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UFOs from Earth...

Blue UFO

Here's a few that would probably have gotten confused for UFOs if they hadn't revealed the source so quickly -

This also reminded me of the Norway Spirals which some thought were aliens revealing themselves. Of course Boylan said it was some Cabal thing (what isn't?). It ended up being most likely a malfunctioned rocket... you mean Boylan might have been right for once?
Here of course is some ridiculous channeled nonsense about the spirals.

Notice another anagram for some made up aliens "The Incinvibles"... a warrior race. Try Invincibles. These people should be a bit more creative with these names!



Friday, January 29, 2010

Fwd: [RationalUFOLOGY] Our experience in Freedom

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From: Tomas Scolarici <>
Date: Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 7:32 AM
Subject: [RationalUFOLOGY] Our experience in Freedom


Dear friends
Paradoxically, from behind his no-name,  Terrarubicon follows the tradition of Exopolitics. Insults but no arguments.
He is right, because after all he defends the Circus, the theater of the Absurd.
I am wrong because I thought our group, Rational Ufology, was an experience in freedom.
I am wrong because in the Asylum, freedom of expression seems to be impossible.
The so called terrarubicon accuses:
I am a crank, a devil worshiper, a crowleyan, a dark ideologue, a hypocrite, a sociopath, you name it.
Salla would have baned him and called him names.
Boylan would do the same.
I didn't, because I believe in humans after all. I believe that only humans will save humanity, or they will not be able to do it.
Nobody will come from the sky to help us.
Nobody will come to save us from ourselves.
I will not ban terrarubicon.
He is ready, prepared for contact. He is waiting for those one thousand different cosmic races to show themselves. The Sun is a Stargate for Webre. He believes this.
I invited him to come to our group and gave him freedom of expression. He is not here to give us any evidence. He can/t do that, of course. Exopolitics, after all is based in Faith, no evidence.
This shows perhaps that I am wrong, because we have nothing to do here.
In this New Dark Age of superstition, ignorance, pseudo-science, intolerance and insanity, we have nothing to say.
It is meaningless to talk about Reason, Logic, Evidences, Reality.
The present belongs to Salla, Boylan, Webre, terrarubicon, the faked aliens and pathetic contactees and imaginary whistleblowers.
This is what our group must discuss now.

Have a great day

entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem,

"Occam's Razor"





Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Exopolitics: the living dead.


No, this is not some esoteric word play. The problem is that when someone looks for the word Exopolitics, Google will take care of keeping him away, IF he is a healthy cultivated mind.
Just because EXOPOLITICS is related indissolubly with 10 years of disinformation, with the Absurdistan Circus.
Looking for Exopolitics we will learn that Salla, an EX academic, pointed that the Invasion to Irak took place because there was some extraterrestrial artifact there..!
Looking for Exopolitics we will learn that Webre wrote that Earth was put into quarantine by the "nice alien brothers".
Also looking for Exopolitics we will learn that Fatima was just a pleyiadean girl dressed as the Holy Virgin Mary, and that Basiago, a lawyer, knows all about civilized life in Mars.
Looking for Exopolitics in Google or any other search engine, we will learn that President Eisenhower had a close encounter with aliens, even if his own family and friends told that he was with his dentist.

There is no biggest error than trying to keep alive what is dead. Exopolitics, after all is,  IMO, a complete operation of Disinformation. It was born to be the big circus.
Something happened...something was going on when an academic and diplomat and writer of a book like The American Hero Journey, committed academic suicide and become just, in the Academic world, a discredited Exopolitician.







Sunday, January 24, 2010

Each One Grows his Own ALIEN.

In the 60's the UFO thing became a great business for many people.
Soon, however, the professionals found that not all people were ready to buy the same kind of alien.
The handsome "visitors" of the first "Day Earth was Paralyzed" worked in the 50's but not in the 60.
So, basically the producers and yellow writers, sold two kind of Ufonauts. The good ones and the bad ones.
Desperate people buying "pulp" bought the hope of nice good and powerful aliens. (They were nice or funny like ET. )
Other kind of people bought the bad alien, particularly those aliens who enjoyed abducting nice blonds.
There were also confessed and closeted racists, so Adamski sold well his lovely Venusians.
Now, from the beginning of the UFO era, there were also contactees. People who said that they were in contact with Aliens.
The contactee kind of alien doesn't change so much. The message is always the same blend of New Age, preposterous Theosophy, some Bible lore, (not much). Of course aliens never give us any important knowledge, of even food for the hungry. They are "absentminded landlords".
After more than 50 years, we have now a different kind of professionals: kind of Exopoliticians.
But I cannot imagine someone less interested in politics as the autistic Aliens.
Salla, was an academic and politician perhaps but for some reason he committed intellectual suicide and became a fantasist (please read his papers and books)
Greer, had some experience with sects and cults, but in some moment he decided that Alienology could be the big thing. It wasn't. It never is.
We have wrote enough about Boylan, but let us say that the Aliens he invented are fascistic. Totalitarian, Racist, and will eventually bring the Universal Sauna Religion to us, poor simple natives of this lovely planet.
In fact, each one created his own alien, but all thosa aliens have nothing in common with the true apparently non-human entities.
The only thing that we can do is to watch the Exopolitical environment, and wath also the BEHAVIOR othe UFO Phenomenon.
Personally I think that "they" behave just as Time Travelers would do. Indeed Time Travelers coming from a dystopic future.

