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Alien-Human Subterranean Base?

-a full report:

by Norio Hayakawa
March 30, 2009

DULCE, NEW MEXICO -- Close to 120 people showed up for the first "underground base" conference ever to be held in Dulce, New Mexico on Sunday, March 29.

The event made a rather tumultuous start at the Best Western Jicarilla Inn at 10 a.m.

By that time the entire bar lounge area began to be filled beyond capacity.

And by the time the first speaker (former Dulce ranch owner, Edmund Gomez) began his presentation, many people had to stand and wait in the adjacent restaurant area.

It was then that the Fire Department issued a warning saying that the conference must immediately be moved elsewhere.

Halfway through the speaker's fascinating presentation, the Fire Department issued a stern second warning saying that the number of people inside the conference room far exceeded its capacity.

Panic then began to be felt by the event's organizer, Norio Hayakawa of Rio Rancho.

Hotel employees frantically made phone calls to find out if there were any other locations available for the conference to go on.

It was then that Hoyt Velarde, former Dulce police officer and head of Public Safety Department, suggested to Hayakawa that the conference be moved to a civic hall inside a small shopping center across the street from the hotel.

With Velarde's swift assistance in making the arrangement, and after a short intermission, the entire Dulce Base: Fact or Fiction? conference and public forum finally resumed and continued the rest of the day at the new location.

As an interesting side note, on Sunday morning when it was still dark outside, many guests at the Best Western Jicarilla Inn were awakened shortly before 6 a.m. by a thunderous roar of blades of helicopters above. Local residents nearby reported that there was a rare low flight of two military helicopters above Dulce.

In the afternoon session of the conference, two local residents also testified that they witnessed the military helicopters circling above Dulce and that they passed slowly above the hotel. They told Hayakawa that there are occasional appearances of military helicopters over the town but the flights were never as low as what they saw early Sunday morning.

As organizer and moderator of this conference, Hayakwa several times alluded to an allegation that the government, beginning in the early 1970s and lasting till the early 1980s, may have conducted clandestine operations in the area involving experiments with bovine diseases, anthrax and other substances as part of biological warfare research.

He also alluded to another allegation that there may also have been some illegal dumping or storage of toxic chemicals and other bio-hazardous materials in the nearby areas.

Hayakawa stated that he tends to support a theory that the government may have purposefully created some 'convenient' cover stories (underground alien base concept) to conceal those clandestine activities and may even have staged a series of fake 'UFO-type' incidents in the area, utilizing high tech equipment such as holographic projection devices.

However he also stated that he cannot deny any possibility that there may indeed be some unknown interdimensional phenomenon in the area which happens to be filled with fascinating cultural and spiritual beliefs of the Jicarilla Apache nation.

The speakers at the conference and their main points expressed were as follows:

Edmund Gomez, spokesman for the entire Gomez family who owned a large ranch in Dulce said that their ranch lost more than 17 cows during the height of cattle mutilations incidents and experienced substantial financial loss over the years. Gomez stated that gas masks were found near the mutilation sites and that specific cows were each tracked with phosphorescent markings a few days before the mutilations actually took place. He is convinced that this was done by the government and that no aliens were involved. He asserted that the government was conducting some type of germ warfare experiments. He concluded by stating that there is definitely a governmental underground facility there.

Hoyt Velarde, former Dulce police officer and head of Public Safety Department asserted that he has not located the base yet but it is an undeniable fact that there have been (and still are) many UFO sightings in the area. Velarde even suggested that he is willing to organize an escorted group expedition soon for the public to the top of the Archuleta Mesa if such a request is made in earnest. He surprised the attendees also by saying that another conference on this topic could even be held next time in the conference hall of the Police Department there. Hayakawa said that he may consider this offer.

Gabe Valdez, former New Mexico state patrol officer in charge of the Dulce area stated that he investigated numerous cattle mutilation cases in the Dulce area from the mid 1970s to the early 1980s. He declared that this has nothing to do with aliens but that there is something there that is too sensitive for discussion and refused to further divulge what that was.

Christopher O' Brien, researcher of paranormal activities in the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado asserted that Dulce may be a diversion for what is more importantly taking place in the San Luis Valley just north of northern New Mexico.

Dr.. Michael E. Salla, initiator of "exopolitics" and author of a book entitled EXPOSING U.S. GOVERNMENT POLICIES ON EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE expressed his belief that there is a joint US/alien underground bio-lab beneath the Archuleta Mesa and that this must be addressed as a serious human rights abuse issue.

Greg Bishop, author of PROJECT BETA, a book in which he describes in detail his investigations of the claims of an Albuquerque scientist by the name of Paul Bennewitz, said that Bennewitz was the initial source behind the rumors of the underground base in Dulce. Bishop asserted that Bennewitz was side tracked by an unofficial disinformation campaign to get him to look away from evidence of sensitive military projects going on in 1979 inside Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque. However, Bishop surprised everyone when he said at the end that he is now beginning to doubt his initial doubt about Dulce and concluded that there could indeed be something there.

