Monday, March 21, 2011

"Councilor of Earth"attacks his own followers..!

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I think my incident occured a day or two after Aria got the boot and before Phyllis.  Most of the dialog wasn't on the ufofacts posts because I used private e-mail to express my concerns out of respect for Boylan and the group. (But he sure did make his nasty accusations public in the group.  What a guy!)  I have talked with Phyllis about the incident and the accusations against her are laughably ridiculous.  I wrote a private e-mail to Boylan defending Aria as I personally know her, and she is who she says she is.  A troubled but gifted 20 yr old young woman with a love of humanity.  Boylan immediately wrote back a nasty e-mail accusing me of being a cabal childless male.  My twin daughters intercepted the e-mail before I did and wrote him back a nasty letter before I could stop them.  (They are 12 yrs old)  Boylan then wrote back a nasty letter accusing them and me of being Aria's cabal male alter ego's.  It trouble's me that there are people that are so blindly loyal to hi
 m and believe every word he says without question.  Insanity I tell you!  He has no business being around kids.  Especially these vulnerable kids who are searching for life's answers.  He could really do some damage.  In the meantime I am booted from the group but I have written to Fran about my concerns.  We'll see what she has to say.  I'll keep you posted.  Helmut, I have a question for you that is personal.  I understand if you would rather not answer it.  Did Boylan pull these strange antics on you, too?  I am just curious why you would spend so much precious time and energy on this obvious flake?

With truthful respect,
Patricia Denise Sceales-Smith  (I go by "Denise")