Friday, December 6, 2013

Horary Astrology about Time Travel.

In this case, we will analyze my own Horary question: “are  humans able to perform time travel?”
The Time of the question was 10h, 07 min. on December 6,  2013.

Leo in the first house defines the Sun as ruler of the questioner and as usual Moon is  co-ruler.
Time Travel should be represented by the nine house whose cusp is at 24 Degrees of Aries, and Mars is Aries’ ruler, but since we are talking about Time, Saturn, also known as Chronos is obviously a co-significator of Time.
Now, the principal signifiers, Sun Moon and Saturn are peregrines and peregrine planets are weak and isolated in Astrology, particularly in Horary.

Peregrine Moon squares peregrine Saturn which is near the evil star Serpentis at 19 degrees of Scorpio. This degree is called the cursed degree of the cursed sign!
Neither Moon nor Sun aspects Mars, the signifier of the question about Time Travel, and Neptune (hoaxes, confusion, fantasies, rumors) is in the 8 house of death and bad aspected by a Mercury square.

By the way, Mercury is weakened under the Sun rays in the 4th house that points always to the end of the inquiry. (Mercury and Neptune signify mental health, between other things.)
We must consider also that in the 9 house of the question, we find the southern lunar node, which is very negative, even malefic.

Consequently in this case the Horary answer is negative: Humans never performed time travels of any kind. The answer is NO.