Saturday, January 17, 2009

Existence in the Infosphere.

UFO, Aliens, Contactees, Whistleblowers are REAL.
How you define reality?
Well...they are real in the Infosphere. They enjoy Virtual Reality, and as healthy Memes they grow, evolve and multiply.
I see...
...and that is why we began with the good old "little green men" and now we have thousands of races here, on our Earth. Some are good, some are evil, some even control the planet disguised as humans, but in truth they are REPTILIANS.

Oh, dear me..!
Do not worry, because our modern or post-modern world is "tabloidal". Reality cannot be defined any more. We have the in-between, the Tabloid Dimension that exists in the in-between.
In the Tabloid World, nothing is real because everything is existent. Fact is Fiction, and Fiction is Fact.
The problem is that every pseudo-existent is becoming something else...
The only Real Thing is movement, change.

More latter, dear people.
I love you all.