Monday, January 13, 2014

Reptilian Aliens and Horary Astrology

The question that must be answered by our Horary Chart is this one: It’s true that disguised reptilian extraterrestrials control human affairs?  
In the First house of the querent with Ascendant in Libra, Venus is the ruler, and Mars in Detriment in Libra, is also in this first house. Moon as always is co-significator in Horary Astrology.

The question must be solved through the 12 House which rules secrets, hidden motives and enemies, captivity, imprisonment, things not yet known to the querent and any form of non-voluntary bondage or captivity.
Virgo is the sign of the 12th in this chart and since Mercury is Virgo’s ruler, we look for the position of this planet and find that Mercury is in Aquarius in the 4th house that rules our home, our planet in this case, and the end of the matter which is one of the attributes of the 4th House.
Mars is a malefic but weakened here because in Libra Mars is in detriment. Worse, Mars in in the Via Combusta and this position means also that the weakness of Mars is complete. The Moon, strong in her own sign, Cancer, applies to an opposition to Venus, which is combust by the sun and ruler of the First, and conjuncts the Great benefic, Jupiter.
Luna squares this weakened Mars and then trines the good Part of Fortune and also Saturn whose “house of Joy” in the 12th House and here also the ruler of the 4th.
By the way the Ascendant conjuncts in the 3 degree of Libra, the Arabian part of good luck.
In Horary we take into account basically the applying aspects but previous ones done by Moon teaches us something about the origin of a situation. The separating aspect of Luna with Neptune, the planet that represents fraud, confusion and delusion is fundamental here.

The answer to our question is NO. There are no such reptilians at all. They are the product of the mentioned fraud and delusion.