Monday, February 28, 2011

Fwd: Criminal Impersonation.

Richard Boylan announces a workshop with "extraterrestrials looking as humans" . Perhaps the Councilor of Earth believes that he is above the Law.

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Date: Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 1:51 PM
Subject: Criminal Impersonation.

"Extraterrestrials" looking as Humans?

18-5-113. Criminal Impersonation.

(1) A person commits criminal impersonation if he knowingly assumes a false or fictitious identity or capacity, and in such identity or capacity he:
(d) Does an act which if done by the person falsely impersonated, might subject such person to an action or special proceeding, civil or criminal, or to liability, charge, forfeiture, or penalty; or
(e) Does any other act with intent to unlawfully gain a benefit for himself or another or to injure or defraud another.
(2) Criminal impersonation is a class 6 felony.



Saturday, February 26, 2011

DOZENS OF STAR VISITORS... real ET's, will be present in the Advanced Workshop for Star Kids, Star Seed Adults of the Councilor of Earth, Richard Boylan..!

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From: Tomas Scolarici <>
Date: Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 4:51 PM
Subject: DOZENS OF STAR VISITORS, real ET's in the Advanced Workshop for Star Kids, Star Seed Adults, families and friends of the Councilor of Earth, Richard Boylan..!
Cc:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, GRELET CHRISTOPHE <>, High Lord Photon <>, James Black <>, space2force <>

But people I must be honest with you. Please tell me if I am right or wrong.
These dozens of Star Visitors are either legal or illegal aliens, right?
Now, if they are illegal aliens, the "migra", Immigration and Naturalization Service will proceed and arrest these illegals.
However, if they are legal aliens, there you have the disclosure, because they are legal residents.
The third option, of course, is the HOAX. They are not aliens at all, but in this case, these pseudo-aliens are swindlers.

What do you think about this JUDGE Alfred Webre?
I hope that the Ohio EXOPOLITICS Radio will ask Richard Boylan some questions about


Tomas Scolarici.

[UFOFacts] notice about actual dates of the Star Kids & Star Seeds Advanced Workshop


    An Advanced Workshop for Star Kids, Star Seed Adults, families and friends, at which dozens of Star Visitors will be in the audience, with some Star Visitors as Speakers, is being planned for a weekend in May/June, 2011 (exact dates TBA), in Philadelphia, PA. Firm dates will be announced soon.
    Dr. Richard Boylan will be making presentations, and explaining the advanced abilities of Star Seeds and Star Kids, and will lead demonstrations of some of these psychic abilities.
    One of the Star Visitor Speakers will be the leader of a planet in a star system 17 light years distant, which has two inhabited planets. It is anticipated that this Star Visitor will bring a family member with him who will also make a presentation.
    Another Star Visitor Speaker will be an Estican (Praying Mantis/Mantoid) Incarnate Human who is authorized to speak on behalf of her people since she is the niece of the Estican People's Councillor representative to Star Nations.
    Other Star Visitors will also address the gathering.
    Two Star Kids will be Speakers, telling about the challenges of growing up as a Star Kid in a culture which has not been providing any recognition of Star Kids.
    A Star Seed adult who has been downloaded with Star Visitors information for the public will provide a revised history of Planet Earth, including: who first discovered this planet,where the dinosaurs really fit into Earth's time-line, who first bioengineered Homo Sapiens, did Darwin overstate evolution?, the histories of preceding Earth civilizations Lemuria and Atlantis, who built the pyramids and why, other life forms on Earth not currently recognized as existing and highly-intelligent, who the Great Religious Teachers/Avatars really were, which star races have interacted with Humans over the course of our history, and the history of Star Visitors' interactions with today's governments, the technologies shared with those governments, and what the governments are hiding from us.
    There will be much more, but this will give you some idea of this unprecedented event.
    Star Visitors have foreshown that this Workshop will be recorded with portions later televised nationally, and eventually rebroadcasted globally. Don't wait. Witness this Workshop in person this Spring.
    This Advanced Workshop will serve as a powerful trigger which will eventually awaken recognition in millions of Star Seeds and Star Kids around the globe as to their true, full identity, why they are different, and what their full potential and abilities are.
    Remote viewing indicates that before this Workshop, the U.S. Government will have conceded the reality of UFOs and that Star Visitors have contacted government officials and officers.
    And by the time this Advanced Workshop is over, the U.S. Government will not be able to return to business as usual ignoring Star Visitor reality. The cultural beachhead of the Transition of human society into a civilization cosmic in scope will have been achieved.
    Plan on being there and watching history being made!
    Future-viewing indicates that many hundreds of people will participate in this Workshop.
    Details of this Advanced Workshop's location and logistics are still being developed. We are not yet quite ready to take formal registrations, but hope to do so in the near future. Meanwhile you can place your name on the pre-registration list of persons interested in being notified when registration opens. Just send your name and contact information, (and say you want to attend the Advanced Workshop), to Workshop Registrar Linda Solley at:
    in service to Source,
    Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth




Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fwd: TOMAS SCOLARICI open letter to his friend ALFRED WEBRE

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From: James Black <>
Date: Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 9:14 PM
Subject: TOMAS SCOLARICI open letter to his friend ALFRED WEBRE

Dear Alfred. respectful debate is always open. And more than open. The constant exchange of Memes between us, is a valuable contribution to Ufological Research.
I am not sure if litany is the right word but it's OK. There is NOTHING outside the text. That is why the Bible begins with the Logos, the word. In the beginning was nothing but TALK, and in the end, TALK will close the funny comedy we call life.

We need a new beginning. We need the brutal act of total honesty: I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE UFO PHENOMENON, and more important, nobody does.
This is the litany of HONESTY, good old Alfred. There is nothing else. The rest; contact, quarantine, Galactic Council and Galactic Diplomacy is NOTHING at all. Show me some EVIDENCE and I will recognize your litany. While this DOESN"T happens, while as usual, there is no DISCLOSURE, NO UFO LANDING,  NO EVENTS, we will be friends, even if we have very different ideas.


In EVIDENCES we Trust.

Tomas Scolarici
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On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 2:19 PM, EXOPOLITICS.COM <> wrote:
Tomas - Why not include the context communication theory in your litany?  You may be a UFO insider, but you are always debunking positive suggestions, like the context communication theory that I first proposed in 1974, and is widely respected.

Think about it. Allow respectful debate.  

Alfred ;-)




"I am not a Skeptic or Debunker"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hilarious new documentary movie

A hysterically hilarious new documentary movie will hit the theaters this March.
It's a documentary about a gullible sector of the populace's indiscriminate and religious fervor-like beliefs in UFOs and the "paranormal". It's a fascinating study from a psychological viewpoint. It's a MUST-SEE movie.
The title of this film is called GAWD BLESS AMERICA:

"Treason of the Star Nations"???

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Date: Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 6:24 PM
Subject: "Treason of the Star Nations"


Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Secrets of the Greatest Contactees and Cosmic Preachers revealed..!

Dear people, this time I will show you how to do it, analyzing the following text of a Master Cosmic Preacher: Dr. Michael Salla who proclaims himself founder of the Exopolitical "science". Alfred Webre says that this is not true, by the way, but let's go to what matters here. My comments in bold and underlined.

First, see the title of the paper: ETs ARE AMONG US. ( Salla doesn't' leave any space for doubt.) We of course, wait for evidences but…let's see if Salla fulfills the promises of this title.



Scholarly historical UFO accounts suggest Human-looking Extraterrestrials living among us.


In this initial paragraph, Salla let us understand that the thing is not based in evidences. He tells us that the account suggests Human Looking ETs living among us. The security and arrogance of the title is lost.

