Asheoma responded:
"Councillor of and for Earth,

"Asheoma asked if he could do the honor of answering this, so here he is.
- Wendi
"Greetings Councillor, my brother,
"Greetings and Blessings to those who are here and walk in Light,
"It is easy to understand that time is a direction, a pointer, a guide. It is a lens of focus used by Source. Star Nations works to complete the desire of Source. The tool of time manipulation, time focus re-direction, is one Zeta mastered as a species before the formation of the Star Nations.
"Your direct question is to the point of purpose for the use of this tool by the Star Nations at this particular point in Human history. To understand that, it is necessary to point to the fact that time "reset" as the Star Child so lovingly calls it, has always occurred on Earth as a tool to ensure that the Dream of Source is as Source desires. There have been infinite times when Earth Being encountered destruction due to celestial collisions or other natural movements. Source has in sight a dream which requires Earth to be able to sustain the Human Species. Common examples of this work include thermonuclear modifications of comets in order to direct their path away from catastrophic collision with Earth. In the time of Source when focus was not directly on Earth, the collision occurred. The resulting WHEN/WHERE of Source was absent of a potential Source desired. Zeta were asked to observe in the many lines or highways of time what would become of Earth and the potential of her seed / her life / to contribute to the whole of Source. When Source saw through Zeta what is in this NOW with Humans, the heart of Source was stirred and directions were given to reset the time and take full action to protect Earth in order that the potential may be realized. This is the natural and easy manner of work within Source that Star Nations performs.
"At this time, the time resets are in truth more active when compared to the past history of a catastrophe potential occurring infrequently. The reason behind the active resets is multi-fold. Humans are quickly becoming an awakened species collectively. In addition to that, Humans as individual beings are becoming awakened. As awareness occurs within Source, more requests for re-direction of time / reset of time / can be made. In human words, communion with Source is becoming authentic, and prayers are being answered.
"For the collective Earth - to include her being as well as Humans and her many species - there is a desire to thrive and grow. There is a desire of surrender to the beauty and grace of Source who is All.
"In order for Source to realize and experience the NOW of this collective service, the forces of chaos and darkness which operate must be managed. Humans are doing their part to neutralize poisonous systems such as the Ego Cabal humans. But there are some items which still require Star Nations assistance.
"In this time, the adjustments at the larger Earth level include neutralization and containment of many different things those of Ego accomplish which lead to the futures where harm is great to other species as well as Humans. There are many parts of this system, and as one situation is changed, another situation often is put into motion. It is not a simple map of knowing exactly where any given action will lead. The shifting of even a single point (the reset of even one event) touches the whole at all points. When the whole is shifted, all paths and options are new.
The infinity of potential for one choice Source makes is something which has silenced and stilled my heart.
"The Human building of what is called the Large Hadron Collider has been one of the prime focus items for Star Nations at this time. There is a future which continues to be seen where Humans of Ego abuse this tool and succeed in creating great destruction for many others. Source could have elected to not allow humans to develop these types of tools, but the species would not be who you are at this time. So Humans are capable of building these tools. But it is still the work of Star Nations to do all we can to protect both Humans and those outside from the abuse of these tools.
"In summary, the time reset tool has been employed with exponentially higher frequency since last year in order to protect the future."
"in service to Source and our Star Nations, and with all love,
"Asheoma te ka Meata "


in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Exopoliticians Michael Salla and Alfred Webre: the secret agenda,

" Exopolitics represents no less, a new form of viral programming. This can easily evolve into a new form of social control. It consists largely of fantasy and entertainment whose image-based symbolic structure is easily manipulated by Big Media and rampant Consumerism as regards exploitation of belief."


Monday, August 2, 2010

Algolians-Cabal Alliance..!


To Whom it May Concern

Algolian Army will help terrestrial authorities to protect Earth from the unauthorized activities of planetary pirates like the so called Star Nations, Pleiadeans, Zetas and other invaders.
We will have no mercy with the extraterrestrial intruders, including the abductors and the genetic manipulators.
Our Weapons' power and Courage of our Warriors are well known in the Galaxy.

End of A.W.C Communication.