Gabe Julian, former Dulce police officer who worked under the late Raleigh Tafoya, former Dulce Police Chief described his encounters with three metallic, oval-shaped object hovering at a tree-top level at a ranch in Dulce. He described how he was dispatched to the ranch house of a woman who claimed that small people with strange boxes emitting light were harassing her. Initially skeptical of what his radio dispatcher told him, he drove over to the area and was shaken up when he witnessed those hovering objects there.

Dennis Balthaser, a well-known UFO researcher from Roswell, New Mexico expressed his conviction that there is a US/alien joint biological laboratory and base under the Archuleta Mesa.

Keith Ealy, a researcher with a fascinating interpretation of Dulce as being a space time portal for interdimensionals amazed the audience with his close-up satellite imagery of Dulce Elementary School building. He told the audience that the contours of the parking lot resemble an ancient stone scupture in Bolivia. He concluded that the Dulce area is filled with interdimentional phenomenon, a topic similarly shared by world famous researchers, Dr. Jacques Vallee and John Keel.

Here is an excellent report about the Dulce Base conference:
Dulce UFO base conference ends

Also, the Albuquerque Journal had a front page story today (March 30) about the conference. The headline which appeared at the bottom of the front page was "UFO Hunters Debate Underground Base". And on page 3 the headline for the continuing story was: "Secret Alien Base in N.M.



Monday, March 30, 2009

Multiple UFO witnesses at high security MO complex

More than 13 witnesses came forward this week - both military and civilian employees - who work at the Bannister Federal Complex in Kansas City, MO - reporting three UFO incidents at the base on March 1 and 2, 2009, according to testimony received by a Missouri Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) field investigator.

Keep on reading


Popular Culture , High Culture, and UFOs

Postmodernism "no longer recognizes the distinction between high and popular culture".
This phenomenon becomes evident in the Era of the Mass Media, including the Internet.
Some UFO experts tell us that the absurdities of the UFO discourse keep the best minds far from the necessary research, but this is not so, because UFO discourse IS Pop Culture by it's own rights.
That is why, the idea that "redeeming" the UFO-ET-Aliens rhetoric trough Science, is absurd.
The UFO galaxy of memes is pop culture and can never be other thing.
Serious and outmoded institutions like the modern State, will never recognize the UFO phenomenon, because if they do that, they assume Popular Culture as High Culture, and this is dangerous for the State. It is a self-subversive act. It is Theater of the Absurd.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What's Going On in USA and the World?

Something is happening here...writes our friend Barbara.

Has anyone else noticed that things have not been the
same since the terrorist attack on September 11,
2001? - - we've experienced catastrophic disasters
from floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and fires from
drought, etc. on a scale never known before in all of
history. Not only that, but the greed and corruption
that has been brought to light recently makes me and
most others wonder what's become of this nation and
where is it heading.

I would not believe anything of this sort could or would
happen if it wasn't written out so clearly about what's
to come, but the evidence is undeniable. Here's the
forecast for OUR very near future.

http://www.theameri cannightmare. org/1-GGG1122. html

ALERT: President Obama will give the world a message from the Star Nations..!

Dr. Boylan, Crowned Councilor of Earth by the Star Nations, gave us this paramount information:
Star Nations foresees that President Obama will have his Administration bring the reality of Star Visitors, their presence and their communications "to the forefront for the public." This Government Acknowledgment will occur before New Year's Eve, 2010, but may happen as soon as sometime this year.
President Obama wants to move the public beyond the old UFO Cover-Up as soon as feasible. To this end the President has been in discussions with Vice-President Joe Biden on the matter of presenting UFO facts to the public.
The reason the President may not take action immediately is because he knows that the people are suffering in this severe global Depression, and he wants to attend to the people's basic needs and financial uncertainties "first and foremost".
Although Obama is in discussion with Vice-President Biden about clearing the air on the UFO subject, Star Nations foresees that Cabinet member Hillary Clinton will be a very big road block to his actions at disclosure. Hillary Clinton will be the Cabal's "point man" on blockading progress towards public disclosure. It is foreseen that Hillary will twist and maliciously distort what the President says to Biden, and what the Vice-President says to Obama about proceeding with the steps towards public acknowledgment of UFO reality. Hillary will try to get them into a fight with each other and to distrust each other.
Star Nations foresees that "ultimately Obama has the final say, as he knows that the people can handle the truth, after what they have handled for the last eight years" [Bush-Cheney Administration] .
The Cabal will also fight UFO disclosure by threats, offers of financial inducements (bribes), and psychological threats to certain members of the Cabinet. Star Nations does not necessarily foresee that any Cabinet officers will give in.
As already noted, the Cabinet Officer most to be watched will be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She is Cabal all the way.
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is in a key position for disclosure matters, and could be subject to Cabal pressure and disinformation to make him an adversarial voice against Disclosure because of the attendant exposure of "military secrets" that are actually Star Visitor stolen technology, and other embarrassing revelations.
The Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu, is former head of Lawrence Berkeley (Radiation) Laboratory, Berkeley, CA. Because of his professional contacts and ties with nuclear weapons officials and Department of Defense officers, and because the Dept. of Energy nominally controls the Cabal-infested Nevada Test Site-Area 51-Site S-4-Indian Springs Air Force Station complex, (which also includes extensive Star Visitor consultation facilities (as well as covert Star Visitor confinement jails), Secretary Chu may be pressured to block Disclosure because of the enormous black eye the Dept. of Energy will get when crimes committed at its Nevada installations by Cabal-infiltrator personnel become revealed.
There is some risk that Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, under whose DHS Department fall the Secret Service as well as FEMA and various anti-terrorism enforcement agencies, may be subjected to pressure also. The Cabal make seek to persuade her that there will be "rioting in the streets" if Disclosure of Star Visitor presence is made.
Though not a Cabinet Officer, whomever Obama picks as the Director of the National Security Agency (DIRNSA) will take over an agency which has been thoroughly infiltrated by the Cabal right up to and including its present Director, Lt. General Keith Alexander. It is interesting that apparently Obama has not replaced Alexander (yet). Perhaps Obama is going to let DIRNSA Alexander (deservedly) take the fall for all the evil and dirty actions done by the Cabal using military-intelligen ce assets, for example the operating of secret confinement installations for captive Star Visitors. After Lt. Gen. Alexander is properly blamed, (hopefully indicted), and removed from office, then President Obama can name a clean person to clean house at NSA of the Cabal filth and infiltrators.
The Star Nations message is that government public acknowledgment of Star Visitor reality, presence, and communication will begin in the next two years. Their future-viewings do not necessarily imply that every detail and aspect of Star Visitors-officials interactions over the last 60+ years will be brought out by December, 2010. Those fuller briefings may take longer.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big UFO puzzles NASA experts..!