Tomas Scolarici

THE REAL ALIEN GOALS- by Andrew Hennessey

The real alien goals of the Cabal
Andrew Hennessey

Dehumanisation & Bestiality intended to Disconnect the human soul

1. Loss of human social and nuclear family values and loss of images of human grace in e.g. anti-hero movies, education, media. This isolates the youth and disconnects them from a vision of an earthly family – a black reverse of the as above so below.

2. the encouragement of indiscriminate sexual license and impersonal paradigms. This encourages selfish and abusing sexual license and gratification and removes the human personality from a vision of commitment and social nurture.

3. encouraging the reward system for the unjust taker and abuser and promoting the values insecurity and fear of a human jungle where anything goes. A system of rewards for abusers to re-inforce their new choices. Do what thou wilt is all of the law of thelema according to psychotic magician alasteir crowleigh

4. traditions of all sorts are being disintegrated – including familiar landmarks and traditional social services. This keeps the people being disconnected from their vision of social humanity from re-acquiring their roots and re-orientating themselves in terms of prior good social examples.

5. use of anthropomorphic cartoons to destroy the aesthetics in human symmetry from an early age. Animals are made cool to be and animal aesthetics and aspirations that are pseudo-human render human social visions as caricatures.

6. Cul de sac stockyard science and technology forcing the world view of combustion and oxidation and burning and degradation upon the human race by e.g. barring free energy and using internal combustion engines, nuclear fission and breakdown instead of fusion, oxidation and decay e.g. rusting and old age and entropy [celestial beings never run out of energy and replenishment being connected to the source of human Grace by resonating with and drawing from Christ [John 15] imo.] This media vision of incessant and eternal decay is also fed by ideas that would lead to the disconnection and abandonment of the soul far away from any form of being in a personal and loving human society.

7. The frequencies of animal brutality driven by aggression and sex hormones and re-enforced by media cues etc are probably incessantly driven by alien matrix broadcasts whilst the human being – being animalised can be modelled and driven as basically as any ape colony fuelled on adreno-cortisones and territory. Use of color, neuro linguistic programming, sounds of tribal music etc all drive this base human state

8. An environment of constant terror and fear forces those driven to think in terms of meat issues and tissues to be hyper vigilant and pay as much attention to the evils of the circus in their lives. This constant personal extrapolation into whatever fear-filled scenario is specific to us – causes us to be dragged along by the torrent of alien machinations – by getting swept away by this cultural torrent of incarnate evils we panic as spirits and souls and thrash out like drowning swimmers and at that point some dark shepherd will come into our lives to offer solutions to our worldly dilemmas by selling us on the idea that there is no heavenly help or prayer or brother or sister that can save us.
9. The matrix machinery then has our number because we agree to accept one and thinking there is nothing else except the torrent of evil in the artificial and terrifying world we buy our ticket for the alien matrix. The more we can disengage and turn the other cheek – the harder the matrix ticket salesbeing will find it to herd us to the alien harvest. If we pray to Christ for help – we will receive it – I did.
10. One of the most hacked books on planet Earth is the bible and especially the new testament – the story of the divine energy of the Holy Spirit triumphing over worldly materials and of mankind being saved and sustained by the grace-filled values of human love by resonating with the most powerful and loving example of human symmetry in the form of the firstborn human Christ. [John 15] We have to buy the Repto-Grey farming idea of being graceless and disconnected and unhuman to get assimilated and fail here imo. There are the dark hungry ones though who have no powers of love – but are always hungry – prevailing not only by doing what they will but also being naturally limited by only doing what they can get away with without losing too much energy.
11. The real goal of the alien life force harvesters imo is to disconnect the human souls from their ability to resonate with the source of all human love – their first born example of Christ. They do this by inventing diseased things to drown them in and by shaming them into giving their humanity up.

andrew hennessey

Saturday, January 23, 2010

There is never EVIDENCE.Just Boylan's word..!

RE: [UFOFacts] re: What an amazing JPE!


    Permission to speak frankly.
    And who exactly would take the video of the blitzkrieg-quick entrance and extraction process to liberate the Star Visitors?
    The Blackwater mercenaries hired by the Cabal to guard the Star Visitor captives and hostages at the six sites?
    Or some Star Visitor shooting video amidst Blackwater bullets flying instead of helping his fellow comrades escape from torturous confinement?
    The Joint Psychic Liberation Exercise was not only just but approaches being a spiritual event.
    It definitely was not an event whose main value is exciting entertainment.
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
From: UFOFacts@yahoogroup [mailto:UFOFacts@ yahoogroups. com] On Behalf Of Rich Putman
Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 5:13 AM
To: UFOFacts@yahoogroup
Subject: [UFOFacts] re: What an amazing JPE!
  Imagine a movie that appeals to you. Would you get more enjoyment from
(a) watching the movie or
(b) from having somebody tell you some things about the movie?

