Friday, June 12, 2015

New Faces for an old myth.

James Black

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First of all, let's say that Karyn Dolan speaks better than her husband  Richard. She is more coherent and has more control of her rhetorical resources. No massive funny" digressions, and less unnecessary autobiography. ( We hope that  she will not post hundreds of thousands of pictures of her face, following the practice of his narcissistic husband. 
However, since she is in the beginning of her "apostolate", Karyn goes into the ancient astronauts mythology and assure us that there is more than enough evidence about the ET activities in our planet. In other words she, of course has nothing new to say about the UFO-ET mythology, but after all, there is nothing wrong with this, because you will not look for originality where there is never nothing new to say. 
Anyway Mrs. Karyn Dolan will try his hand with a some new meme about conditioning kids concerning the presence of ETs  through cartoons, TV and movies. 

This is funny.The reaction of listeners and video watchers is very negative: About this Video, a comment says:

"This is a good example of a wife trying to cash in and be part of her husbands hard work. This presentation is horrible and she is stretching it a little. Richard Dolan has worked very hard on his UFO research and has made many presentations that are quite good. His wife now obviously wants a piece of the action and she comes up with this crap. Please...leave the UFO stuff to Richard and get your own career. She reminds me of Hillary Clinton riding the coattails of Bill Clinton. Disgusting. ."

Another one: 

"Well,here we Aliens are No GOOD! She for got Star Track ;0)
In Reality....if Light Walkers wanted too really Hurts us.....they would done it Already!!!
Who she working with the elite?????"

Of course we agree about the poor content of this repeated paranoid non-sense, and Richard Dolan, who now has enough experience about UFO-ET Mythology, should give his wife some advice. Truth is that Karyn would do best remaining out of the UFO-ET Circus. Out of the show.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015


Will the hoaxers refund money?

Dolan wrong as usual.
"...those promoting the photos as authentic, such as Jaime Maussan, the Mexican UFO expert who orchestrated the conference, insisted that it could not possibly be a mummy. A Reuters news story featured video of UFO proponent Richard Dolan at the conference claiming, without providing any documentation, that experts had ruled out the mummy explanation: “Analysis of the body … suggested this is not a mummy and not a human, not a mammal and not a model.”
Finally the truth was revealed when a slide of the image was examined and “A member of The Roswell Slides Research Team used a newly acquired source image of the placard seen in front of the body. By manipulating the commercial software, SmartDeblur, he managed to significantly clear up the blurred text.” The sign in front of the “Roswell alien” reads: “Mummified Body of Two Year Old Boy.”
Will hoaxers give the money back?
It is followed by a mostly-legible short description of the piece and concludes, as many museum signs do, with an acknowledgement stating that it was loaned by a man in San Francisco.
An identical photo was later found with the complete information: “Mummified Body of Two Year Old Boy. At the time of burial the body was clothed in a slip-over cotton shirt. Burial wrappings consisted of three small cotton blankets. Loaned by Mr. S. L. Palmer, San Francisco, California.”

Monday, May 11, 2015

The end of Richard Dolan's image as a "serious UFO researcher"

The end of Richard Dolan's image as a "serious UFO researcher"

Working hard, Richard Dolan sold the image of "serious ufologist" . Probably he believed that thousands of photos of his pretty face would solidify this image ( and his own narcissistic Ego.)
However he choose to share profits and shame with the well known UFO gang of hoaxers, charlatans  and liars and this confirms what many analysts wrote about the style of  writing about the UFO ET mythology. Time ago UFO Watchdog predicted in some way the future of Dolan:

"So what is the problem? The problem is that Dolan appears to take all evidence at face value. He will quote Morris K. Jessup on an equal basis with Jacques Vallee. He will talk of Gray Barker on the same level as J. Allen Hynek. He puts Philip Corso at the same level as Jerome Clark. In other words, he does not seem to discriminate between sources. He considers them all valid. Rather than sifting through vast amounts of disinformation for the Truth, it’s 
more like he’s amassing a mound of evidence without regard to its veracity or corroboration. He doesn’t even allude to the possibility that there might be some problems with some of this evidence. The clowns are thrown in with the professors. "

Richard Dolan choose the clowns, but let me tell you this: In the so called ufology, sooner or latter, this is inevitable.
The alternative is one and only one: to be honest. To tell the truth. To work as a History professor in a clean cultural environment.
Thousands of photos of a smiling Richard Dolan will do nothing to give him back his totally lost credibility.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

SHAME: May 5th Roswell Slides event in Mexico City

Sunday, May 10, 2015

SHAME: May 5th Roswell Slides event in Mexico City

Just days after the May 5th Roswell Slides event in Mexico City, we presented Red Pill Junkie, a noted blogger on all things paranormal, to give you his eyewitness reactions as someone who attended the event — with a paid ticket. We also presented a special appearance from UFO historian Richard Dolan.

