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We are all Cabalists..!



In Boylan's paranoid view of the world WE ALL ARE Cabalists...Fine, let's give him that. Dozens, hundreds, thousands of Cabalists writing to the Good Doctor Sauna.
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THE FUTURE OF UFOLOGY by Andrew Hennessey

Andrew Hennessey

Here are my predictions for UFOLOGY in the UK and elsewhere
I predict that the whole deal goes from somewhere to unwhere.
I give it 3-5 years with no interruption from either planet X or 2012 movies.

1. Less presentation of empirical UFO evidence
2. No presentation of Negative ET paradigm
3. de-emphasis of UFO witness reports
4. de-emphasis of alleged ET technological breakthroughs
5. de-emphasis of ET social intervention ideologies
6. recycling of old 30 year old whistleblower pastiches
7. Increase in Ghost and Paranormal emphasis/orbs
8. Increase in feel-good well-being & reality creation presentations
9. Increase in human blame for non-disclosure [cf. Green issues]
10. Increase in Eastern Mysticism in Contact interpretation
11. Increase in non-human consciousness paradigms from the natural world
12. ET and human church of natural electricity
13. Increase in post human visions of virtual reality
14. Increase in channelled contacts onstage
15. Increase in highly qualified Exo charades; groups, events, etc
16. Increase in contradictory Exopolitical proclamations
17. Increasing introduction of United Nations sub groups into UFOLOGY of a global and environmental nature.
18. No Disclosure
19. the ridicule of the rational and empirical mindset.
20. UFOLOGY becomes magical realism and omnipotence of thought

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On Boylans Star Kid program-a research by Jay Moody

On Boylans Star Kid program-Jay Moody

Note: The word "Mystical" in this article is the Ayn Rand definition as show here:

"What is mysticism? Mysticism is the acceptance of allegations without evidence or proof, either apart from or against the evidence of one's senses and one's reason. Mysticism is the claim to some non-sensory, non-rational, non-definable, non-identifiable means of knowledge, such as 'instinct,' 'intuition,' 'revelation,' or any form of 'just knowing.'"
- From "Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World"

Boylan is quite a polemical figure in that he engages in that he promotes dubious theories that lack a basis in objective reality. He perhaps sincerely believes what he teaches as he shows strong delusional and messiah-complex tendencies. He also promulgates ideas against what are known as the "Cabal" thus his writings have anti-capitalistic connotations. His psychology license was revoked since his impropriety with clients was unethical.

Should someone with these mal vu tendencies be working with children? Teaching them telepathy and whatnot? And creating artificial man-made divisions such as Star-seed and "regular" person (and haven't the kids learned enough about man-made divisions from Church?) How would this effect their development when they go off to school? Perhaps they will have a warped view on the Great Gatsby, Candid, This Side of Paradise, Brideshead Revisited, etc, thus adversely affecting their grades in reading class. What about their mathematical abilities? How disappointed will they be when the school they attend will not have an ESP based elective? How will they handle the stress of after-school sports? What if they do some star-kid activity at their schools chapel? The star-seeds would be at very high risk to accumulate demerits.

While normal children will get demerits in secondary school for things like goofing off in chapel (they will learn real fast that such behaviors are not tolerated. In Catcher in the Rye, as we are all familiar with, a student was even expelled for letting out his bodily gas at chapel) the star-seeds will be at high risk for expulsion, since Boylan himself promulgates outré theories as if they are irrefutable fact and promotes insanities. If these children grow up thinking of ESP as established fact they will approach academic problems from that mystical lens, thus escaping from objective inquiry. Although philosophy class with it is deductive, inductive, and syllogistic reasoning should help dilute the mystical influences.