For me, the answer would be (a). Thus I wonder, since it appears that at least some of the rescue sites were known ahead of time, might there be videos of the various events, that we could watch?

Rich Putman

Fwd: [RationalUFOLOGY] Boylan is a Neo-Nazi.- by Titanius


What we already know is Boylan is training kids and molding their minds. He compares modern Star Kids to Harry Potter, Wizards, and Sorcerers in his books.
He has as of today introduced the concept of some humans being an inferior species. He writes about romantic sexual relationships with alien beings and has shared that information with his Starkids group.
He brazenly writes that he can trespass into high security government bases and sabotage their technology at will during Joint Psychic Exercises. He accuses the government of kidnapping humans and aliens, then using them in experiments.
He shares much of this with his kids group. By doing so he is teaching them not only to distrust government, but to be hyper paranoid. He teaches them it is okay to have relationships - sexual relationships, with alien races that are non human in appearance. He teaches them that some humans are inferior, and he even went so far as to say they were a "sub species."

In one of Hitlers 1939 speeches he said: "Today I will once more be a prophet: If the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the bolshevization of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe! "
We have here the exact foundation of Boylans politics. The Cabal have replaced the rich international Jewish financers. The worlds wars are a result of the military Cabals operating by funding from the elitist Cabals, the threat is not bolshevization but rather, westernizationof the earth, and Boylan has made it clear the Cabal will be annihilated by the Star Visitors.

From the Goebbels Diary:
World Jewry will suffer a great catastrophe at the same time as Bolshevism. The Fuhrer once more expressed his determination to clean up the Jews in Europe pitilessly. There must be no squeamish sentimentalism about it. The Jews have deserved the catastrophe that has now overtaken them. Their destruction will now go hand in hand with the destruction of our enemies. We must hasten this process with cold ruthlessness."

Boylan has mentioned on a number of occasions the Cabal will get what is coming to them and be "removed."

In an April 1943 speech, Heinrich Himmler Reichsfuhror SS compared Jews to lice. Boylan is now calling the Cabal a sub species, and a genetically inferior race of humans.
Himmler said,
We have - I would say, as very consistent National Socialists, taken the question of blood as our starting point. We were the first really to solve the problem of blood by action, and in this connection, by problem of blood, we of course do not mean antisemitism. Antisemitism is exactly the same as delousing. Getting rid of lice is not a question of ideology. It is a matter of cleanliness.

Dr. Mengele attempted to discover the cause for an inferior genetic code, and his experiments on Jews, especially Jewish children earned him the nickname "Doctor Death."
Dr Boylan has now admitted to believing there is an inferior genetic code in some humans, namely, the Cabal. He believes, and teaches his young apprentices these things.

The methodology of Boylan is the same as the Nazi methodology. It is disguised with the mask of aliens, a murky council of Star Nations, and Star Visitor craft that stealthily fly within our atmosphere. Boylan is utilizing an occult nazi propaganda tactic.
At present Boylan refrains from acting physically, although in the past he has had incidents of an indecent nature with female patients. He has also suggested future physical confrontation with the Cabal is not out of the question. For now he appears content with psychic, psychological and emotional abuse through hit mass barrage of personal psy-ops that strikes the minds of his victims.
Considering the escalating nature of Boylans politico-religious brainwashing tactics, he should be considered a danger to all those showing an inclination towards him.






Friday, January 22, 2010

Is Adolf Hitler writing this..? Boylan, sorry...

    Here are a couple comments about Thursday's Liberation Exercise from Star Visitors who participated.
After I apologized to the captives and their families for their terrible treatment while being held by the Cabal, there came back a reply to my Inner Team member from one of the Star Nations beings who was rescued: 
    "Please tell Councillor Of Earth and all the Star Seeds that we know the [Cabal] "humans" who subjected us all to harm were of the inferior species we tried our best to upgrade. It appears that the fault is equally ours, in our failure to adequately seed your race so that it grows beyond the capacity for such violence. No apologies required; we understand what has happened all too well, perhaps more than you do."
    I observe that it does my heart good to hear the rescued Star Visitor acknowledge misjudgments in the bioengineering of Homo Sapiens Sapiens that resulted in the emergence of the genetically- inferior, sociopathic personality- prone Cabal sub-species.
   Luckily the preponderance of Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Regular Humans of Good Will) are decent-enough folks, if some a rough around the edges. :-)
    When I commented about the Altimarian liberators and said: "It warms my heart that some of "our own" Altimarians joined in the Liberation Exercise. Well done! Amanda replied to my Inner Team member: "So was it well done among the Star Seeds!"
    She also says they practically had to tie [Altimarian teenager] Max [now well within our solar system and not all that far from Earth] to his cabin as he wanted so badly to be part of the JPE rescue effort but was not allowed. Talk about adventures for a teenager!! They told him there would more than likely be other opportunities during his lifetime and he had best study hard so that he knows what he should know before he is allowed into their shuttle craft :-) That settled him down but not much, hehehe.
    And Amanda's kind praise for the human participants in the Liberation exercise is appreciated.
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


