Friday, January 30, 2009

Message from the infosphere-disinfosphere.

In the infosphere- disinfosphere, islands of virtual unreality float in an ocean of Emptiness. Virtual History teaches us that Irak was a Star Gate, and that Luis Fernando, recognized "contactee" was teleported to Ganymede and there are Martian Big Cities with bulbous people enjoying Mars atmosphere.
The infospheric islands are controlled by Exopoliticians. They read their own History, learning that Hitler was in contact with manipulative aliens. Yes, and tomorrow we will find that Confederates won the Civil War with the help of the Greys, Zetas, because in the disinfospheric islands floating in the Void, everything is in-possible. In Venus, lovely people, tall and white, breathing pure Sulfuric Acid and Carbon Dioxide.
Luis Fernando was there. Teleported, yes, because one of the islands in the disinfosphere is a monumental Teleportator, believe me.
In Venus, the atmospheric pressure at the planet's surface is 92 times that of the Earth. But forget about this. It has no value in the disinfosphere.
We are important here in the Virtual. 2 thousand different Cosmic Races are here, just visiting us, and giving us nice messages of love and wisdom. We are ready, Councilor of Earth, we are ready for the Ascension (whatever this is)
Wendy does talk each day with Asheoma about all this. She saw and touched pieces of the Alien craft "downed" in Roswell. The Shadow Government has no control of the Inforphere where the Exopolitical Islands float in a sea of Emptiness.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Last moment: Commander Gene's Challenge..!

--- On Wed, 1/28/09, Commander Gene <> wrote:
From: Commander Gene <>
Subject: Dr. Richard " Hottub " Boylan , you are busted !!!!Re: Message not approved: anniversary of landing of the 12 Altimarian environmental scientists
To: "Dr Richard Boylan" <>,
Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 11:12 AM

You are busted !!!!
Then you acknowledge that everything you tell people is an intentional fantasy and a lie .
You have a need to control the story .
The Altimarians are a fantasy .
Just admit it is all a lie .
All the Star Seeds and Star Nations wants of you is to admit what is true , what is
your fantasy .
Your failure to respond is an admission of your
complicit guilt as a lier , intent to inculcate a regimen of
lies , to brainwash your cult , control a story to
manipulate and beguile innocent gullible people .
You failure to explain yourself and to respond is implicite permission for me to out you to the world , as a Cabal Disinformation Agent , a lier and a cult leader set out to harm people .
If you do not respond , I will post this on ,
Captain Jack paranormal radio show , and a lot of other web communities .
Sue me for slander , libel . everything you say is a lie anyway , if I am reveling to the world that you are a lier , a cheat and a psychopathic fraud , you have to
prove without a shadow of a doubt that your Are the Councilor of Earth to Star Nations
that Asheoma is real , you must prove Star Nation are real by revieling to the world a Zeta Star being, and every story you tell your tribe has a basis in fact other than
just because you said so in so is such and such .
Lets duke this out in court !!!!!!
Can you prove your fiction is fact , that your fantasies are empirical reality ?
No , you cannot . And never will be able to now or in the future .
Everything out of your mouth is a lie , a fantasy , a fiction .
Unless you prove otherwise ...
I am not Cabal . There is no Cabal . The Cabal is another one of your fantasies .
I'm just a person . I like a good story as anyone else , you don't lets other people add to your creative fiction writing process . That is selfish . Shame on you . Let others add to the pulp fiction UFO facts .
Which is interesting . Of the history of UFO facts , are there any real UFO facts , other than your lies ? No , not one .
Commander Gene , Altimarian team leader

--- On Wed, 1/28/09, Dr Richard Boylan <> wrote:
From: Dr Richard Boylan <>
Subject: Message not approved: anniversary of landing of the 12 Altimarian environmental scientists
To: "Commander Gene" <>
Date: Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 6:28 PM

Cabal reprobate,

Did your handlers really think that this mocking email would go
They must be dumber than their recruits.
Food for thought.
Enjoy your banishment from UFOFacts.