While chapel itself contains illusoire notions Boylan's teachings will nonetheless encourage their inappropriate behavior. Yet, where does Boylans madness come from? According to Dr.Julian Jaynes of Princeton University, man was once in a non-introspective state incapable of subjective decision making, self-reflection, or contemplating. As society became more complex the God's/God would stop talking to them, the writings from Biblical times suggest that the authors of the old testament (and the text they "borrowed" from Assyria, Mesopotamia, and Egypt) were bi-cameral as their writings lacked introspective consciousness. They were at the mercy of nature and listened to their automatic, nature given guidance system. Humanity relied on the guidance of external authorities. Then society became ever-so complex, the God's/God suddenly stopped talking to them. Man suddenly had to rely solely on himself as he became responsible for his own actions. Remnants of the bi-cameral mind exist within us in the form of various mysticisms such as prayer, tarot cards, pilgrimages, etc. While bi-cameral minds are in the vast minority in the modern age there are still, nonetheless those that show a strong bi-cameral tendency in that many hallucinate and/or are schizophrenic.

Indeed, such mystics are the bete noir of the contemporary age with its mal vu tendencies of statism, communism, religion, and the supernatural. This strongly relates to Boylan as he has strong bi-cameral tendencies in that he hears the voices of what are known as "Altimarians" he sincerely believes he is serving the common good by teaching about the "Cabal" which the "Altimarians" (in actuality the right side of his own brain relaying information to his left) allegedly warn against. One can see the influence of the Post-Modernist movement on Boylan in that he benefits from the nonsensical "Reality is an illusion" as he can take advantage of it. Boylan is against Capitalism due to its competitive, free market nature, capitalism, contrary to what Boylan teaches, creates maximum benefits to society while simultaneously permitting maximum individual growth. In other words, the children he teaches will eventually view the world's greatest contribution in a negative light. Such is a consequence of lowest common denominator egalitarianism with the rise of mystical imbécillités such as young Earth creationism, end-time ministries, Jesus camps that teach children about literal "Demons" and a literal "Hell" (this is a form of child abuse) and Boylans extraterrestrial and pseudo-scientific notions are not much different.

Boylans intransigent stance on his pseudo-scientific and mystical influences suggest a false sense of confidence in his alleged "Knowledge" as he literally hears the Altimaritans in his head in spite of the evidence as found within the sphere of objective reality and inquiry. Occams Razor is also glaringly absent from his writings. Perhaps a traumatic event happened in his own childhood? Maybe a bi-cameral reversion was the result? His savior complex makes him set himself up as an authority to other people. This would be inappropriate for children as their parents are suppose to be their authority figures, not actors, "musicians", or anyone else for that matter apart from relatives and those that society trust. Boylan probably is sincere teaching children ESP skills to fight the tout le monde cabal, but causes far more harm than good by disconnecting his students from objective reality and relying on their ignorance of Occams Razor.

In summery we can say that a cure can be found in that we must reverse the dumbing down and it is lowest common denominator egalitarianism. Change however starts with ourselves. It starts with motivating those to obtain an education, to teach their children proper modes of behavior and how to behave, and to differentiate between reality and fantasy. The Earth is not 6,000 years old and there are no Altimarians. That Genome scientist have indeed found homologous traits with chimpanzees according to the solid homological theory.

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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: 2009/12/12

The "contactees" with the so called "aliens" MUST remember this advice:

"Before invoking a Demon, you must
know his true name.
know all his Titles and
know how many legions he commands.
You must also know what region of Hell is under his control.
Do not invoke without having this knowledge. "

-- ( I will not go into description about the consequences of invoking without having the necessary knowledge of the Entity. I am convinced that some things must remain unknown...I also believe that some knowledge should remain under the pious and merciful veil of absolute secrecy.)


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Anonymous Messages and UFO community.

The characteristics of these anonymous messages tell us a few things:
These anonymous messages sell or promote nothing.
Their text just gives information, ideas, and non-commercial links.
Because of this, these anonymous are a legitimate form of communication in the rarefied ufological environment.
Needless is to say that the 'gurus" and profiters of different sectarian ufological groups hate this heterodoxy, because they want their followers to listen to their one voice only.
All the others are just cabals or psyops or agents provocateurs.
The anonymous messages that shock (and inform) the UFO community should not be considered as spam, as the "owners of truth " want.
Sometimes the anonymous messages give us interesting information.


