Sunday, January 26, 2014

Horary Astrology: What is the future of the UFO controversy?

The question is this one: What’s the future of the UFO controversy?
Ascendant of the querent’s first house is at 19 Degrees, 31 minutes of Leo, so the Sun, ruler of Leo and Moon as usual in Horary Astrology, represent the querent.
UFO matters belong to the 9th house of aliens, Astral and Space travels, science and higher education. Since Aries is in the ninth, Mars becomes the ruler of the question, the quesited.

Sun is in the sixth house, at 6 degrees of Aquarius, and in traditional astrology, Saturn is the day and night ruler of this zodiacal sign. Therefore Sun, in his detriment in Aquarius, is in Saturn’s astrological home. Moon, the co-signifier is in the 4th house, which between other things rules the end of the matter in question.
Mars, ruler of the Ninth is in Libra, on the 3rd house of writings and communications. Mars in Libra is also in detriment in this zodiacal place that is opposed to Aries and unfortunately situated in the Via Combusta. Principal significators in Via Combusta frequently produce sudden, unpredictable turns as if the chart operated under some eclipse. Mars is conjunct to Foramen, the fixed star of peril, violence and blindness.
The Moon separates from a sextil aspect to the Sun and applies to a Mars sextil, so that she is translating the light from Sun to Mars, this in trine aspect to Sun. This is telling us that the UFO controversy will go on in the future, and eventually the debate will change because of sudden, unpredictable turns.
However, since Moon is in the 4th that rules the end of the matter and in conjunction with the fixed star Rastaban, also known as Alwaid, which suggest lost of property and violence as end of the UFO controversy. By the way, Rastaban is also a star of blindness.
We should say also that Sun applies to a trine with Uranus, and this nontraditional planet rules the space, modern technology and abrupt changes or events.
The answer to our question is YES, the UFO controversy will go on in the future, but surrounded by very negative circumstance that are unpredictable and undesirable. Two fixed stars of blindness in conjunction with principal significators suggest also that there are things here that we cannot see.