When I was a kid, we learned LOGIC in the Secondary School.
But this is not what I want to write about, and I hope all of you, or many of you will answer to these words.
We leave in a world, (the so called civilized world) where nobody, or few care about EVIDENCES or just about COHERENCE. Reality is what any individuals want it to be.
I's not new. Some poor insane tells us that he is Napoleon, or Jesus Christ, or the Master of the Universe. The problem comes when people, adult people believes this.
What's going on? Is everybody insane?
Critical, rational thinking doesn't work anymore?
When Boylan says that several alien ships invaded military and industrial bases, and gives day, time and place for this invasion, adult, "normal " people believes this.
Nobody thinks that in this era of Communication, such an event would be known  by the media and public, of course.
Let me tell you more: some of these absolute believers have children. Just imagine the future of these children that would not know what is real and what is not. They will leave in a world of horror, of fear, of insane hopes in the aliens help, the "celestials" help.
Yes, I know that Boylan is not the only case, but perhaps is the worst case, the more dangerous.
Those who believe in what Webre says, will teach their children that NASA knows nothing, but Basiago, the Lawyer discovered cities and woods, and parks and people like us in Mars. Perhaps they will teach their children about  two journalists teleported to Ganymede, and the Wise Mayan Elders assurance that USA and UK will collapse in a couple of years, perhaps sooner.
Now, in some way, I think the lies become a crime, at least a MORAL CRIME.
I think about a few methods to fight this, but I want to know your opinion.

James Black
Tomas Scolarici


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

About Thursday Psychic Exercise

A message from Dr. Hans Von Teufel.

What's going on in UFOfacts?

News in UFOfacts???

Mt texts is in bold and/or italic. Thanks.

Do you want to know how big (or small ) is the soul?

Sandy Barr <>...
    ufofacts <>   

Would like to hear form anyone out there in respects of the UFO worlds
views on *Dimensions of the soul?* Yours in the One Light Sandy Barr
at bees-feedworld in Scotland.

Also in Boylan's group, some people are trying seriously with INVISIBILITY. Read please.
My. my...police will have problems...and of course museums.

Guilherme Soares <> ...

When invisible, are we not able to see ourselves either? Or is it only so that others cannot notice us?

With love and light


Mariana Hudson enjoys the possibilities of INVISIBILITY.
Mariana Hudson <

Muahuahua! That's cheeky

I can imagine some Star Seeds here doing all sorts of funny little tricks

Mariana Hudson

Also Mariana Hudson writes this:

Two days ago I was practicing my Telekinesis, I have a "thing" for this skill, it's like a healthy obssession with it, my star family had shown me in my dreams that I am capable of doing so and I noticed that they are highly Telekinetic themselves, being able to fly and everything.

Some doctor here, ? Now what follows makes me feel a little...uneasy, folks, and I know you will share my feelings. Will kids learn also to fly and jump from the terrace?

--- In UFOFacts@yahoogroup, Robert Gray <robhenry24@ ...> wrote:
> Hi Debbie,
> Welcome!
> There is nothing weird in your post, actual it is refreshing, really
is !
> It is 11:11 as I type this last statement, a good frined ( StarSeed )
once told me If I reamber correctly, when you saw 11 or 11:11 that is
like a conformation from the StarVisitors.
> Have you read Dr. Boylans book. Star Kids
> I highly recommend it, you can read it online as an e-book.
>> Yours>
> In Love & Light,
> Rob

WELL People, enough. Let me include here some links that you could find useful.

Boylan's Scarlet Woman. She presents herself as an Mantis, incarnated as Human.

Boylan, history as a man of Light and a true Councilor of Earth.

James as:

Herr Doktor Von Teufel.
Arkham Asylum.


Fw: [RationalUFOLOGY] Re: the new alien religion.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Jay Moody <>
Sent: Wed, January 20, 2010 1:04:34 PM
Subject: Re: [RationalUFOLOGY] Re: the new alien religion.


Before you know it the profane and great unwashed will associate the new alien religions with "Satan" or other fictitious entities.  Considering the rising trend in evangelical extremism it is bound to happen.  From the day missionaries from came here holding nothing sacred (to which Native American physical and genocide on both North and South America attest) anyone from outside the artificially man-made classification of "Saved" (i.e.: sympathetic to mainstream western interest) was seen under a "Satanic" influence.  There is an increased tolerance of bigotry and homophobia due the influence by various superstition, mystical based organizations like those Pat Robertson, Christian Coalition, etc run.  As America sinks further into a superstitious vulgarity the respectable here would have to leave and take our stuff with us (and de-activate all the weapons of mass destruction before we depart) The English and French make fun of us because of "our" demon, hell, extremism, bigotry, etc nonsense.  While in actuality the South and flyover states hold the greatest monopoly on those spheres. 