Perhaps this is some kind of disguiced, criptic message...I will publish it.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 1:59 PM

Painful, dear girl, hating us...NOOOOOO ! it cannot be true.
You felt the sympathy in you, even some tenderness...
Now, we send you all our light, our love, our best wishes.
Blessing you every day...
The Cabal.
Please, give our regards to Dr Sauna, the Incarnated Mantis and of course James Black.

With tears in our eyes.

The cabal eutourage.



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Boylan and the Cabal, by Jay Moody

Boylan's cabal delusions are a symptom of paranoia.  Little does Boylan know that those he accuses of being "Cabal" would rather be doing other things such as racing yachts off the coast of St. Tropez (or the Vineyard, or Nantucket which have their own racing cups) attend and host black tie parties for various charitable functions, and attending events having to do with their schools. 


Also collecting castles, going to art auctions (some pieces of art have even far surpassed the cost of the castles at some auctions.  Not just art but furniture and other goods are found at these auctions), constantly refining ones social resume (such as getting a building named after you or starting your own think tank) charitably contribute to different colleges* Becoming members of the CFR and Trilateral Commission, and occasionally even sinking down into politics*


Therefore, we can see that those that are accused of being a part of a "World domination conspiracy" are actually too busy to bother with such a tiresome, time wasting endeavor.  As I've pointed out elsewhere Boylan imagines highly unlikely scenarios, perhaps due to a form of psychosis he literally hears voices in his head that he credits to extraterrestrials, whom of which "inform" him that there is a conspiracy against him, his followers, and the "Extraterrestrials" (thus supplementing his paranoia). 


*For example, Andrew Carnegie had an artificial lake created to help Princeton's crew team.  Didn't help too much.  Andrew Carnegie is easily one of my favorite figures of the 19th century, had an outstanding business mind that has immensely benefited the world. 


*2: Nelson Rockefeller sacrificed much of his reputation in order to run for president (for him it was akin to getting down into the mud) ... yet he lost to Nixon of all people.   He also sat on the board of Trustee's for the Museum of Modern Art. 


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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

From London about Dr. Boylan.

From: Charles DuMond

I can see now contrary to my statement to her earlier that Boylans case papers are still available online,and so they should be. As I stated months ago,had he been residing where I hail from,the east end of London,he would have met much different retribution than a mere decloaking and a $10000 fine.
The man is clearly,imho,a government agent,or a very scared individual frightened or warned not to speak the truth.The truth being other than what he spouts on his site, for example - a} that there are 1483 alien races visiting earth.This is untrue.No one knows the exact figure,and it is ambiguous to try and do so and which,incidentally,has never changed since Ive been viewing it on his site,which it surely must do over the years  b} there are hostile / malevolent ets here or visiting here which he states there aren't. He completely ignores witness testimony detailing negative events such as abductions etc.The negative events cant all be govt. connected. The reasons for his outlandish statements being as I stated earlier, as his being a govt. agent,or a scared,threatened individual.



Saturday, December 5, 2009


Andrew Hennessey

In my Alien farming hypothesis called I state that Earth is one of many such places operated by the Reptilian and Grey Imperium to farm the life essences of interstellar prisoners of war and other political undesirables in handicapped DNA in various states of amnesia.

A hungry Imperium full of disconnected beings that have turned their back on the abundance of Our Father the source of life and Christ the source of our human, loving pattern – needs to feed.

How these feeding issues are achieved amongst the redundant social cul de sacs and charades in the deliberately retarded society with its deliberately retarded tools is that superfast beings – i.e. the Reptilian and Greys – create and manage despair in their human herd and feed off and milk the nervous system of their victims.

They do this in my opinion by driving and imposing negative and contradictory and outrageously false conditions upon ourselves, by undermining our psychological beliefs and investments – those investments in life into which we have poured our time, our essence and life force and our assumptions – and we then outpour or self-vindicate in fits of negative responses when they are shaken.