The strange object was captured on film by the Night Sky Live (NSL) project on December 17th, 2004. The NSL has a vast network of continuously updating web cameras (CONCAMs) that are fixed to watch the night sky. The object, which was filmed by the fisheye CONCAM perched on top of an active volcano in Haleakala, Hawaii, saw something moving across the night sky that remains mysterious. The NSL team might have disregarded the above streak as unconfirmed, but the Mauna Kea CONCAM on the next Hawaiian island recorded the same thing. The NSL team might then have disregarded the streak as a satellite, but no record of it was found in the heavens-above.com site that usually documents bright satellite events.


Friday, March 27, 2009

The Exopolitical farce is going nowhere.

Andrew Hennessey writes:

we can see this EXO farce is going nowhere
there is no good fiscal or legal reason to Disclose
its damage limitation and diversionary tactics for the EXO players
some of the main participants in Exoland have anti-human policies

so we all decide to opt out of Exodisney

Our alternatives to the offices of alien colonists

assume some factors.

1. no secrecy - the place is covered by alien droids and scanners
2. no physical engagement - literally run rings round us in the blink of an eye
3. our battle is in our hearts and minds and spirit - the battle for our soul

given alien farming droids are prevalent - there cannot be physical or secret resistance that can work also because of use of telepathy and other mind machines etc

to pray is to resist - to not read the lifescript they give us .. to not be numbed into some form of contentment with it .. to not be weighed down by its alleged prosperity .. by the rags of its artificial cartoons .. the millstone to the spirit and soul of being attached to and engaged by its song of self negation.

Pray to our Source - or divine family - for me that is Christ - to resonate with my human Source and all of the human love there can be ..

it isn't passive or pacifist to pray - try it - see how hard it suddenly becomes - see what other revelations and feelings that you don't ever need to suddenly come into your mind - how that you feel that you could put off some sense of connection because things seem alright - see how hard it is to say one simple small prayer .. and tell me that we are pacifists if we pray - it is a battle that will take strength and commitment - just to utter One Prayer ...
and if you have never disengaged from the world to try to connect with a higher Source of Love than here before - you may find it impossible to follow through to actually make the prayer itself .. something will stop you, or postpone you ...

thats when you know that you're in soulwars - and the price for losing.


MIRACLE: Prayer defeats Alien Abductors..!

A New York man experienced a group of UFOs "assembling" over his home - and later describes what could be an "alien abduction" - somewhat resolved with "a sign from God."

He writes that sleep "is now replete with danger and loss of control of consciousness."

With strange events taking place inside his home, he asks for a sign from God - the apperance of a white bird at his window. And his prayer was answered.