The Alien religions aren't inventions of some superstitious entities or aliens, but of Humans exploiting a new trend.  Scientology is one such religion.  Scientology being of an epater-les-bourgeoi s nature and potentially dangerous, should definitely be watched.   We need to develop into a society that practices tolerance to all religions that aren't violent, intolerant, or condone any form of oppression or injustice.  Scientology prevents its flock from taking life-saving medications.  If an alien religion only promotes superstition and not violence and/or intolerance it shouldn't be frowned upon, if it poses a danger in anyway, on the other hand, such as child abuse (e.g.: Telling the child if they misbehave they will upset "the aliens" and risk eternal punishment) then it should not be tolerated. 

From: Blue UFO <blueufo2020@>
To: RationalUFOLOGY@ yahoogroups. com
Sent: Wed, January 20, 2010 12:30:38 PM
Subject: Re: [RationalUFOLOGY] Re: the new alien religion.


Speaking of invisibility I heard a couple of days ago that Boylan and the gang are now talking about invisibility powers given to them by aliens. I guess it's something written in his StarKids book. He was suggesting people use invisibility powers to hide from the police if they get stopped for a ticket. I'll post it if I can find it. It's actually kind of funny. However, I DO believe invisibility (cloaking) can occur, I just think Boylan would probably abuse any such powers.

--- On Wed, 1/20/10, Tomas Scolarici <tscolarici@yahoo. com> wrote:

From: Tomas Scolarici <tscolarici@yahoo. com>
Subject: Re: [RationalUFOLOGY] Re: the new alien religion.
To: RationalUFOLOGY@ yahoogroups. com
Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2010, 4:41 PM


Besides, if Exos make the aliens look as super-naturals, they will justify their absence.
Other than a few enlightened contactees, nobody sees the one tousand and more races, theys ships, and other paraphernalia. Consequently, if they become supernatural, Salla, Boylan, Greer  and other exos will justify aliens invisibility.

A contribution to Exo theology

Tomas Scolarici.
entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem,

"Occam's Razor"

http://ufoculture. blogspot. com/




Friday, January 15, 2010

Exofantasists Scandalized..! (no, they don't care about alien abductions)

Dear people.
Terrarubicon "discovered" that we are psy-ops. Our answer was to HELP this gentleman to show his "discovery" to others. We published they whole p4r post "everywhere".
The Charlatans, gurus, UFO profiters and Exofantasists are probably happy, but ...why?
They are happy because they find SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT.
They are also in a cover-up, but theirs is the ABSENCE of "aliens".
Thet desperately need words, and more words. Billions of words will, perhaps, veil the TRUTH. No aliens there, and if there are aliens, surely these are not friendly at all. Just UNINVITED ENTITIES. (Haiti gives thanks to these "good cosmic brothers" for their help. Oh and also thanks to the "Source")

Now, wait a minute.. something is wrong here, many things are wrong. Dr. Boylan, also knows as Dr. Sauna, accuses Dr. Salla of being a psy-op and disinformer. A member of the Cabal.
In Salla's group, we are called psy-ops.
Webre in fact, (read terracon post links) defended the brutal Cuban Castro Dictatorship, the Communist Paradise, and attacked Tomas Scolarici (the expert in dark arts )for demoralizing the Cuban people, so happy with the Castro Brothers. How nice, these people wants peace in space and hell on Earth.

The Exos have many things in common even if they hate themselves. They are afraid of doubts, questions, demands of Evidences.
They baned those who ask questions. They want YES men and women.
On the contrary our group Rational UFOLOGY is open to everybody. WE ARE NOT AFRAID of anyone.
We invite <> to join us, of course.
Aliens? Oh of course, but whoever they are, they do not waste time with Exopoliticians. They let them sell their New Age books, their quake doctors, their workshops with children.
The ufonauts let these people denounce Conspiracies and Cover-Ups, Attack the Cabal, and self-proclaim themselves Councilors of Earth. Who cares?
Let them sell their snake oil to the flock.
If we don't buy it, we are the Devil himself.


James AKA Tomas


We are denounced as Psy-ops in Dr. Salla's Group

[prepare4contact] Black Ops Against Exopolitics?
Terra <> [Chat now]
Add to Contacts

For some time now I've wondered about a concentrated effort that's being
made against Exopolitics. I think I already picked up on that years ago but
over time pieces fell more into place and after some research those pieces
also created a better picture. I can safely say that there are individuals
actively working on destroying or at the very least re-shaping the
Exopolitical movement according to their own believes. Maybe they are
even outright (CIA) disinformation agents as Alfred Webre suggested.