It is there that the feeding opportunity for the lotus eater or prana feeder or life force drinker occurs.
The mechanism is that telepathic Reptilians and Greys easily discerning our weaknesses then see our unstable thought forms and self doubts and very easily drive the negative dagger into our spiritual being. That begets negative energies from us that resonate, bolster and affirm and engage the original evil intention.
Disorientated by our doubt and the contradictions we bleed and are milked as we exude the negative aspects of the original dagger.
Logically, in other languages, a double negative is used to negate a negation, and therefore, it resolves to a positive.
It is only a positive from the feeders point of view.

The two lots of energy that the victim sees as negative energy add up ...

This suddenly abundant cumulative negative energy that we outpour on top of the first negative energy invested by the feeder is a bigger energy loss for us - and an overall or net gain for the feeder.

It was Wolfgang Kohler in 1952 who investigated electromagnetic field theory in biology and psychology, tying his research up with Kurt Lewin's Field Theory in Psychology, 1952 Life and emotions can be seen in terms of biomagnetic fields and emanations. [see also Lyall Watson in Supernature]

If we do not turn the other cheek, if we do not disengage from the negative assault, we emanate food.
As we emanate biomagnetic waves from our aura, the mechanics of the Reptilian and Grey feeding mechanism could be analogous to Constructive Interference in Wave Theory.

In physics, interference is the addition (superposition) of two or more waves that results in a new wave pattern. Interference usually refers to the interaction of waves that are correlated or coherent with each other, either because they come from the same source or because they have the same or nearly the same frequency.

Consider two waves that are in phase,with amplitudes A1 and A2. Their troughs and peaks line up and the resultant wave will have amplitude A = A1 + A2. This is known as constructive interference.
Basically the initial telepathically directed dart or investment is intended to elicit an electromagnetic discharge of soul-food from our being.

Our life is tied up with monetary, physical, spiritual and social and psychological investments in people, places, artefacts, and intentions. These are all funded by the energy reserves from our soul and spirit and also if we resonate in prayer, we resonate with the divine family and our loving support [John 15] and replenish ourselves too – though often in fits and starts – speaking for myself.

Reptilian and GreyHive-headed beings getting negative with us succeed in feeding when we do not disengage from them – when we fail to turn the other cheek.
On a planet deliberately designed by the Repto-Greys to be full of grief and angst and pain and has been kept artificially retarded and dysfunctional for their purposes of running something akin to a burger bar where their kind can get the organically produced and squeezed nervous systems of billions of humans – the mechanisms of producing pain and angst are well understood.

More so if they have the all seeing eye of telepathy, a fully functional sixth sense, where they can see the nervous juices in the same way they can recognise their own through the human looking holograms.
[non of this David Icke BS with hand signals, codewords etc – they see and they live]

Below are a few choice Repto-Grey recipes and specials of the day – every day for Humans from the book how to serve Mankind.
Fear Stress Guilt Shock and Anger are the main reasons in my opinion that the world here is operated the way it is.
Why depopulate when abundant free energy can feed and house and empower us and our agriculture and harvests.
All the dark shepherds fly every human flag but in truth they are on the same side – as we can tell from the display of horned hands in our faces every so often.

They are merchants of disease – and listed below is the true nutrition and currency of planet Earth – its real worth to our Reptilian and Grey Imperium. This is the real gold they are mining – our souls.
You can see the ideology of needing soul dust to feed demons displayed in the first 20 minutes of the film called The Golden Compass.

Below is listed in my opinion the etiquette for Reptilian and Grey feeding – it is the modus operandi for human life on Earth, how we get squeezed and milked – like what Bob Dylan was singing about in The Ballad of a Thin Man. Excerpt from Wiki. It could I suspect come from the pages of the nursery books or plug-ins for young negative Reptilians and Greys. There probably are a few such culinary instruction books on the essentials of human milking in these darkworld libraries on How to Serve Mankind ..

