Sunday, December 29, 2013

Roswell: Extraterrestrial spacecraft accident.

The following question to solve by Horary Astrology is this one: Did an extraterrestrial spacecraft crash in Roswell?
The first house ruling the querent rises at Gemini, 10 Degrees 55 Minutes, so Mercury and the Moon are the querent planets.
Mars and Uranus rule accidents. Uranus particularly is the ruler of aerial accidents and also of aliens. We should consider those two planets and the nine house for distant travels to answer this questions following the Horary rules and strictures.
We can see in our chart that Mercury is combust, which is under the Sun rays, and a combust planet with the exception of Mars, loses his power and consequently gives a negative perspective.
The Moon however, applies for a sextil to Mars and a trine to Uranus, and these are aspects which give us a clear YES answer to our question.
Besides our combust Mercury and the Sun conjunct the star Facies associated with accidents.
The Moon and Mars are peregrine and this is a weakening situation.
In the nine house of long travels we find Venus in Capricorn, but since Mars is in Libra, ruled by Venus, and Venus in Capricorn, which is the exaltation of Mars, both planets are in Mixed Reception and this is also favorable.
Saturn, big malefic is the ruler of the 9 house and reinforces the idea of a catastrophic situation in Roswell.
The Ascendant conjuncts Aldebaran, a star related in traditional astrology with catastrophe by weather conditions, floods and shipwrecks.

Consequently, our Horary chart gives a YES  answer to the question about the extraterrestrial crash in Roswell.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Horary Astrology:Are UFOs extraterrestrial vehicles?

The question is this one: are UFOs extraterrestrial vehicles?
We see that the First house ruling the questioner has it’s cusp at 18 36 Cancer, so the querent’s planet is the Moon which is in the fourth house conjunct Mars, ( 4 house defines the end of the matter.) Mars is the second malefic in traditional Horary Astrology and talks about war, Army and aggression.
The 9th house of the quesited theme rules long distance travels science and wisdom between other things and is in Pisces, whose traditional ruling planet is Jupiter. Neptune which is also in the 9th house, is co-ruler of the question.

Neptune rules movies, television, theater, fashion and all forms of glamour. In essence, Neptune is creating an illusion -- of what is enchanting on the outside and captivating within. Neptune symbolizes also delusive thoughts and fantasies and in the worst case fraud.
There are no aspects between the Moon and Neptune, and Luna applies to a conjunction with Mars and to an evil square aspect to Jupiter which is retrograde and in the very negative 12 house of seclusion, secrets self-denial, fears and afflictions. Retrograde Planets are seriously weakened and perform poorly.
Saturn in the 7th house is bad position of the big malefic, because 7th house suggest the possibility of some error committed by the astrologer.
Uranus is the planet that rules the space and aliens, and no aspects are applying but Moon separated from an opposition to Uranus in the 10th house suggests a negative outcome.  
Consequently the end of the matter is Moon conjunction to Mars. Curiously the two houses ruling the UFO question are in mute signs and in Horary mute signs suggest secrecy and many things unknown.

My personal analysis of this Horary chart suggests that there are many things that we, humans, don’t know, and it is possible that the question shows this ignorance. However the chart’s environment is malignant, unfriendly and I’m left with the impression that UFOs are military artifacts and also, some of these unidentified flying entities are neither terrestrial nor extraterrestrial.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Poisonous Chemtrails or natural Contrails?

The question is this one: Poisonous man made Chemtrails or natural Contrails?

In the Horary chart the First house represents the questioner, and the 12 house rules secret enemies, secret plans, treason, and conspiracies.
First house rulers (Rising sign is Cancer) are the Moon and a retrograde Jupiter, while the 12 house is on Gemini, so Mercury is here the ruler of the question about Chemtrails.
Neither the Moon nor Jupiter are headed for any aspect to Mercury, which is in Sagittarius, Mercury’s sign of Detriment, and this means that the answer is NO. (No aspects)
Horary astrology however tells us more. Moon is in Cancer, the sign she rules, and Cancer is a water sign. Jupiter, the second signifier of the questioner is also in Cancer.
Uranus, ruler of airplanes is in the 10 house on Aries, a hot, fire sign, while the cusp of this house is in Pisces, another watery sign..! The planets are showing us the whole process of vaporization. Contrails are formed when hot humid air from the engines mixes with the colder surrounding air. Talking about air, the cusp of the 9th house of distant travels is Aquarius, an air sign.

Not only this horary chart tells us that Chemtrails don’t exist, but shows us the process that produces the natural phenomenon known as contrails. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Horary Astrology & Breakaway Civilization

The ufologist Richard Dolan wrote about what he calls a breakaway civilization. This clandestine but human organization provided with the benefits of advanced Extraterrestrial technology and unlimited capital, has its own space program and as a shadow government, controls our planet.
The question is this one: Is this “breakaway civilization” real or fictitious?
The time of the Horary chart was 3, 24 A.M, Dec. 10, 2013.