It's not just the people that come on the P4C forum from time to time who
are seemingly highly disruptive. Some person(s) also are highly critical on
their websites and blogs. When you start looking at the latter you'll notice
that many sites are connected and show similar or identical information,
meaning that the person(s) behind them are working together or it could
be the case one person is making a concentrated effort. As I'm about to
show, a number of those websites are highly similar in format.

Postmodern Ufology is a blog created by a person named 'Guido';
http://postmodernuf o.blogspot. com/
When reading this blog (and others) you'll detect the position towards
Exopolitics but there are more important factors to notice. There are links
to other blogs (UFO Culture & UFO Tabloid) but also keep in mind the
layout of the blog itself and the 'monetizing' . The blog UFO Gossip is
mentioned in the upper left corner.

UFO Rumors is a blog created by a person named 'Fred';
http://ufogossips. blogspot. com/
Again we see a similar layout.

Alien Intelligence is another blog by the person named 'Fred';
http://alienintelig ence.blogspot. com/
On this site there's a link to 'Guido's' blog Postmodern Ufology
and to another blog named UFO: Fact or Fiction.
http://ufofactandfi ction.blogspot. com/
It seems that 'Fred' is a busy man. The layout is strikingly similar to other
blogs and what do we see in the links? 'Guido's' blog! On this particular
blog there are also articles by a person named 'James Black'. There's also
a link to the blog UFO Culture.

UFO Culture is a blog created by a person named. . . 'James Black'.
http://ufoculture. blogspot. com/
Again we see a similar layout and similar articles.

'James Black' is also a name from the past. He used to post on the P4C
forum some time ago. It seems that Alfred Webre met his acquaintance
judging from the article he wrote. Here's where it also becomes
interesting since Mr Webre links 'James Black' to CIA operations;
http://exopolitics. exopolitics/ 2009/01/exopolit ics-media- note-tomas- scolarici- aka-james- black-aka- herbert-dunbar. html
Mr Webre also made a post on the P4C forum in 2008;
http://tech. com/group/ prepare4contact/ message/48748

Of course "James Black" is probably not his real name. It's probably just
one alias out of many. Webre received other names from that person such
as "Herbert Dunbar" or "Tomas Scolarici."
Personally I recall that "James Black" who posted on the P4C forum some
years back also used another name. I had some difficulty getting the name
right but after some Google searches I found it. 'Eli Sadhanusari' .

Does Mr 'Eli Sadhanusari' have websites? Yes!
http://ufotabloid. blogspot. com/
Tadaaaa. Again similar format and identical articles. There are also links
to 'Guido's' blog Postmodern Ufology and to 'James Black's' blog UFO
Mr 'Sadhanusari' has yet another blog although this one has been inactive
for quite some time;
http://ufosandlogic .blogspot. com/

However on the first blog by Eli Sadhanusari we can watch his profile;
http://www.blogger. com/profile/ 0393130917647650 7605
It appears that Mr Sadhanusari is a psychic and will do readings for 25
dollars a session. I found that quite odd and it was an unexpected turn
in the research. What was more staggering were messages made on
forums by Eli Sadhanusari which show a profound dark side;
http://groups. group/magick/ message/825
"Also it is absolutely necessary to remember that there is no such thing as
a Self. I always say that under the mask there is nothing but emptiness or
a new mask. There is NO FACE. There is no Real Self or Soul, and in that
sense I am Legion but also a Void."
Other posts by Eli on that forum show similar dark views, feel free to look
them up here;
http://groups. group/magick/ messages

After some research I found that 'James Black' holds similar dark views;
http://www.exopsych ?p=434 (in the comments section)
"Now, let me tell you that I am near Zen. Not afraid of the Devil at all since
he is a humanist and a gentleman."

Is there a 'Black' Op against Exopolitics? I think you can interpret that in
different ways but ultimately; you be the Judge. The links I provided above
do prove that there's a concentrated effort by individual(s) bend on
hampering what Exopolitics stands for. It's also pretty clear these individual(s)
will use many names, websites and approaches. That in itself shows that they
are 'disinformation agents' by their very nature.
Maybe we ought to look on the bright side. If Exopolitics wasn't on to
something, it never would have such opposition.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Boylan's machine runs on paranoia , psychodrama , and nervous people panicking .

On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 7:10 PM, High Lord Photon <> wrote:
Boylan's machine runs on paranoia , psychodrama , and nervous people panicking .
With the death of Brigadier General Shadow in a  Cabal run martian psychic mind control
colony  ,  Boylan-ites have been fed less then fulfilling fantasies , whose flavor and texture are tuning tasteless and pasty . With the dear Brigadier General Shadow dead , Fran is the only one left to feed fantasies to the flock , and their dull glazed stairs , ( no one excised them from their last Joint Psychic Exercise apparently ) , they haven't bathed or fed themselves since last November , and the stench and the flies are becoming a nuisance on the astral plane . All that is heard is a low droning hum  . With the Cabal defeated apparently , the search for a new evil is underway . Parascientographers are the next obvious target , so Boylan is finding out how to be a Parascientographobe , and has the input from  the Galactic Federation of Light to help him ... Lets pray to Nunu for a swift conclusion that all his people safety make the transition into Boylan's Filth World reality soon and with little environmental damage , which the Altermarians are quietly cleaning up his mess ...
Reporting from secret location X
High Lord Photon




Here is the TRUTH..! Aliens are guilty of:

abduction, rape, grievous bodily harm, harassment, loss of income, loss of social standing, psychological distress, assault, conducting medical research without a civil license, denial of human rights, conspiracy to affray, conspiracy to defraud of compensation, racism, ..... but lets not demonize the demons





Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The CABAL is in CONTROL..!