Angelika: "all starts and ends with each one of us"

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Angelika Whitecliff plomacy.com>
To: prepare4contact@ yahoogroups. com
Sent: Monday, March 23, 2009 3:18:35 PM
Subject: [prepare4contact] Healing the Bias of 2012

Many talk about the extraterrestrials coming to lift us off the planet to save those of developed consciousness from dire earth changes, war or the end time of 2012. Here is a perspective to consider in which humanity takes radical responsibility for every single person on the planet. It all starts and ends with each one of us. Enjoy - Angelika

March 23, 3:51 AM

Conjecture about our near future is gaining momentum because of a very specific catalytic date: December 21, 2012. The ancient Mayans had a great civilization and astronomers who were able to calculate an astonishingly accurate, intricate astronomical calendar that lasted tens of thousands of years. It mysteriously concludes on December 21, 2012, thus creating waves of speculation. Yet many indigenous cultures around the world, including Native American, tell of the arrival of the Golden Age, one in which humanity evolves to its next level exemplified by harmonious and conscious relationships with the planet and with cosmic ancestors who will reintroduce themselves. In contradiction, there are new and old doomsday prophecy's that ignore ideas of a new beginning to instead warn of inevitable collapse and disaster. Many wonder how to reconcile these contradictory viewpoints, and how to most wisely proceed into a future mined with falling financial markets, corporate corruption and global climate change.

Continued at: http://www.examiner .com/x-5286- Earth-Transforma tion-Examiner~ y2009m3d23- Healing-the- bias-of-2012

The common Enemy.

We have new definitions from James Black here, and these require a careful reading.
We should understand once and for all this: FROM DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES it is possible to fight the same enemy.
Personality? It comes from "personna" , mask.
Let me show you a PERSONALITY.

I have no motherland. Where I am now is my motherland.
I have no enemies. My carelessness is my enemy.
I have no friends. Those who need me are my friends.
I have no sword. Awareness is my sword.
I have no past or future. Here-Now are my past, present and future.
I have no Self. The Universe is my Self.
I have no attachments. Nothing I have to loose.

http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/rationaluf ology
http://ufoculture. blogspot. com/

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Asking Vichy to disclose Nazi's Agenda?

Dear friends of truth.

Vichy was the "capital" of Occupied France from 1940 to 1944. The "collaborationist" government of Vichy was the faithful interpreter of the the German Nazi Occupation will and purposes.
Now, let us consider this: The idea of asking the Vichy gov. to DISCLOSE Nazi plans and activities, would be totally ABSURD, right?
The analogy is obvious: The Earth "authorities" cannot stop the UNWANTED ALIEN OCCUPANT. Illegal Aliens invade our planet, abduct people ( including kids) dismember animals, occupy bases and who knows what more. We are, as Andrew says, the "farm" of the reps.

Consequently, human govs, are "Vichy govs" that collaborate with the occupant.
We can understand that to ASK these pro-occupation governments to DISCLOSE the agenda of the Invaders is either absurd or worst, PURE DISINFORMATION.
By the way, collaborationists always tell us that Invaders are a "liberation force"...gimme a break.




Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Huge Strategic Mistake for Exopolitics

Andrew Hennessey Important collaboration.

Andrew Hennessey

In a new found and alleged commitment to Disclosure the Exopoliticians take to Facebook to conquer the world with workshops and book sales and conference ticket sales and of course their own unique brand of irrationalist Boylanesque gaga.
This further expansion for more networked living space into the uncharted steppes and Urals of this digital Eastern front could be the wintery graveyard of the Exo circus.

With no cover from SS reptogreyspook rearguard who usually hide on yahoo forums with fake Ids sillyevilname@ yahoo.com etc soundswierdanddangerous@ yahoo.com facebook makes it very hard for subversives and psyops to give anonymous support to the Exo doctors.

Psyops usually lay down covering fire with character sniping and lay on smoke and mirrors and other diversions to cover the retreat of the exposed Exo Uberman when they encounter barracking from rationalists asking simple questions like `prove that' or `how do you know that ?' the Exo offensive deep into the territorial heart of the lives of millions of realists will be totally exposed to the freezing wintery critique of millions of sensible and accountable people who will ask and expect reason and accountability from Exoland.

The usual psyops cover and diversions, that have protected the Exos on other forums, however, cannot be done on facebook without total legal transparency and in fact people fomenting irrationalist and semantic chaos can be very easily weeded out.

Consequently the EXO incursion into the digital and educated network land of Facebook – although allegedly desirable – is probably a huge strategic mistake for Exopolitics – who will be totally exposed to reasonable and wintery comments for their outrageous claims and assertions. Millions of educated people intolerant of BS.

You can see how the Exos dodge rational refutations of their claims and avoid being confronted by evidence when Boylan bans images from his weird cult. For him being exposed to rational counterexamples of his theories isn't good. They can't stop the presentation of such empirical evidence on facebook.

Facebook although offering and networking more living room for Exo ideas is probably going to blow Exopolitics away.

That's why Facebook is probably the Stalingrad of Exopolitics in my opinion.


Sunday, March 22, 2009


From Andrew Hennessey

Folks find it hard to grasp. Practitioners of skepticism and reason,
would-be allies and people of power may be persuaded. Influential thinkers may come on board. Politicians may represent - but alas the idea, the very idea appears to be a nonsense.

No-one with any attributes of reason can possibly buy into a Global
The why is easy - far too easy - for how can there possibly be one
controlling Cabal when the myriad of secret and secretive societies acting in total self-interest appear to be in total competition and often degrees of isolation from one another.

