Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ex member of Boylan's group threatens with legal action.

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 1:08 AM, Phyllis Csaszar wrote:


I am the real Phyllis Csaszar and you can google to see I am a real person. I have had this name since 1969 when I married my husband.

I wrote in anger because Dr B called me a cabal and that i was dark, to me, knowing who and what I am, I knew he was absolutely 100% wrong and what or who else he was wrong about. It only confirmed (?) my suspicions about him.

He has always stressed to dowse when in doubt and so I did, I got good responses about you and him so I stuck by and tried to believe all he was saying even with out seeing proof, much like believing in God and Jesus. I was shocked and worried when Bobs signature came up cabal but I NEVER voice my opinion because I did not trust the answer completely, and did not want to insult Bob if I was wrong. So see any of you can come up dark too and not really be dark!.

The question that started it all was truly out of fear regarding the nukes in Japan. I swear I heard from his site that the Star Visitors would not allow humans to have a nuke war because of the repercussions that it would cause in space. SO all I asked Dr B was will the Star Visitors help if we ask since it will also protect them? Instead of reassuring me or answering the question, he slammed me told me I was baiting him and all of the sudden I was a cabal spy and monster.

I did not come here (EARTH) either to be insulted and defamed by others and also since Dr B kicked me off the site I have been inundated with e mail after e mail from cabal people trying to suck me into their fold.

Dr B has ruined me by a lie there for I called him a liar, do I owe him an apology? Will I, when he apologizes to me for destroying my credibility and accusing me of being a cabal spy.

So Fran as much as my comments hurt your heart as well as DR B's or Bob, don't forget his mean spirited comments stabbed me in the heart and has brought serious accusations against me, and if he is the kind person he claims to be, he better check out why he is lashing out at Star Seeds and getting false readings on good people.

Ps: the Things he has accused me of are slander and could well justify a sue, but being a Star Seed I would not pursue this course, but be assured that if I EVER catch him or anyone else on the site continuing to call me cabal or a dark entity again I will take action to clear my name.