Our fears are confirmed. The Cabal have successfully infiltrated every agency !
That is, according to the good Doctor. He is always right. At least his key players believe it.

[UFOFacts] "assets"
Wednesday, January 13, 2010 2:12 AM
"DrBoylan" <>



      To give some idea of Cabal assets within the military, the following key installations all show a dark energy signature consistent with significant Cabal penetration within these sensitive installations:
   Coronado Naval Air Station (NAS) (San Diego, CA); LA/Palmdale Regional Airport/USAF Plant 42 (Palmdale, CA); Marana Regional Airport/Pinal Airpark [CIA] (Tuscon, AZ); Fort Hauchuca [US Army/NSA], Sierra Vista, AZ; Space City-NASA Johnson Space Center/White Sands Missile Range (Las Cruces, NM); Kirtland Air Force Base (AFB)/Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque, NM); Shriever AFB, (Colorado Springs, CO); Offutt AFB (Omaha, NE); NAS Joint Reserve Base (Fort Worth/Dallas, TX); NASA-Johnson Space Center (Houston, TX); NAS Joint Reserve Base (New Orleans, LA); Arnold AFB, (Nashville, TN); Robins AFB (Macon, GA); Cape Canaveral AFS (Cape Canaveral, FL); Fort Bragg (Fayetteville, NC); The Pentagon (Arlington, VA); Fort Belvoir (Ft. Belvoir-Washington, DC area, VA); Central Intelligence Agency (Langley, VA); Naval Observatory (Washington, DC); National Security Agency (Fort Meade, MD); Fort Hamilton-US Army (Brooklyn, NY); Coast Guard Integrated Support Command Boston (Boston
 , MA); Wright-Patterson AFB (Dayton, OH); Naval Station Great Lakes (North Chicago, IL); Minneapolis- St. Paul Joint Air Reserve Station (Minneapolis, MN); Whiteman AFB (Sedalia, MO between Kansas City, KS & St. Louis, MO); F.E. Warren AFB (Cheyenne, WY); Malmstrom AFB (Great Falls, MT); Bangor Naval Submarine Base (Seattle, WA); Portland Air National Guard Base (Portland, OR); Beale AFB (Marysville, CA); Air National Guard Base (Salt Lake City, UT); Fallon NAS (Fallon, NV); Area 51/Site S-4 (Rachel, NV); Indian Springs/Creech AFB (Indian Springs, NV); Nellis AFB (Las Vegas,. NV); Alameda NAS (Alameda/San Francisco, CA);  and Los Angeles Air Force Base (El Segundo, CA).

Lightworkers should consider sending positive energy to dispell the Cabal darkness at those installations.

    in the light,

    Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

URGENT. Alien Kidnapper in Jail.

Alien Kidnapper in the Hands of Human Justice...!



---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 4:38 PM
Subject: The secret of the Cabal Revealed.

The secret is included in the following formula mathematical formula:

6,795,409,275-1 = 6,795,409,274.

This means that the only individual that doesn't belong to the Cabal is Dr. Boylan.
The whole World Population without Boylan sums 6,795,409,274 Humans=Cabals.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Anonymous Watchers Speak..!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Thu, Jan 7, 2010 at 4:05 PM

The Councilor For Watchers is the highest ranked among the earth stationed advanced life forms sent to this planet by Yahweh. Being as such, the Counselor For Watchers will never advise or condone anyone human or otherwise to engage in dubious sexual enterprise; to include naked sauna sessions, relationships with non-human ET life forms, and involving Earth children in any of these unethical and immoral practices.
The Counselor For Watchers will never advise or condone anyone in any form of racism or discrimination.
The Counselor For Watchers will never advise or condone anyone to assume total control over a segment of earths population.
The Counselor for Watchers will never advise or condone anyone to use coercion, fabrications, or false mental imagery to convince a segment of the population to trust in a self-guided personal opinion.
As such, the Councilor For Watchers hereby proclaims that those who have used her name to establish falsehoods are purveyors of fraud.
The Counselor For Watchers will speak truth, equality, and justice.
As such, the Councilor For Watchers advises that all humans, human-ET hybrids, clones, and non-human life forms seek the truth, and seek the love that is the only true power.
These statements apply to both humans and all non human sentient life forms.
Counselor For Watchers has spoken. As it is written, let it be so.