Pro-human activist David Icke publishes literally hundreds of different
conspiratorial organisations and factions.
Any fair minded human must be asking - well if they are all conspiring – how can they possibly represent one global idea, one global direction, one global interest.
How can they all recognise one another - there just cannot be memories big enough to embrace all the secret coding and communication systems between thousands of co-operating secret societies from global cultures. There would have to be a simple answer.

If all the players in those thousands of societies shared two simple
attributes we can identify them amongst the smoke and mirrors of their
social circuses.
And I think they do.
1. The ancient [reptilian/aryan] bloodlines are fully telepathic [unlike
their despised human clones and mimics] certainly this considerably eases their own burden of identification and communication.
2. They are anti-human, and anti-life, desolate.

The guy I have looked to to break the barriers down and get to the core of the conspiracy is David Icke.
David named and shamed the aliens within, he tore into their overt social structures, but then he seemed to hit the skids with frequencies and channelling.
Despite telepathy being skirted around as an effect of the global
conspiracy, he never identified it as THE central attribute of this global
Ariosophy speaks of the Edenic Aryan telepathic gland that degenerated in Humanity - why doesn't David ?
My next bit of news was that I heard David isn't much into soul and that he doesn't really go down that route. I would have to hear him say one way or the other - but certainly I can identify a lack of spiritual perspective in David's belief system.
It's re-incarnation and Telepathy that are central to every major thing we ever tore away from the secrecy of the vaults or the abductee chambers.
It is surely obvious that it is the reptoid powers of telepathy that are
scything away amongst the confusion of the 'sheeple'.
It is the one simple unifying theory of conspiracy that makes possible a Global force for genocide of the human species.
I enjoyed the Biggest Secret and heard a lot more of the same in Children of the Matrix, but neither book got to the dark heart of the issue.
Sure, us 'sheeple' are at a dense disadvantage, but we are noble souls
inhabiting a cumbersome overcoat.
The dark attributes of the reptoid mindset are Nihilism, Lunacy and
Pornography - they practise desolation to ruin our spirits and degrade our souls and we see evidence of that in all the ritual exposes that David bravely does.
The Fallen though are clearly plotting and we need to see the truth and hear it from our leading lights.
So please, David - believe in your soul and give the sheeple back their own telepathic voice, their birthright, by acknowledging that the Telepathic Conspiracy is actually The Biggest of All Secrets on this Planet.
The reptoids would run if the 'chattering monkeys' stopped chattering and all complained with the one powerful voice.
The monkeys don't yet know that they have a telepathic voice and influence thanks to millennia of reptoid misinformation about the acquisition of 'magical powers'.
Telepathy, however, is a simple bit of resonant order emerging as waves from the chaotic furnace that is our 'soul'.
Order truly would emerge out of chaos if we all realised that.

Andrew Hennessey

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What History Teaches Us.

If an actual interstellar superluminal civilization wanted to take over the Earth they would simply do so, for we on Earth wouldn't have the power to stop them. Our peace talks and legislation would therefore mean nothing to them. The law of the jungle over rides mans law and moral law since nothing can stop the strongest and most powerful institution from imposing it's will. Rome had vast legions, helmets, armor, and swords made out of steel and titanium going against tribes that used bronze or battleaxes made of stone, funny "coincedence" the most technologically advanced civilizations always seem to impose their will on lesser tribes. Unified China is another example.
In short the Francs and Gauls constitutions and legislations were utterly meaningless to the Romans. Aquaducts and roads are more then a match for unorganized nomadisism of the uncivilized portions of Humanity.
We don't need interstellar constitutions and agreements, we need to develop powerful laser cannons and planetary shields in order to be able to enforce said legislation in the first place to discourage a potential enemy star system from trying to overtake the Earth.

This is a post written by Jay Moody. Thanks

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Prodigious Imagination.

James Black writes:

Please read below this declaration of Alfred Webre; a classic (and unimaginative) sample of disinformation, IMO, and my comment below:

> Subject: [prepare4contact] PETITION: Obama Administration Requests Info on Planetary Challenges
> Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 6:30 PM
> Hi All - I signed this Petition with
> the following note:
> 11:26 am PDT, Mar 18, Alfred Lambremont Webre, Canada
> Acknowledge Earth's existence in a populated and highly
> organized Universe,
> filled with intelligent civilizations who are outreaching
> to humanity at
> this time. Reach out peacefully to the intelligent
> population now living
> under the surface of our nearest neighbor, Mars

Of course, the first question is this:- Mr. Webre, please tell us how do you know`all this.
See that he talks without doubts, just as Dr. Boylan does in his Star Brothers Cult.
Now, if Webre knows without doubt "Earth's existence in a populated and highly
> organized Universe,
> filled with intelligent civilizations who are outreaching
> to humanity at
> this time. Reach out peacefully to the intelligent
> population now living
> under the surface of our nearest neighbor, Mars..." why does he and the other EXOS need a Disclosure?