Dr. Richard Boylan, Moderator

Commander Gene <>
> Hello Star seeds .
> We are now in the jungles of Belize , working with private
> enlightened earth Citizens , working on incorporating
> photon energy to reinforce the Earths Life force .
> Us Altimarians call it the Lightforce .
> Brigadier General Shadow has facilitated our American Citizenship ,
> and provided proper security .
> We thank the General .
> We hope to come to America soon .
> As we have new identities , there is nothing to prove by visual
inspection that we are from Alitmar . Soon , we feel it should be
safe .
> What is not known is that Obama is quietly purging Cabal from his
new administration .
> Hilary Clinton is relay a Double agent , and through he Armed
Services Committee
> paid for our lab and sponsored our naturalization to become
American citizens .
> If she was Cabal , we would be dead . We thank the former senator .
> We were told the State Department does have dialog with people from
off world .
> I know not much more then that . Our Dialog has been positive . We
have our
> Lab , and resources and allies here in Belize .
> Dr Boylan , Councilor of Earth to Star Nations .
> We thank you for your kind wise leadership , giving the Star Seeds
> and Star Seed Adults the love and support to raise warriors of
> peace to help heal the Earth , to assist in the Earth to become a
> member World of Star Nations .
> Please send us Love and Light in your meditations .
> This energy heals the world .
> Remember , everything that has Life is a miracle of the Source ,
> Great Spirit , and it should be of the highest importance
> to protect life at all costs .
> Cabal energy signature is hate , anti life .
> If your instinct your feel a repulsion , run from the source
> of that negativity .
> If the energy source is Star Nations , it is love and life .
> Run twords the light , be embraced by love .
> We Altimarians salute your love for us and your
> commitment to the Beloved Councilor of Earth ,
> Dr. Richard Boylan .
> As we help prepare the earth for the transition ,
> prepare yourselves as well . Take heart .
> the Cabal is defeated and weak .
> Love will prevail .
> Commander Gene
> --- On Mon, 1/26/09, Fran Obsidian Harris <> wrote:
> From: Fran Obsidian Harris <>
> Subject: Re: [UFOFacts] anniversary of landing of the 12 Altimarian
environmental scientists
> To:
> Date: Monday, January 26, 2009, 10:59 PM
> Greetings Linda,
> do say "Hello" for me there at home. I miss everyone
Just so you know I sent your appreciation to Gene and the group. And
they all are grateful for the Loving thoughts.
> They just asked for one thing. That Humanity think about what
they are doing before they take an action against Gaia, other
creatures and against themselves as well as each other. They have
alot of work to do. Take care.
> Love & Peace in Service
> Fran
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: graceandhumility
> To: UFOFacts@yahoogroup
> Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 2:00 PM
> Subject: Re: [UFOFacts] anniversary of landing of the 12 Altimarian
environmental scientists
> My dear Altimarian Brothers & Sisters,
> I am so grateful you have chosen to assist us in the healing of
Earth Being and in the cleaning up of the mess we have made of it.
> I send you much love and light.
> Namaste,
> ~Linda
> In a message dated 01/26/09 13:27:51 Eastern Standard Time,
drboylan@sbcglobal. net writes:
> Friends,
> This past Wednesday, January 21 marked the first Anniversary of
the landing of the 12 Altimarian environmental scientists.
> It was one year ago, on a bitterly-cold January late afternoon
as the sun was setting, (2 pm, EST; 5 pm, PST), that twelve brave
volunteer top environmental experts completed their journey from
their home world Altimar to Earth. Their ship landed at the base of a
large rock formation in one of the scenic federal lands of the U.S.
> There they were met by a welcoming party of three lightworkers
including myself. Because of Cabal global surveillance then
operating, it was necessary to cut the welcoming short. The
Altimarians and their ship had gone into cloaked mode, and we needed
to retreat to our vehicle and leave to avoid facilitating any Cabal
discovery of where these Altimarians were.
> Further details of their mission, arrival and subsequent work
here on Earth environmental trouble spots may be found at:
> http://www.drboylan .com/cosmiccompa ny.html and
http://www.drboylan .com/altimarians landed.html
> in the light,
> Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
> Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC, Councillor
> President, Star Kids Project. LTD
> drboylan@sbcglobal. net
> www.drboylan. com
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news, celebrity photos and more with the PopEater Toolbar.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

High Lord Photon wrote this Wonderful Poem. Thanks.