Compiled by Dr. Michael Salla et al

Now let us see the academic style of the good doctor.
A University of Mexico tenured medical professor who met with an extraterrestrial, posing as an ordinary civilian, helps corroborate claims of Human Extraterrestrials living among us. This professor was also a senior member of the Mexican Atomic Energy Commission. The Professor used the pseudonym of 'Prof Hernandez' and worked with a Mexican journalist, Zitha Rodriguez to release details of his contact in the early 1970's.


From the beginning Dr. Salla, who, in his words, learned all about UFO in the internet, informs us that the "source" of this knowledge of ETs living among us, is and individual

whose pseudonym is "Prof.Hernandez".  (Of course, this confession turns the whole article as valid as a science fiction story, or perhaps a Mexican soap opera.)

It all began in 1972, with a voice in his head, leading him to scientific breakthroughs in his own medical research in immunology which brought him special recognition by his peers. Professor Hernandez knew the ideas were not his own, because he had no background in developing them. They came to his mind full blown, as though someone who knew perfectly well what he was talking about had explained them to him in detail. This whole paragraph doesn't need any comment.  Any rational individual will see it as totally meaningless and unreliable. A pathetic joke of our "academic" founder or cofounder of the Exopolitical Science


Later in that year he was approached by the author of that voice in his head, and it turned out to be a beautiful extraterrestrial woman who said he could call her Elyense, which he changed to LYA for short. She met him several times on the University Campus before she went any further.
Here, Dr.Michael Salla goes clearly into the Mexican soap opera without any remorse.


Now after reading the following stupidities, you will understand how easy is to be a Contactee and Cosmic Preacher. You don't even need imagination. Why? Because as Dr. Salla, you are totally convinced of the absolute stupidity of your readers.
LYA wore a dark pantsuit of some very fine material that the professor could not quite identify. She had dark eyes and wore dark hair shoulder length. She walked our streets and breathed our ambient air with no difficulty. She even drank fruit juice with him at a sidewalk lunch table as they talked. She was obviously far better educated than Hernandez, and he was considered one of his country's foremost scientists.

When the professor questioned LYA's extreme intelligence and the source of her superior knowledge, she took him into her confidence and told him that she was not from this planet -- that she came from another world in a group of stars we called Andromeda. He thought she meant the Andromeda Galaxy at first.

On a subsequent meeting she guided him to a secluded desert area outside of Mexico City and took him aboard her disc-shaped spacecraft. There, she showed him many scientific wonders, and at one point took him to a viewing screen where she worked some controls and brought up an image of a star-field in the screen. She showed him some guide stars in Cassiopeia and in Andromeda Constellation, and then showed him where her home sun was in relation to those other stars.
The rest of the soap opera includes the desert, the names of stars, advice about how to use our technology and the usual spiritualist mumbo-jumbo.

This is serious? No, of course not, but…something is serious indeed. Does Dr. Salla writes this nonsense because he thinks that someone will believe him? If the answer is no, then we must consider the possibility of someone behind the apparent idiocy…someone who wants to make the UDE ( UFO)Phenomenon ridiculous and absurd.

Your ideas are welcome. Remember to always let me know if your message can be published.

Hernandez story was investigated by Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens who corresponded with Zitha Rodriquez. Stevens found many similarities with other contactee cases even though Hernandez could not have known of these. He decided to translate Rodriquez book of Hernandez experiences and eventually concluded that Hernandez was credible.

As in the Adamski and Menger cases, Hernandez reveals that his extraterrestrial contact could easily blend into the Mexican population. In contrast to the Adamski and Menger cases, Lya was alone and did not appear to have a buddy.

Same old discredited names. One of these was jailed for sexual abuses against minors. Adamsky never went to the Extraterrestrial Congress in Saturn.

Angelika just tell me what the dolphins say about all this nonsense?


Tomas Scolarici





World War and Galactic War.

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Date: Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 4:08 PM
Subject: World War and Galactic War.

The Third World War is NOW.