We can assume that IF Webre knows all this for sure, he must have EVIDENCES, and if he has these EVIDENCES, he should go to the media and REVEAL THE TRUTH to the WORLD...and to us.
However, IF Webre believes he knows all this for sure and he doesn't, THEN he needs a good Doctor, and even a time of "rest" in some appropiate Institution, under professional control.
Also we must consider this:
Webre believes that we are all stupids and ignorants, and he is selling us bad science-fiction disguiced as fact.
There is also one more alternative: Webre follows some pattern given to him by Disinformation and Manipulation Experts.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

James Black , Exopolitics, Contradictions

Thanks James

We have three basic elements working in it.

These are The ALIENS, the GOVERNMENT and the EXOS, demanding what they call a full DISCLOSURE.
The EXOS sell the image of "experts" who know what is going on, trough contactees, anonymous sources and whistleblowers.
The EXOS talk and write about secret contact between GOV. and ALIENS.
EXOS even sell the idea of a secret human history, and alien technology in the hands of the authorities.
The obvious CONTRADICTION is this one:
IF the Gov. is evil , conspirator, essentially anti-democratic BECAUSE of his secret alliance with the Aliens, THEN the Aliens also conspire to keep the close-up.
The cover-up is responsibility of BOTH the gov and the ETs.
ETs conspire with the Gov. to keep the secret, "ergo", Both, Aliens and Government are accomplices.
Evidently, the idea that the Gov. is "evil" and ETs are good becomes a total contradiction.

IF Aliens were "good" and "benevolent" with us, they would end the Close-up, with or without the Gov's authorization.
EXOS, who know so much about the aliens, should ask them to end the Close-up.
If, on the contrary, authorities remain silent, knowing that ETs are guilty of criminal acts like abductions, harassment and abuses, the idea of begging the Gov. to end the Cover-Up is ABSURD.
There is an Illicit Association between Gov. and ETs, and probably the Gov. is guilty of High Treason.
Is evident that the idea of "benevolent" aliens and malevolent Government is contradictory and absurd.

Also, a conciliatory concept like a few Aliens are perhaps bad, but most are good is also unsustainable, because in that case, neither the Gov, nor the benevolent ETs can control the criminal Aliens.


Monday, March 16, 2009

URGENT! Earth Invaded by 1,483 alien races..!

Dr. Boylan, who is nothing less than the Councilor of Earth, give us the following information:

The Star Visitor you describe is not a common one. But then there are 1,483 star races making contact with Earth.
Most important for you to notice is the vibes or energy you sense emanating from this person. If it is positive vibes and good energy, then you can relax and engage the Star Visitor as you would any Human stranger you wished to engage politely.
If the vibes are bad or the energy feels dark, then you know that you are being accosted by a fake "visitor" manufactured by Cabal psychic, psychotronic, or remotely-projected holographic means. React appropriately.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.>

Isn't it wonderful? Yes, it is. And again I am worried about the traffic problems...each race with their own transportation...good Lord! That's why we see thousands and thousands of UFOs each time we watch the sky.
Read again, dear friends, 1.483 star races coming here to teach us some New Age wisdom, the names of a few Cabalistic Angels and lots of Madame Blavatsky.

And let me tell you that all these ET.s have excellent flying saucers. You never find a screw of a nut, and nobody has pictures of these gentle Visitors.
No, Dr. Salla, do not excommunicate me. All those 1,483 races are nice, good, gentle, intelligent and love us soooooo much..!
Perhaps some of them need to practice thousands of abductions of adults and kids, but there is no need to demonize them, right?
Alfred Webre teaches us also that a Golden Age is coming, so don't worry about those 1,483 races.
Believe me, very soon, President Obama will let us know how those 1,483 races look. (Anonymous but reliable sources told me that the disclosure day, kids must be kept out of the TV.)
Some of these races are pretty anthropomorphic, but others...
The disclosure day, send your kids to bed early. Adult should have some sleeping pills at hand.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Twisted, incoherent rhetoric.

James Black collaboration:

Exopolitical discourse is more and more confuse and incoherent. Contradictions are not solutions.
Lies bring lies, a chain reaction.
Yes, but no...no but yes...
Probably is late for a nice little Cult. Also is late for a nice little science or pseudo-science.
But theso contradictions are not new in the EXOPOLITICAL environment.
IF there are contactees, and if ETs are nice and benevolent...THEN is NOT necessary to implore the GOV. for a Disclosure. This is ridiculous. The disclosure should come from the Aliens themselves, right?
Either this, or there is a conspiracy between Aliens and Gov. In that case both are Evil.
Read carefully the post below, and find some coherence if you can.

"Dr Michael Salla"

Dear Jopnatan, I have to clarify that I am not reconsidering a zero tolerance policy for various forms of hate speech directed towards extraterrestrials. I am seeking the right balance of preventing such discourse on the forum, with the need to allow constructive dialogue and analysis of ET behaviors that fall into the category we mostly agree is negative. I'm trying to find the right language so that members are clear that we will not allow hate speech (i.e., demonizing and fearmongering) directed towards ET races by those whose experiences, prejudices blind them to countervailing ET behaviors, e.g., benevolent ET groups/races trying to assist humanity's evolution.

