Saturday, December 7, 2013

Horary Astrology about Disclosure.

Mr.D question is this: will the government put an end to the cover up about UFO secrets and disclose the presence of Extraterrestrial civilization(s) in our planet and in contact with authorities?
The Horary Chart was calculated at 7, 14 min PM, December 7 2013.
In horary astrology there are some strictures that either deny the interpretation or give a negative answer from the beginning.
One of these strictures is the Void of Course Moon.  A Void of Course Moon occurs when the Moon, ( in this chart at 25 Degrees 4 minutes of the sign of Aquarius,) makes no major aspects before leaving the sign where she is.  
Void of Course Moon doesn’t render the chart unreadable but indicates that the situation, in this case the disclosure, will not progress any further and little can be done to change the circumstances.
The issue is a dead end one and there is no answer because the matter is dead.
In the chart about the disclosure, with the rising sign in Cancer, Moon represents the querent and is also the natural co-significator.
In Horary astrology the Moon is more important than any other planet because it shows us what will happen concerning the question, so a void of course Moon tells us that nothing will happen. There will be no such thing as a disclosure.

Once more, we must remember that in Horary Astrology, wishful thinking and twisted interpretations are impossible.