Saturday, January 17, 2009

Virtual UFO Existence.

Try this: forget about "real " UFOs. Forget about Aliens.
Instead let us consider the whole UFO-Alien-ET rhetoric as a Meme, no, as a Galaxy of Memes.
Memes are virus of the mind, that is ideas contagious ideas that grow, reproduce themselves and evolve, grow, change, give birth to other paralel Memes.
Memes are more powerful and contagious than ever before, because of the Internet.
We can call the whole internet thing the Infosphere, the Virtual Reality.
In the Infosphere that is not (yet) infinite but unlimited, UFOs exist, Aliens exist, Ufology is there and Exopolitics is a science.
The evidence of this Infoexistence is here, in the fact that I am writing and you are reading. All this exist in some "place" that is not a place. In a Virtual Space, in the Infosphere.
Aliens come from the Virtual Universe. They are here in the Infosphere that we call 'Earth'. The Virtual Earth.
Think about this or let all this think you. Remember that if you watch the abyss, you will find that the abyss is watching you.

More later. Enjoy.

ELI Sadhanusari