Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where are the Star Nations? The Nothing Happens Situation.

Jon Riley is NOT a yes man. He thinks, he is a thinking Human Being.
He is teaching us that it is possible to express DOUBTS without being baned ipso facto, by the self proclaimed councilor of Earth.
He puts something else in EVIDENCE.
If the star nations are here, wanting to help us; why they DON'T give the world the promised Big Show?
Indeed they are not helping their own councilor of Earth at all.
It looks like these Big Brothers ALWAYS
play Hide and Seek.
You are right Jon. Why not "hundreds or thousands of star craft and or a low flyover of a massive mother-ship over major U.S."
Not even one, Jon, not even ONE.
Their rule is always to "do" something that looks like something else". lots of talk, but NEVER the FACTS.
Know something Jon and people? It always looks like they don't exist, that they are not there at all.
What can you do? Just two things. TALK and keep on WAITING. There is NOTHING more.

"Jon Riley"

Yes, you were right. Our definitions of dramatic differed and was the result of the misunderstanding. I was expecting mass displays of hundreds or thousands of star craft and or a low flyover of a massive mother-ship over major U.S. cities within a few days after October 24. I kept looking up every day hoping to see something dramatic and then after several weeks of disappointment I stopped looking. Perhaps I was expecting too much too fast.
I do however agree that the cancellation of the Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert Rally on the Washington Mall Oct. 30 was just and fair because it would have been wrong to knowingly put all those people in harm's way. I'm glad those people are OK as I would imagine myself in the shoes of those people there. The Cabal failed to stage a disaster sabotage attack thanks to good judgment on our part. Star Nations fleet can now plan a surprise display in an undisclosed location and time where the Cabal will not expect and not have enough time to sabotage. I still hope that dramatic change and reform will come very soon.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Selling the "truth".

Date: Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at 2:13 PM
Subject: Learn about the SECRETS of the UNIVERSE..!

Know about the Extraterrestrial intervention in our planet...
For only $ 100 you will be a happy colonized human. Be ready to welcome
your Masters..! "To hear is to Obey, Effendi"
Also like in the old Tarzan movies, the nice, white civilized men were
in Africa to fight ignorance...
ALIENS, GO HOME...'s a joke, the Extraterrestrials are only in the minds of the
Exos. and Councilors. While the ENTITIES behind the UFO phenomenon
remain UNKNOWN.
(who knows, perhaps time-travelers cannot and will not
destroy the Time Continuum...this is only an idea of course. I am not
in contact with supernatural Forces, know why? Because there are no
Supernatural Forces. The Universe self-creates. That is the secret
meaning of the gnostic OUROBOROS.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

No aliens? Exo gurus give us Theology

The self proclaimed Councilor of Earth, ex doctor Richard Boylan, have some problems with his promises of massive Star-Nations areal shows, previous to disclosure.
This is a common problem for all those who profit with the UFO=ET hypothesis.
However, while everybody waits for the impossible show, the Councilor of/for Earth wrote and posted in UFOfacts the following contribution to Exo-theology.

"DrBoylan" <>


As we approach a season which the Orthodox, Islamic, and Christian traditions hold dear, it may be time to share a bit more about that Star Person Master Teacher who was known as Yeshua ben Yosef, Jesus the son of Joseph.
And to correct some of the distortions that have grown up since his time here about who Yeshua really was/is.
Yeshua is not God/Source in a comprehensive sense. Perhaps it would be better to say that Yeshua is of God. And that each of us is of God (are sparks of Source). And that all creation is of God and reflects Source in various ways.
Concerning Yeshua ben Yosef's being born directly of God/Source: what in some theological traditions is called the "immaculate
conception", Yeshua originating in the flesh without the usual action of male sperm meeting female ovum. Source willed parthenogenesis in this instance. Source saw to it also that Star Person genetic attributes were added to the Human genetics which Mary carried in her ova as a Human.
Yes, Yeshua was Human and then some. By today's standards we would have to call him a Star Seed and a Star Person Incarnate Human par excellence.
Yes, Yeshua experienced temptation and the tug of ego.
The person/consciousness/soul/spirit which we know as Yeshua is very old, eons old, and Earth was not his first incarnation.
And I am informed that he is out in the cosmos presently, trying to help other star civilizations as he tried to do here.
That should provide enough "revisionist theology" to jar the fundamentalists in all three traditions.
But as John of Patmos said, "You shall know the truth; and the truth shall set you free."

in service to Source,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth