Tuesday, January 20, 2009

High Lord Photon wrote this Wonderful Poem. Thanks.

It is the Grey's , the evil ones , taking possession of
the spiritual super continuity that is the human collective
dream time .
The New Age , Boylan , Webre are their puppets .
Channelers of space Gods are blind conduits
of their propaganda .
We have already been invaded .
The demons are at the gate .
Fight we will .
Loose we will .
But , we will still fight .
You own your spirit .
Give it to no God .
Give it to no Star Ship Commander .
Give it to no Ascended Master .
Give it to no Ancient Spirit .
Keep your own spirit for yourself .
Pain is just for a moment . It will pass .
When the death comes , we will die with
grace and pride and dignity .
We will fight .
The act of resistance , perseverance of will ,
even with our deaths , the Grey's loose .
Be thee strong as the Bones of the Earth .
High Lord Photon