Boylan's Stalinism

As for Boylan telling us we should take out the cabal, yes that was a few months ago. Boylan's output has all the earmarks of propaganda, for example, vagueness. Everything is very vague and those who ask for clarification are denounced and banished. If this was Stalin's Russia , we'd be put on television and forced to make false confessions before execution.  I guess that is what it would be like if Boylan was in charge.


Kind regards,

Elaine Douglass


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

More ABUSE: Dr. Sauna's severe case of Paranoia.

A follow up on the most recent defector from UFOFacts. The exchange between Boylan and this individual show two things: Boylans complete lack of empathy towards her, and that he really has no discernment or psychic reading abilities whatsoever. He acts on whim and claims he has powers to "read" people. Notice that he requested this woman's picture 2 years ago and at that time read a positive energy signature. Now he calls her a "Cabalista" and says she has a dark energy signature. Again we see he requested a photo of this woman, just as he requested photos of potential Altimarian "dating" partners - all female of course. Does he ask for men's photos? I have never heard of it. This man is both a psychic and physical abuser of women. The physical abuse is very subtle using coercion (coercion is a crime in some states, and psychological manipulation of a victim is a form of coercion). The psychic abuse is staggering. Boylan is the "Count Dracula" of Psychic vampires.
Boylans paranoia is getting worse. His precious little "control group" under his megalomaniacal care is unraveling before his eyes. This makes him a dangerous man if he wasn't already. We do know that he has already called for vigilante justice against the Cabal in the past.
The bottom line here is that he is advocating illegal activities, even domestic terrorism. We know he thinks there are Cabal in every branch of government and it's obvious his "readings" of who people really are is highly inaccurate. That makes him a danger to everyone. The fact he is teaching children and most likely instilling these same paranoid vigilante thoughts in their heads gives all concerned very good reason to watch this man, closely.

Here is what the most recent defector has to say:

Dear friends

An update regarding my withdrawl from the group is below.

I've just received a further abusive email from him. If anybody would like a copy I would be happy to forward it to u.

In love and light
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

-----Original Message-----
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 18:53:31
To: <>
Cc: <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>
Subject: An update on my withdrawl from the group - a response from dr boylan.

Dear group.

Further to my email yesterday regarding my decision to withdraw from the group.

Firstly thank you to the numerous members who replied and wished me well, and of course those who raised further questions about my decision to leave - thought provoking, that is certainly welcome. :-).

I just wanted to share with you the response that I received from dr boylan. 

Firstly I must admit I am somewhat hurt by his abusive reply. I can not believe he acted in such a defensive way to what is simply my considered opinion. I was not rude to him (you can read my email attached).

Furthermore I am somewhat stunned that he said something about my dark energy signature. This could not be any further from the truth as dr boylan well knows - when I joined ufo facts almost two years ago, I privately corresponded with dr boylan and at his suggestion I sent him a photograph of myself. Dr boylan replied saying I had a positive star seed energy.

So dr boylans email today raises further concerns for me. Has he simply responded abusively with no regard for his words or does he simply not have the gift to decipher energy signatures as he proports? Or was he simply giving spin when I requested an origins reading all that time ago.

His response leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth but I promise this does not and wiLl not ever allow this to change my positive and happy feelings (and memories) towards my cosmic friends of light, in the group.

I sincerely wish you all the very best.

In love and light
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Boylan's new Religion.

 In his paper about THE VARIOUS KINDS OF STAR VISITORS, Richard Boylan, Ph.D. writes that "Information from a member of Star Nations' Council informs us that there are 1,483 Star Nations Species who are currently operating within Earth's energy zone, and/or have operated here in the past. Needless to say, this article will not catalogue them all, but only the ones with whom Humans have had more frequent interaction."

What we find absolutely fantastic is that all those galactic civilizations came here, just to contact one single human . Self- Proclaimed Councilor of Earth, Dr. Richard Boylan.

More than a thousand Nations, found that only Boylan was in conditions to be contacted. Only him. (We suppose that all these thousands of super civilized species knew about Boylan's scandals but...well, Aliens work in misterious ways...)

In other words, Boylan himself tells us that he is the Pontifex, he is the Earth Authority, he is the only one who tells the truth about Star Nations because he is directly in communication  with the super-aliens (more than one-thousand)

But, how do we know that Boylan is the one and only? Because Boylan says so, and if you have doubts you are a dark sinister Cabal.

So, Boylan's followers do not need evidences. They BELIEVE that what the good doctor says is true. The Councilor of Earth is Infallible after all, like a new Pope.

So, what we have here is a Religion based on Faith. People just believe without evidences.
What the Holly Books say is the Revelation, and in this case, what Boylan says is also Revelation.

All those who deny this are just Cabals, agents of darkness.
The good doctor will tell us who  is saved and who is condemned. Who shows dark energy and who has "light" .

You are only authorized to say one word: YES. If you are a good boy or girl, Star Nation Visitors will visit you in dreams...isn't it nice?

However, if you are a bad boy, the Cabal will frighten you...

Have a great day and a wonderful year, people.