Monday, June 11, 2012

UFO, ET as SPECTACLE. (updated)

This is probably the destiny of the UFO meme. It will become films, games, software, until talking about reality and fiction becomes superfluous. 
After all we live in the society of the spectacle. 
Join and see these "fortean" things from a different, intelligent, logical perspective.

Now Alfred Webre and Andy Basiagio, the Time-jumper, talk about EXO-ART, EXO-POLITICS, EXO-SCIENCE, EXO-MEDICINE, you name it. Things that must be kept secret are EXO-EXO. 
Yes, believe me, we are talking about ADULTS. 
However, let me create a word that should become a MEME. This word is EXO-ILLUSIONISM.

And the Rule of all this is..."the show must go on."

In Brain we trust

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