Is this possible?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Amazing Secrets of the Greatest Contactees Revealed..!

It's easy but you must go for the rules.

First rule: absolutely anything people see in the sky IS ALWAYS a Star-Craft. In other words, have always extraterrestrial origin. Now (this is important,) if someone says that the flying thing is just a balloon or a plane, or Venus, the individual in question is a CIA operative, a cabal, a psyop, a debunker, well, you name it, but be aggressive, hostile. Attack the individual. Remember that there are no persons who think differently, but only enemies.
Keep in mind that you are fighting against a monstrous conspiracy, a shadow government and the whole scientific establishment. They spend billions of dollars denying what you say about the ET in the Internet.

However, it's possible that the "star craft" (UFO) is a clear hoax, and the media gives details about this. (Jerusalem Post.)

In that case, it's better to remain silent or to go on talking about the Cosmic Brothers agenda, and keeping your believers hopeful and expectant.
Find some other sighting and write as if the Alien Landing or the Disclosure will happen in hours or days.
Remember this: you know more than "them": (NASA Scientific establishment, governments, UN, etc. )
If someone asks how you learned so many things about the Cosmic Visitors, just smile, or tell him about your Close Encounter, or your telepathic communications with the ETs, or your visits to Mars Of course if the curious asks for evidences, attack him or her. (See above.)

Second Rule: Invent pseudo-events with big names like Galactic Exopolitical Multiversal Congress. Create the Galactic Diplomacy University. Remember that in the Internet things look always bigger.

A Couple of friends having a beer and talking about what John saw ten years ago while he was fishing, can become the  Interdisciplinary Congress about the Extraterrestrial Quarantine imposed by one hundred different ET races to our planet.
Frequently use the word "quantum". It always sounds fine. Do some google on stars and put funny names to your Aliens, something like Betelgeusians, Rigelians, Aldebarians or Bereniceans. Forget about distances. Do not care if the planet of your aliens is a billion years light  from our poor little Earth. Nobody will ask you how they came here.  (If someone does, just smile and move your head.)

Of course read what other Cosmic Preachers are doing. Learn from Raelians, Exopoliticians, Councilors of Earth, channelers and contactees.
And have confidence in what you say: you will always go wrong but the true believers will have Faith in what you say again and again, even if it never happens.

Tomas Scolarici


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

About Exopolitics-by Tomas Scolarici

(this is a contribution sent by Tomas Scolarici)

I have nothing against Exopolitics.
There is no secret here, but we need two for tango. That’s the basic deconstructive contradiction, and because of this, Exopolitics deconstructs itself.
The existence of Exopolitics as a discipline, science, or whatever you want to call it, depends of, at least two sides, two parts willing to establish diplomatic relationships.
However, there are not such two sides, and more there is not even one side.
Let’s agree for a moment with the hypothesis of the extraterrestrial origin of the Unidentified Dynamic Entities, usually called UFOS.
Let’s believe that these gentlemen, or gentle…something, have been here for the last three of four thousand years, wasting their time and money and showing no interest in any diplomatic contact. In fact in any contact at all.
In our own side, the same is true: only people belonging the UFO subculture show any interest in contacting the Aliens.
Earth governments have enormous problems to solve, and probably they will not solve these at all.
Things are going bad here on Earth and neither the People, not the Governments have time for science fiction given as the real thing.
So, the big problem for Exopolitics is that they want diplomacy without diplomats, contacts without contactees and contactors.
Of course we can talk a lot, about Colonel Shadow, anonymous sources, personal private contacting experiences, whistleblowers without Evidences, and obscure “mystics”, but, honestly something more is needed.
Talking and writing is easy. After all, evidences are not needed at all.
Just watch the ufological environment. Each one has his /her own definition. So they fight: “my ET is better than your ET”; “my Pleiadeans are nicer than your Zetas.”
And one more word for those who dislike what I say here.
I can be what you want: cabal operative, a psyop, the Devil or a member of the Opus Dei but remember that these accusations DO NOT ANSWER the arguments.
The Ad Hominem Fallacy is precisely that: If you cannot deny what your opponent says, just attack him; call him names.
Tomas Scolarici

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Star Nations' new Emperor of Earth..!

