Thursday, December 19, 2013

Poisonous Chemtrails or natural Contrails?

The question is this one: Poisonous man made Chemtrails or natural Contrails?

In the Horary chart the First house represents the questioner, and the 12 house rules secret enemies, secret plans, treason, and conspiracies.
First house rulers (Rising sign is Cancer) are the Moon and a retrograde Jupiter, while the 12 house is on Gemini, so Mercury is here the ruler of the question about Chemtrails.
Neither the Moon nor Jupiter are headed for any aspect to Mercury, which is in Sagittarius, Mercury’s sign of Detriment, and this means that the answer is NO. (No aspects)
Horary astrology however tells us more. Moon is in Cancer, the sign she rules, and Cancer is a water sign. Jupiter, the second signifier of the questioner is also in Cancer.
Uranus, ruler of airplanes is in the 10 house on Aries, a hot, fire sign, while the cusp of this house is in Pisces, another watery sign..! The planets are showing us the whole process of vaporization. Contrails are formed when hot humid air from the engines mixes with the colder surrounding air. Talking about air, the cusp of the 9th house of distant travels is Aquarius, an air sign.

Not only this horary chart tells us that Chemtrails don’t exist, but shows us the process that produces the natural phenomenon known as contrails.