Thursday, January 9, 2014

Are the Ufonauts extra dimensional entities?

The question is the one that follows: Are the Ufonauts extra dimensional entities (and) what characterizes their activities?

Pullux the fixed star is rising, conjunct with Ascendant, Horary Astrology suggest “blindness and imprisionment” but there is more. Sun conjuncts the star Deneb, and Manilius suggest “death by bites”. Mysteriously in his Astronomica, he tells us about this constellation, (Deneb is in Cygnus,) what follows:   "From this constellation shall flow a thousand human skills. “
The cusp of the first house of querent is 24 Degrees Cancer, so the Moon rules by sign and house.
The question must be localized in the Ninth House of Visions, superior knowledge, space and long travels, and Ninth cusp is at 12 Pisces 06.
The Ruler of this sign is traditionally Jupiter, and we find Uranus here as co-significator. Uranus rules Aliens, the unexpected and everything that doesn’t belong to our environment.
Jupiter retrograde which here signifies the question itself, is  in the 12 house that signifies hidden enemies, secrets, self un-doing, places of confinement, closed institutions, imprisonment and mental illness.
Moon, significator and co-significator of the querent is strong in Taurus applying for a sextil to Jupiter, quesited significator, consequently, the answer to the question is a clear YES. (Luna applying to a trine with Sun is also a strong support of a YES answer.)

The ufonauts are extra dimensional entities and about their activities, I think that unfortunately there is enough information in this Horary Chart.