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Date: Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 7:49 PM
Subject: Supreme Star Nations Council.

Supreme Council of the Star Nations.

To whom it may concern.
Considering that the Councilor of Earth, Dr. Richard Boylan shows a  proper and correct knowledge of all the Political, Economical and Organizational demands, tribulations and solutions of and for the Planet called Earth;
We, the Supreme Council of the Star Nations, decided to nominate and proclaim the mentioned Boylan as Emperor of Earth.
Present day terrestrial and extraterrestrial authorities will recognize him as legitimate Emperor of Earth from this very moment.
This document has the whole Force of Law for Earth and for the whole Galaxy.
Given in this year 2011, at 6 days of the month of February, Terrestrial Calendar.



Saturday, February 5, 2011

Exopolitricians : renewal of hostilities.


In my judgment, Salla continues to avoid responsibility by lying about his theft of intellectual property in 2003 using clever and snide remarks to do so, and has chose...n to reject settlement of this matter. It is common to direct persons to change incorrect details on your biography in Wikipedia, for example. In Light, Alfred Lambremont Webre, Vancouver, Feb, 5, 2011

"Richard, regarding the Wikipedia biographical entry concerning me, it is contrary to Wikipedia rules for the subject of a bio entry to alter it. I have no control over my Wikipedia entry, nor do I post on Wikipedia. As for who is responsible for formulating the concept of exopolitcs I have dealt at length with the historical development of exopolitics here:

"The meaning I give to expolitics in terms of how the ET issue impacts on human political affairs has been widely adopted which is why Wikipedia authors and others attribute the term's origin to me. Webre's definition of exopolitics, like much of his work, is too controversial and marginal. When I first came across it in 2003, I didn't use it since it was way too premature to talk about relations between extraterrestrial civilizations when people are still debating evidence of ET life visiting Earth.

"As for Webre's claim that he holds the intellectual property rights and copyright of exopolitics, I have to conclude that he is launching a new career as a comedian. That's a good thing since we all need to laugh more in dealing with these disputes."


"Michael Salla"

Posted by: Alfred Lambremont Webre | February 05, 2011 at 01:53 PM

Friday, February 4, 2011

Statement on Exopolitics and Michael Salla

Statement on Exopolitics and Michael Salla

I am very happy that Michael Salla has finally publicly owned up, and begun to realistically describe his contributions to Exopolitics, the science of relations among civilization in the mulit-verse.

His description of his work in Exopolitics at Mary Sutherland's BUFO is historically and legally correct:

"Michael Salla, PhD (Australia) is the founder of, a website launched with the online publication of a study paper, "The Need for Exopolitics." Dr Salla has held academic appointments in the United States (1996-2001), and the Department of Political Science, Australian National
University, Canberra, Australia (1994-96). He taught as an adjunct faculty member at George Washington University, Washington DC., in 2002. He is currently researching methods of Transformational Peace as a Researcher in Residence in the Center for Global Peace (2001-2003)
and directing the Center's Peace Ambassador Program which uses transformational peace techniques for individual self-empowerment. He has a PhD in Government from the University of Queensland, Australia, and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

"He is the author of The Hero's Journey Toward a Second American Century (Greenwood Press, 2002) and author/coeditor of three other books: Essays on Peace (Central Queensland University Press, 1995); Why the Cold War Ended (Greenwood Press, 1995); and Islamic Radicalism, Muslim
Nations and the West (1993). He has authored more than seventy articles, chapters, and book reviews on peace, ethnic conflict and conflict resolution. He has conducted research and fieldwork in
the ethnic conflicts in East Timor, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Sri Lanka. He has organized a number of international workshops involving mid to high level participants from these conflicts.