The answer is clearly negative and we will see why this is so.
The Ascendant at 29 Degrees 38 min of Libra is a warning and stricture called Ascendant in the last three degrees of the rising sign. The late Ascendant suggests that the question is unnecessary and even that changes in Dolan’s mind make the whole thing obsolete.
However there are more negative elements. This late ascendant is also in the Via Combusta.
The Via Combusta or burning path is the portion of the zodiac between 15 degrees of Libra and 15 degrees of Scorpio.
This segment of the sky contains a good number of malefic stars, and the message here is that the answer of the question is negative. For Ptolomeus,  with significators in the via combusta, the chart becomes unreadable.
If however, we insist in looking closely at this chart we find that Moon at 27 degrees 24’ of Piscis, is Void of Course which means that Luna doesn’t aspect any planet before leaving the sign. This is another negative expression because a void Moon means that the situation will not progress any further and that nothing comes from this matter.
Consequently, the answer is NO. That breakaway civilization doesn’t exist at all.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Horary Astrology about Disclosure.

Mr.D question is this: will the government put an end to the cover up about UFO secrets and disclose the presence of Extraterrestrial civilization(s) in our planet and in contact with authorities?
The Horary Chart was calculated at 7, 14 min PM, December 7 2013.
In horary astrology there are some strictures that either deny the interpretation or give a negative answer from the beginning.
One of these strictures is the Void of Course Moon.  A Void of Course Moon occurs when the Moon, ( in this chart at 25 Degrees 4 minutes of the sign of Aquarius,) makes no major aspects before leaving the sign where she is.  
Void of Course Moon doesn’t render the chart unreadable but indicates that the situation, in this case the disclosure, will not progress any further and little can be done to change the circumstances.
The issue is a dead end one and there is no answer because the matter is dead.
In the chart about the disclosure, with the rising sign in Cancer, Moon represents the querent and is also the natural co-significator.
In Horary astrology the Moon is more important than any other planet because it shows us what will happen concerning the question, so a void of course Moon tells us that nothing will happen. There will be no such thing as a disclosure.

Once more, we must remember that in Horary Astrology, wishful thinking and twisted interpretations are impossible.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Horary Astrology about Time Travel.

In this case, we will analyze my own Horary question: “are  humans able to perform time travel?”
The Time of the question was 10h, 07 min. on December 6,  2013.

Leo in the first house defines the Sun as ruler of the questioner and as usual Moon is  co-ruler.
Time Travel should be represented by the nine house whose cusp is at 24 Degrees of Aries, and Mars is Aries’ ruler, but since we are talking about Time, Saturn, also known as Chronos is obviously a co-significator of Time.
Now, the principal signifiers, Sun Moon and Saturn are peregrines and peregrine planets are weak and isolated in Astrology, particularly in Horary.

Peregrine Moon squares peregrine Saturn which is near the evil star Serpentis at 19 degrees of Scorpio. This degree is called the cursed degree of the cursed sign!
Neither Moon nor Sun aspects Mars, the signifier of the question about Time Travel, and Neptune (hoaxes, confusion, fantasies, rumors) is in the 8 house of death and bad aspected by a Mercury square.

By the way, Mercury is weakened under the Sun rays in the 4th house that points always to the end of the inquiry. (Mercury and Neptune signify mental health, between other things.)
We must consider also that in the 9 house of the question, we find the southern lunar node, which is very negative, even malefic.

Consequently in this case the Horary answer is negative: Humans never performed time travels of any kind. The answer is NO.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Horary Astrology and Intelligent Life in Marst

I draw the Horary Astrological chart at the time of the question, 9h, 51’ PM. We must remember that Horary astrology is a very ancient and accurate art. In Horary there is no place for individual beliefs or wishful thinking. Personally I did not believe that there is intelligent life in Mars.
However, without any doubt the chart brings “matter to perfection” and the answer is YES, there is intelligent life in Mars. (Terrestrial or Extraterrestrial bases and or habitats.)

Chart interpretation.
The person that makes the question, the questiter  is  always represented by the ruler of the first house here with  the Ascendant 15 degrees of Leo, The Sun is the signifier and  in Horary, the Moon is the co-significator in all cases.
Now, the 9th house represents the space, the higher intelligence, the civilization, so with the cusp of the house at 7 Degrees of Aries, whose Ruler is Mars, the red planet comes to represent the question. So Mars is ruler of the question and also the question of life in Mars itself, but this is not all. Uranus, which represents extraterrestrial life, is in that same 9 house at 8 degrees, 39 min..!
This obviously gives a positive answer but there is more. The Moon applies to a TRINE to Mars, bringing matters to perfection but there is even more since the Part of Fortune, conjunct to Marts in the second house more, and Moon applies to a trine to this benefic and substantial Part of Fortune.
The Sun, ruler of the first House separates from a trine to Uranus, and the 4 house is the end of the mater.

The answer is of course yes, since “matters are brought to perfection” in this Horary Chart about Intelligent life in Mars.
Eli Sadhanusari

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fwd: Intelligent Life in the Universe.

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From: Frater Umbra <>
Date: Sun, Dec 1, 2013 at 3:29 PM
Subject: Intelligent Life in the Universe.
To: Eli Sadhanusari <>

Frater Umbra

The evolution of intelligent life in the Universe is a very rare and isolated phenomenon.
The possibilities of communication between intelligent civilizations is practically nonexistent.
The evolution of intelligent forms of life into technologically advanced societies is impossible, because technology produces self destruction sooner or later.
We are now in this auto-destructive process.
To waste time, money and resources in the so called exploration of space is nonsense. There is nobody there, and if there is, we will never make contact.