Fear Not though for Christ will set us free.
Fear — It is very common to be afraid when things are happening to us that are completely outside of our normal experience. Our safety has been shattered and our future is unsure. This insecurity can rock our foundation and cause fear.
Stress — We all know that there is good stress and bad stress. Good stress may come from a challenging project with a tight deadline at work or the case of the jitters that may accompany us down the aisle on our wedding day. But bad stress comes from traumatic events that make us feel unsafe. Bad stress can contribute to many emotional and physical problems. There are some who would say that stress creates all disharmony within our bodies and creates all illness as well. Whether we choose to believe that stress is that powerful, for those of us who have experienced it, we can say it can be very unpleasant. In coping with stress, people tend to use one of the three main coping strategies: either appraisal-focused, problem-focused, or emotion-focused coping. (Weiten, Lloyd, 2006
Emotion-focused strategies involve releasing pent-up emotions, distracting one-self, managing hostile feelings, meditating, using systematic relaxation procedures, etc.
Guilt, Shock, and Disbelief — We may be absolutely floored by some particularly bad news. It may take some time to process the actual meaning of some crisis situations and their long term affects. Imagine finding out that your spouse has been having an affair. In most cases we will be shocked. We may not want to accept the facts and choose to disbelieve for some period of time. Guilt comes into play when we blame ourselves as the cause of the crisis event. We also feel guilty that we are not experiencing the crisis personally but supporting someone who is close to us through their crisis. We are guilty that a friend's spouse has cancer but our spouse is fine. We are guilty that our neighbor's child is addicted to pornography but our child is fine.
Anger — Crises bring out anger in people because we need to express our rage or unrest over what is happening. Anger comes in many shapes and form. As an emotion, anger is a good thing, when expressed appropriately. However, when we are in the midst of a crisis our anger often comes out in self-destructive ways. We may take our anger out on loved ones because they are easy targets. We may take our anger out on our children because they are weaker than we are.



Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ALTERNATIVE FREE- Andrew Hennessey

Andrew Hennessey

I outline a model here which you must not take verbatim true as only the vision within your own heart can confirm or deny it.

When its finally all over and our escaping souls have had turbulent visions dragged off our eyes that manifest as demons or devils that then get vanquished and driven down the frequencies as we ascend, helped by Angels of Light we can finally peacefully take stock of the lessons that we have learned about ourselves from our performance on the global stage.
When we have got clear of the alien design amnesia field generators around our Repto-Grey matrix Earth and we have got to safe distance in either a nearby heavenly zone that is free of infestation or where we can wait in community till we stabilise and purge our consciousness we can talk with our true family about what we have just done.
We are protected by strong healing Angels and Saints guarded as we await true healing and total sentience and total love and heavenly society to come to us. Our healing spirits start to pick up their true inborn speed and start to come back to real life, or our Earthly spiritual disease drags us down and down to the frequencies of the demonic in the planes under our world below.

In those healing moments and places before we take our adjudged journey to the real Heaven as part of Christ's flock we may meet other people convalescing that were human but were not from Earth as we know it.

John 10:16 And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

By the powers of mind over matter, certain of these other worldly `Earth-holiday' visions are reproduced at community meetings and we might find ourselves talking to other human beings from all over the galaxies in the dimension below that were American or Scottish or Chinese, that stayed in Brooklyn or California or Edinburgh or Tokyo or Moscow and that enjoyed Hollywood – but that the images of these cities and continents and mountain ranges and rivers were all slightly or very different.
In some of these Reptilian made and Grey managed farms, the Rolling Stones rock group originates in a version of America that is as small a country as Iceland, and that Scotland is a place on some worlds that is as big as America or China and that all the major inventors of technology were not from Scotland but from Ethiopia or India and perhaps native Americans wove tartans out of seashell beads.

It is good herd management to be able to do direct transfers of livestock and investments into a known and workable system that new generations of upcoming evolving Reptilians fresh from the swamp can easily get to grips with. They can take their transferable skills with them learned in those human zones elsewhere in the Imperium.

I predict interstellar chains of this Earthworld type planetary prison franchise in place to process the prisoners of an eternal war on soulhunger.