I have no interest in moderating the posts of those whose minds are made up about ETs as negative demonic beings out to enslave humanity. While some who takes such an approach, may sincerely believe this due to their experiences, others are part of a sustained psyop to demonize ETs in order to condition humanity to accept a contrived war against ET.

In order for the level of discourse on p4c to rise to a higher level, and to make it a more attractive forum for more sophisticated posters with knowledge/experienc es of positive ET groups, I have decided that it's best to have a policy of excluding hate speech. Finding the right language is the key. The current proposal on the table is to revise the current phrase "demonizing extraterrestrials" to "fearmongering and demonization of extraterrestrial races." If you have suggestions for the right language to exclude hate speech, then that would be helpful.


Michael S.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Andrew Hennessey about Dr. Salla new "rules."

The polemic complete. Below Andrew's post, we can read Dr. Salla's rules against what he calls "demonization" of ET.

hi there - DR Salla sets out to totally exclude ANY kind of negative critique of Ets whether strong 'demonization' arguments or weak allegations that can now be construed and excluded as 'fearmongering'

now we have to totally tolerate scary alien behaviour whether intentional or unintentional by aliens ... isn't an exopolitician supposed to say to aliens heh
- star buddies don't do that coz its socially unacceptable ?????????????
if not WHY NOT ?
surely our alien buddies would want to keep us happy and would make some compromise ... should not our councillor for earth be able to tell them to chill out in certain areas instead of scaring people intentionally or unintentionally.
Its the EXO paradigm of UNACCOUNTABILITY and TOTAL COMPLIANCE the paradigm of assimilation and slavery ...
IF there are good reasons to doubt alien intentions after fearful alien behaviour then they SHOULD BE HEARD

andrew hennessey

Dr Salla
Hello all, it's been brought to my attention that some p4c members are unhappy about the zero tolerance policy on demonizing ETs. I understand the concerns of some that it may be unduly restrictive on discussions about negative ET behaviors. In proscribing demonization of ETs I was very concerned about the fearmongering and hate speech that is part of the demonization discourse. I find it very tedious having to deal with hard core people whose minds are made up that ETs are demons and those with a contrary approach are fools for thinking some/most ETs have positive intentions. Take a look at the following video to get an idea of how some are really committed to the demonic ETs school of thought.

The demonization language is a major distraction to those wanting to focus on the more positive uplifting aspect of ET contact. If we want to encourage constructive discussions for preparing for contact, then something needs to be done to discourage the hard core types out to convince all about "evil baby eating ETs", etc. There is abundant evidence of some ETs and groups behaving in a negative way, I don't dispute that, but often people simply demonize an entire race. This is like some demonizing Americans because of Bush administration policies, whereas we know the problem was hard core neo-conservatives who supported militarism, rather than American society per se.

So what I propose is to revise the guidelines on the forum homepage that sets out the zero tolerance policy on "demonizing extraterrestrials" to
"fearmongering and demonization of extraterrestrial races." That way we can still have informed discussions about the negative behaviors of some ET groups, without demonizing entire races. Feedback is welcome.


Michael S.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

News from the EXO field.

First we have the new rules given by the self-proclaimed Councilor FOR Earth and also Councilor OF Earth. He is then, the One and Only who has contact with the (of course imaginary) Star Brothers.
Wendy and Fran, the two Scarlet Women, the last one an incarnated Mantis, are the Bishops.

Interesting development: Boylan doesn't want more UFO pics. No need, because his is a new cult. He controls what is decided by the Higher Powers, and the preparation of the Star kids, is some kind of Baptism. (of course Boylan sells the "preparation")

They are of course the people of the "light" and in darkness we find the also imaginary Cabal of Boylan, whose perversity is infinite and whose resources are practically unlimited.
In other words, Boylan, like a Televangelist, brought his little EXO business into fruiction. (Dangerous for the manipulation of Kids.)
Needless is to say that fighting against this is a GOOD FIGHT.

We have also the Salla and Webre thing. After excomunicating the "enemies " of the good, nice alien abductors" Salla seems to be disoriented. The shift looks like something IMPOSED, but perhaps I am wrong and SallaWebre team implore the powers that be for disclosure and some other political (nothing EXO) definitions.
The p4c group posters show very little enthusiasm, and the Doctor and wife Angelika were in Bolivia selling some kind of Solar Initiation, given by an individual who claims to be in contact with Atlantians, Toltecas living in subterranean cities under the Titicaca lake, and The White Brotherwood, now living in Bolivia. (they moved from the Tibet, he says)
Also this Bolivian "initiate" whose messages are translated by Angelica from Spanish to English, claims to have been "teleported" to Venus and Ganymede.
Well, not even the Ringling Bros. Circus would want this "show".