It is the Grey's , the evil ones , taking possession of
the spiritual super continuity that is the human collective
dream time .
The New Age , Boylan , Webre are their puppets .
Channelers of space Gods are blind conduits
of their propaganda .
We have already been invaded .
The demons are at the gate .
Fight we will .
Loose we will .
But , we will still fight .
You own your spirit .
Give it to no God .
Give it to no Star Ship Commander .
Give it to no Ascended Master .
Give it to no Ancient Spirit .
Keep your own spirit for yourself .
Pain is just for a moment . It will pass .
When the death comes , we will die with
grace and pride and dignity .
We will fight .
The act of resistance , perseverance of will ,
even with our deaths , the Grey's loose .
Be thee strong as the Bones of the Earth .
High Lord Photon


Dear friends. Be mindful. Feel IT coming in the Night. Azathoth, the Mad King of Chaos is here. The Exomeme grows.
Now we have the "celestials" ...better not to see them in their real look. As the Medusa they are, do not not look..!
Memes are Virus, growing and infecting the EXObody, growing, and the UFOexo meme is growing and growing.
Greer, Salla and Webre are ready for the Asylum. The Forces were bigger than these. They thought they could control IT in their benefit, but...NO, NO, NO, nobody can.
The price is our mind...the price is your reason. (The Destiny is the Dark Void, but I don't want to talk about the Dark Void or the Circus of Twilight. ) now S, G, and W laugh and laugh and laugh and in their nightmares, the Dolphins, good friends of Angelika, are Sharks...!But nothing can be done, the meme grows and it's new Tentacle is named "Celestials"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Virtual UFO Existence.

Try this: forget about "real " UFOs. Forget about Aliens.
Instead let us consider the whole UFO-Alien-ET rhetoric as a Meme, no, as a Galaxy of Memes.
Memes are virus of the mind, that is ideas contagious ideas that grow, reproduce themselves and evolve, grow, change, give birth to other paralel Memes.
Memes are more powerful and contagious than ever before, because of the Internet.
We can call the whole internet thing the Infosphere, the Virtual Reality.
In the Infosphere that is not (yet) infinite but unlimited, UFOs exist, Aliens exist, Ufology is there and Exopolitics is a science.
The evidence of this Infoexistence is here, in the fact that I am writing and you are reading. All this exist in some "place" that is not a place. In a Virtual Space, in the Infosphere.
Aliens come from the Virtual Universe. They are here in the Infosphere that we call 'Earth'. The Virtual Earth.
Think about this or let all this think you. Remember that if you watch the abyss, you will find that the abyss is watching you.

More later. Enjoy.

ELI Sadhanusari

Existence in the Infosphere.

UFO, Aliens, Contactees, Whistleblowers are REAL.
How you define reality?
Well...they are real in the Infosphere. They enjoy Virtual Reality, and as healthy Memes they grow, evolve and multiply.
I see...
...and that is why we began with the good old "little green men" and now we have thousands of races here, on our Earth. Some are good, some are evil, some even control the planet disguised as humans, but in truth they are REPTILIANS.

Oh, dear me..!
Do not worry, because our modern or post-modern world is "tabloidal". Reality cannot be defined any more. We have the in-between, the Tabloid Dimension that exists in the in-between.
In the Tabloid World, nothing is real because everything is existent. Fact is Fiction, and Fiction is Fact.
The problem is that every pseudo-existent is becoming something else...
The only Real Thing is movement, change.

More latter, dear people.
I love you all.