Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We are soooooooo afraid..!

Oh Dear Doctor (or ex doctor) please send those operatives to the address and name you include in the pathetic message included below.
As always, you are WRONG in everything but go ahead. (The whole world for you is cabal, pedophile.) However the she-male obsession is less frequent now.Good for you...
Something more: Threatening messages will not be tolerated.
Also, you seem to suggest some magick attack? GO AHEAD, you, the two or three ladies who believe in your nonsense, and yes...the 1400 ETs that help you in your "operations".
We will be ready for your "psychic attack".
BUT remember the basic RULE OF MAGICK:
Do not invoke Entities or Forces you will not be able to control.

Hasta la vista doctor sauna.

12:05 AM (13 hours ago)

to me, vilma, ufofacts, DrRichBoylanRe.
Cabal operative who sign your intimidating emails "The Watchers",

You have been harassing the members on my Yahoo on-line UFOFacts
Group _long enough_.
You have no right to harass Vilma, nor falsely attribute to her the
dark practices you actually engage in.
You think you can harass us because you email without using your
real name and send your emails through an anonymizer site so your actual
email address can't be traced. Wrong!
You Cabal schmucks think you can hide and attack us from ambush. No
more. The Star Seeds are using their psychic abilities to smoke you out and
expose you, for accountability. So, watch this.
While you pretend to be a sizeable group, and use many false names
besides "The Watchers", in actuality you are one lone Cabal operative.
Your name is Vincent Thomas Goodson. You are a single white male,
44, operating in West Sacramento, CA from that large back-corner building on
Riverside Parkway that is next to the drainage canal. I have attached a
satellite photo of your exact location. See attachment.)
Your GPS coordinates: 38 deg., 35', 18.96" No. Lat.; 121 deg., 34',
13.22" W. Long.
That satellite map and GPS data are being given to the FBI
Sacramento Field Office, 4500 Orange Grove
Sacramento. Since Sacramento FBI offices are only 9 miles as the crow flies
from where you are, they should not have any difficulty letting you know
that one of their principal assignments is going after pedophiles.
You work for the Cabal as a paid harasser, and in return they supply
your pedophile perversion with boys ages 10-13 from their pedophile ring in
El Dorado County, CA.
I am going into some detail because I know that the Cabal who hack
into and read my mail need to know what is happening to their "assets". They
cannot hide any more, and you sure as hell can't.
I'm going to tell you what happened to other Cabal "assets" who were
tasked to harass me. As I identified them and provided their exact location
to the authorities, as I'm doing with you now, the Cabal decided that their
asset had become a liability, might talk, might give up his handler, might
give information about how he got boy victims for his pedophilia, so the
Cabal got ahold of those "assets" and took them for a one-way ride and made
their bodies disappear.
So, I guess you better hope that the FBI gets to your door and
arrests you before the Cabal's goons pay you a visit.
At any rate, I don't really need to ask you to stop writing
harassing emails to my on-line Group members. You won't be around much
longer anyway.
"Hasta la vista, baby."

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
Diamond Springs, CA 95619-1009 USA