Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Horary Astrology:Are UFOs extraterrestrial vehicles?

The question is this one: are UFOs extraterrestrial vehicles?
We see that the First house ruling the questioner has it’s cusp at 18 36 Cancer, so the querent’s planet is the Moon which is in the fourth house conjunct Mars, ( 4 house defines the end of the matter.) Mars is the second malefic in traditional Horary Astrology and talks about war, Army and aggression.
The 9th house of the quesited theme rules long distance travels science and wisdom between other things and is in Pisces, whose traditional ruling planet is Jupiter. Neptune which is also in the 9th house, is co-ruler of the question.

Neptune rules movies, television, theater, fashion and all forms of glamour. In essence, Neptune is creating an illusion -- of what is enchanting on the outside and captivating within. Neptune symbolizes also delusive thoughts and fantasies and in the worst case fraud.
There are no aspects between the Moon and Neptune, and Luna applies to a conjunction with Mars and to an evil square aspect to Jupiter which is retrograde and in the very negative 12 house of seclusion, secrets self-denial, fears and afflictions. Retrograde Planets are seriously weakened and perform poorly.
Saturn in the 7th house is bad position of the big malefic, because 7th house suggest the possibility of some error committed by the astrologer.
Uranus is the planet that rules the space and aliens, and no aspects are applying but Moon separated from an opposition to Uranus in the 10th house suggests a negative outcome.  
Consequently the end of the matter is Moon conjunction to Mars. Curiously the two houses ruling the UFO question are in mute signs and in Horary mute signs suggest secrecy and many things unknown.

My personal analysis of this Horary chart suggests that there are many things that we, humans, don’t know, and it is possible that the question shows this ignorance. However the chart’s environment is malignant, unfriendly and I’m left with the impression that UFOs are military artifacts and also, some of these unidentified flying entities are neither terrestrial nor extraterrestrial.