"His inspiration for creating the Exopolitics web site comes from a lifelong interest in extraterrestrial related phenomena and from his professional experience that to adequately resolve international conflict one must always address the roots. Dealing with the extraterrestrial presence is essential for establishing global peace."

To be in full compliance with historical and legal fact about the founding of Exopolitics, Michael Salla must now revise one statement in his current Wikipedia entry to conform with the above.

His Wikipedia states - as of Feb. 4, 2011 - "Exopolitics - The concept of Exopolitics was formulated by Michael Salla."

That statement is incorrect and represents a violation of intellectual property rights and copyright of Alfred LAmbremont Webre, JD, MEd who first formulated Exopolitics in his 2000 book Exopoplitics: A Decade of Contact, on which Dr. Salla based his January 20, 2003 paper, "The Nee for Exopolitics."

Revising this statement in Exopolitics is not too much to ask, now that Michael Salla has begun to set the historical and legal record straight.

Thank you,

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd
Attorney At Law
Vancouver, BC
Feb. 4, 2011

Fwd: The evolution of Humanity

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From: <>
Date: Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 12:07 AM
Subject: The evolution of Humanity

The evolution of Humanity is impossible under the present conditions.
Human culture is based on the priority given to the emotions.

The negative character of these emotions is not recognized, and because of this, Greed, Hate, Passion, Aggression, Desire are nourished by your emotional culture.

Love is good, you say, and Hate is bad. That's the inaccuracy, because Love is Hate and Hate is Love. The polarity is always active. Those who love their nation hate the alleged foe.
Those who hate the "wrong" beliefs of others, worship their own.
If you love your God, you hate the adversary, and that is perpetual war. Everybody believes he or she is right and the others wrong.

Greed is also justified by love of the family, the nation, the kingdom.
If you love your country you are justified in killing those supposed enemies of your motherland.

Let us tell you this: You cannot fight the symptoms if you don't fight the virus, and the name of the virus is EMOTIONS.

You cannot feel hate if you do not feel love. The opposite is also true.
You cannot be free if you are attached, and emotions are the source of all attachment.

Forget about Love and Hate, and find the rational balance between individuality and society.
If emotions must remain (which in the end is not necessary,) emotions must be kept
under the control of your Intelligence, of your Mind.

A word about representatives and cosmic preachers:  Nobody is authorized to speak in our name.
Those false representatives give you a fictitious and negative emotional message.
See the truth. Control the emotions and evolve.

Recognize who is your real enemy. Your Emotions are.
Listen carefully: when you understand this, it becomes self-evident, obvious.
Know that the price to pay, if you don't give up your emotional culture is the highest of all: self-destruction.
If you agree, share.




Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Frequently we become prisoners of our own words and definitions. An example of this was the "Flying Saucers", referred to the unidentified flying objects or (UFO.) The first highly publicized sighting by Kenneth Arnold on June 24, 1947, resulted in the creation of the term by U.S. newspapers.

This acronym however is not only automatically associated with the idea of UFO as Extraterrestrial crafts but in my view, is not a good definition.  

Norio Hayakawa reminds us that "The things we call unidentified flying objects are neither objects nor flying. 
They can materialize, as some reliable photographs seem to show, and they violate the laws of motion as we know them".
(QUOTE from Dr. Jacques Vallee's acclaimed book, DIMENSIONS)

The so called flying objects, move and stop in the space in such a way that we cannot define these movements as flying at all.

Same happens with the word "objects" since we do not know if these entities are objects of something else.

I think it's time to change the UFO definition. Doing this we will open our minds to new possibilities.

Instead of "objects" let's try with "entities", and let's change the word "flying" by "Dynamic".

We have then a new definition: Unidentified Dynamic Entities. UDE.

The adoption of this new definition and acronym will, in my opinion, help us to remember what we know, and of course what we don't know about these UDE, ex-UFO.

 Tomas Scolarici