Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Dear friends. Be mindful. Feel IT coming in the Night. Azathoth, the Mad King of Chaos is here. The Exomeme grows.
Now we have the "celestials" ...better not to see them in their real look. As the Medusa they are, do not look...do not look..!
Memes are Virus, growing and infecting the EXObody, growing, and the UFOexo meme is growing and growing.
Greer, Salla and Webre are ready for the Asylum. The Forces were bigger than these. They thought they could control IT in their benefit, but...NO, NO, NO, nobody can.
The price is our mind...the price is your reason. (The Destiny is the Dark Void, but I don't want to talk about the Dark Void or the Circus of Twilight. ) now S, G, and W laugh and laugh and laugh and in their nightmares, the Dolphins, good friends of Angelika, are Sharks...!But nothing can be done, the meme grows and it's new Tentacle is named "Celestials"