Friday, January 30, 2009

Message from the infosphere-disinfosphere.

In the infosphere- disinfosphere, islands of virtual unreality float in an ocean of Emptiness. Virtual History teaches us that Irak was a Star Gate, and that Luis Fernando, recognized "contactee" was teleported to Ganymede and there are Martian Big Cities with bulbous people enjoying Mars atmosphere.
The infospheric islands are controlled by Exopoliticians. They read their own History, learning that Hitler was in contact with manipulative aliens. Yes, and tomorrow we will find that Confederates won the Civil War with the help of the Greys, Zetas, because in the disinfospheric islands floating in the Void, everything is in-possible. In Venus, lovely people, tall and white, breathing pure Sulfuric Acid and Carbon Dioxide.
Luis Fernando was there. Teleported, yes, because one of the islands in the disinfosphere is a monumental Teleportator, believe me.
In Venus, the atmospheric pressure at the planet's surface is 92 times that of the Earth. But forget about this. It has no value in the disinfosphere.
We are important here in the Virtual. 2 thousand different Cosmic Races are here, just visiting us, and giving us nice messages of love and wisdom. We are ready, Councilor of Earth, we are ready for the Ascension (whatever this is)
Wendy does talk each day with Asheoma about all this. She saw and touched pieces of the Alien craft "downed" in Roswell. The Shadow Government has no control of the Inforphere where the Exopolitical Islands float in a sea of Emptiness.