It didn't take long for the reaction to the event to almost spiral out of control, especially with the report that a group of researchers, both skeptical and otherwise, managed to decode the placard shown on the slides and reveal it was just the mummy of a young child. And that's just the beginning.

I can’t fathom where even ignorance would come into play in relation to the entire “Be Witness” theater troupe and this most dreadful saga. There are many, many reasons for this thinking in which have already been fleshed out to the point of ad nauseam here, and elsewhere. To give anyone the benefit of the doubt would be to turn a blind eye away from the facts... that is, unless one’s desire is purely entertainment.

Who in this world would associate themselves with such a sloppy, mismanaged, uninformed group, other than the misinformed, and those who are of the faith?

Jaime Maussan: more than 40 frauds..!
When Maussan's involvement was revealed, a collective groan was heard from just about everybody who knows anything about current UFOlogy. Anyone who has gone to a UFO conference anywhere in the last twenty years has likely heard a talk by Maussan, making wild claims and showing highly-dubious photos and videos. He is considered one of the least-credible UFO personalities active today. The page for ALCIONE (in Spanish) lists "more than 40 frauds" that Maussan has promoted. Tim Printy also has some interesting comments about Maussan.

Apologies from the promoters of the Roswell Slides fiasco in Mexico City, even if they are forthcoming, are not enough. It's easy to say you're sorry while you still hold the cash. The way to make it right, or at least as right as it can be, is as simple as it was for the Roswell Slides Research Group to solve the "mystery" - the promoters must immediately offer a full refund on each and every ticket sold to the May 5th event.
 Those who were only participants in the event or the build-up to it, like Anthony Bragalia and Richard Dolan, can begin to restore some of their reputation by publicly calling on the prime organizers of the event to take this step.

Anything less is just as worthless and hollow as the event itself.

Paul Kimball

Monday, April 20, 2015

Richard Dolan back into the real world? YES..!

Professor Richard Dolan getting out of the Matrix.

UFO Crash Con - UFO Secrecy - Richard Dolan LIVE FEATURE

If you pay close attention to this Richard Dolan's lecture, you will learn a lot of things but nothing about UFOs, but after all, UFO are the less interesting myth of the so called Ufology (or Exopolitics.)

As usual, Richard justifies his interest in the cosmic or atmospheric or hallucinatory phenomenon.

Richard tells us how a young academic, History professor, become interested in all this thing that was popular in the 50's.

Now, in my view, Dolan is at least more honest than the fantastic charlatans that populate the rarefied UFO sub-cultural environment. The evidence of this is that Richard Dolan recognizes that he doesn't know what UFO are, particularly important, he doesn't believe that the phenomenon is extraterrestrial. Instead of jumping into the nonsense he tries to remain credible.

What happens here? Did Professor Dolan lost his faith in the "enigma" of the flying saucers? No and yes. Year after year, Richard saw clearly that he, like any other self-proclaimed ufologist was condemned to repeat and repeat the same factoids, the same non-events. He understood that there will
never be any disclosure and perhaps "took
his pill, the right one," and recognized that there mas nothing to disclose.
Here you have the Project Blue Book. There is here something more than a mantra.

This PDF format document was produced by The Project Blue Book Archivehttp://www.bluebookarchive.orgwith the support of Project 1947, Sign Historical Group, Fund for UFO Research, and the Archives for UFO Research, News and Information Service

Professor Richard Dolan is prudent. His tries with the "breakaway civilization " and "secret space program" are not enough. If he wants to keep the old UFO mythology alive, he must visit "fantasy island" . My opinion is that Prof. Richard Dolan will indeed take the right pill and get out of the "matrix" . Richard Dolan will find that the UFO mythology, lies, delusions, unreliable sources and nonsense ARE THE REAL MATRIX.
Truth is Richard, that there are many "television personalities"and smiling baby faces, but good, decent, progressive History professors are not enough.
Tomas Scolarici