About Greer, I don't know much, but looks like he is now some kind of exo-playboy, driving sport cars, showing muscles, and teaching mantric meditation.
We will appreciate more info.concerning all this.



Tuesday, March 3, 2009


It is not difficult to think that Xenopolitics will have more justifications at hand that Exopolitics. Let us see why:

For Xenopoliticians, it is easy to show events that sustain the "Bad ETs" hypothesis. Abductions are not only criminal but unjustified from a "Nice Big Brother" perspective.
Also, Xenopolitics is able to probe that there are NO ET actions favourable to humans. In other words, "they" abduct and abuse us, and NOTHING GOOD comes from them.

From the Exopolitician perspective nothing can be said in favor of the "aliens". There is no real movement to help us in any rational, practical way. (It is difficult to believe that these "gentlemen" come here from a distant star to tell us a few silly and outdated new age mumbo-jumbo, or some preposterous XIX Century occultism.
Besides, the whole idea of the Shadow Government secretly associated with ET's, doesn't help to sustain any optimistic view of the Intruders as "Spiritual Guides" or something like that.

It's not difficult to understand that Exopolitics is meaningless, in a world where nothing good comes from the non-humans.
Imploring Gov. to go on with an hypothetical "disclosure" is not enough.
Looks like the future belongs to Xenopolitics and Rationalism.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Exopolitics and Xenopolitics

INCLUDED BELOW, Dr. Boylan, In his last pompous and silly message posted in his group UFOfacts, attacks the cabal as usual, and "reveals" what Star Nations Councillor Asheoma te ka Meata told him last evening. (He meets now with asheoma without the participation of his Scarlet Woman Wendy) Oh my....testing the submissive elements in his Sect...
well , the attacks to the Cabal are not njew BUT...BUT , what is the Cabal now? .
Remember that Exopolitics enrolled in the "All Aliens are nice guys movement", so...there is no more Cabal???? YES, I know, I am the cabal, and of course, the new and courageous XENOPOLITICS of Andrew Hennessey.
Boylan, Salla, Webre, Greer and "eutourage" are now Colonialists, and Collaborators. "Aliens Welcome people". they are ready to recognize the authority of the BIG GALACTIC BROTHER.
So, the abductees, the XENOPOLITICIANS, the Rationalists, are now the Cabal for the Exoprofiters.

Let as see what happens next...

The message of Boylan :
In a conversation with Star Nations Councillor Asheoma te ka Meata last evening, important new information came up that I want to share with you.
The Cabal have sabotaged planning that has been quietly under way for an Aug. 18-19 Meeting and Peace Accord Signing between Earth governments and Star Nations. Therefore, it will not occur this year.
The Meeting cannot occur for two reasons:
1) the Cabal refused to agree to the Councillor of Earth's being present as was requested by Star Nations as a necessary condition;
2) The Cabal insisted that their members serving as government officials and dignitaries be present or else they would block any Meeting from occurring. But Star Nations refuses to have anything to do with these Cabal types masquerading as the people's "representatives" .
Star Nations foresees that the Meeting between Star Nations and legitimate government officials will occur at a later time but not in 2009.
Asheoma observes that before such a Meeting can occur, that the Cabal in positions of power must be removed. For these power-drunk Cabal are continuing to block amicable meetings between lightworker government officials and Star Nations.
Star Nations does see that Earth leadership is shifting towards officials who operate in Awareness of their Orientation to Source. But work remains to extricate Cabal types from their remaining positions of power.
Asheoma then shifted focus to the current global economic meltdown and other problems.
He observed that "suffering during the next 12 months [March, 2009 to March, 2010] will be the greatest in a very long time in Human history."
The Cabal are, among other evil-doing, engineering food shortages, as well as taking measures to increase the dire effects of natural disasters such as droughts and crop-destroying storms, etc.; and plan to increase their power by manipulating these critical shortages to create a global unstable social situation. Prices for the diminished remaining food items will skyrocket worldwide.
Asheoma says that people will need to be sharing with those without; for example, by entering into job-sharing arrangements with someone out of work, seeing that commercial building space can be used at night as shelter for people without housing, sharing from our store of blankets and food, etc.
Asheoma observes that these tremendously- challenging times ahead over the next year will be an occasion for us Humans to demonstrate our spiritual development by tangible actions in this time of misfortune to make things better for those adversely affected by these hard times.
We will also need to generate more populist-level grass-roots demands to clean the remaining dirty criminal Cabal crooks out of positions of power in big banking, large-scale insurance organizations, Wall Street, industry, and various positions in government, etc.
After we have demonstrated tangibly our spiritual growth and responsiveness to fellow Humans' needs, and after we have cleaned up the remaining Cabal from positions of power, then Star Nations says they will consider Humans at a level of sufficient advancement as to be ready for formal public meeting and dialogue.
So, let us roll up our sleeves and do what we are capable of to make things better during the tough times ahead, and to agitate for the cleaning-out of the rogues still left in positions of power.
In so doing, we advance the day when we can welcome our star cousins to a Human society we can be proud of.
in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.