Indeed some Earthworlds might operate different human Earth epochs. e.g. having the simplicity of barbarism and the iron age, some might be in their Mad Max phase and some might have primitive human technologies to greater or lesser extents – none of it interstellar.
In this redundancy, dysfunction and disease – feeding and educating the dark things of the Imperium is the order of every day.

In these other worlds – mere soul-food factories for the Reptilians/Devils and Greys/Demons, animistic human belief systems emerging out of the infestation and manipulation of geography and local materials by alleged beings that promise powers if appropriately solicited or sacrificed to would be in place to drag similarly imprisoned interstellar human souls away from human values of love and commune and into the distorted and bestial symmetries of the self-empowered predator.

It is my belief that God, our Father called for Christ to come to this Earth and that His example of sacrifice was the first and only time that such a torment and ransom is necessary. Christ, fully sentient and aware in the Highest time-space was fully sentient and felt totally aware of every brutal moment to the nth degree in this our dense time-space.

These dark islets and pockets of material relativity at the wrong end of the spectrum of happiness are chosen as the pits into which the Repto-Grey Imperium store and farm their captured assets.

I once had a dream in my youth many years before the film the Matrix trilogy came out and it was a vision of rows and rows of floating black and hitek sarcophagi floating suspended somehow in some dimension and that I was being drawn to one and that somehow it was programmed to resonate with my passions and use them to drive me or weld me into its interface and tomb.
I could not stop myself from being drawn to it – but at the last moment my Guardian Angel grabbed my straying spirit and carried me to safety.

There is without doubt a Great Work of liberation that is ongoing on an enormous scale and it is not a work that by our own hacked human minds that we can engage with or attempt to visualise. We can with our hearts though by prayer resonate as part of that Holy Family of Love and as a plant cell in the greater Vine community [John 15] and draw empathy, strength and support from it and make our contribution that way.

Just how many Scotlands, Englands, USA and Canada and China and Oz and New Yorks and Einsteins and Teslas and Texas and Alexander Graham Bells and Beatles and Hollywoods and Great Walls of China and Congresses and histories of Arthur and Ghengis Khans and Vikings and Renaissances and great human culls using the Black Death there are remains to be seen. However, because we are dealing with a huge Reptilian and Grey warmongering and therefore soul hungry Federation the answer has to be very many indeed – hundreds at least.

Being evil and disconnected from the source because they have turned their back on community, love and the Father the Repto-Greys are a dimension of predators thirsting for life and generally speaking tending to die off unless they can do the HP Lovecraft thing of getting some new stuff trained up from the swamps.
That when it is said that we have to lose our attachments to Earth – this can take the meaning of artificial memories and alleged gifts that have been grafted on to our life as false gifts – but in truth were predatory feeding links by Reptilian spawn.

Getting free of this junk can only happen in a loving community not of this Earth or by the repeated actions of Deliverances and Exorcism on Earth that are somehow able to plug the weakness of character in the victim that can often re-open the door for their kind to return.
In the New Testament it notes that the ones that can come back to fill that niche can be stronger than the first ones.
Healing our weaknesses on Earth therefore doesn't seem to have too many shortcuts but it is written that Christ will redeem us and that the Holy Spirit, the Advocate of truth will come to us.

Growing in love as a loving being on Earth can fill out and smooth out these dark niches and dark footholds in our spirits journey and bring us closer and closer in sympathy and in power of resonance with our true and strongest and divine pattern of human love in Christ.

The great work of Liberation though in many worlds like this in these densities and planes and also beyond even the Reptilian and Grey continuum unfolds. Beyond our own stay in this uncomfortable and somewhat predictable time-space there is totally facilitated loving community and Kingdom. Here, we are somewhat unhappy with life that can be likened to playing in a football match in a straightjacket and with broken legs – as the other side runs around scoring and kicking at will and generally looking ultra cool in the process with all the kit and connections and accessories that we can never afford.
If we do get these accessories they don't tend to keep working for some reason …
Here our capacity for despair is being milked – but in truth these days do and are coming to an end.
We have a future that these Reptilians and Greys cannot possess.

Andrew Hennessey