Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Black Magick against Carlos Slim Helu???

Here is the message of Richard Boylan and Vilma about the Black Magic Operation..!




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Here was my experience during the Sixth JPE, targeting Carlos Slim Helu. I will keep this brief since we all have been doing similar actions regarding these Cabal leader-plutocrats.
I created first one, then another, then a third titanium containment shell, nested each inside the next, to hold in Slim's energy and his contact and control with his financial empire. These containment shells also hade reflective power to bounce back at him all his darkness, greed, arrogance, and cruelness, including the suffering, fear, and death agonies of the victims of his enterprises including secretly working with Mexican drug cartels.
Then I systematically went and cut the energetic lines of his communication, control, and even caring regarding the components of his financial empire.
I put blocking energy between him (a pedophile) and Father Marciel's Legion of Christ order and the young boys they provided Carlos Slim for his psycho-sexual sadistic pleasure.
I put blocking energy between Slim and the Vatican Bank that has been laundering his profits; and between Slim and his off-shore tax-haven bank accounts. He will find it harder and harder to pay attention, keep track of, and maintain control over them.
This trillionaire rico sinverguenza (rich scoundrel) is going down. It is now only a matter of time. .
Carlos Slim Helu rico sinverguenza
Please also tell what your experience was during the Joint Psychic exercise.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC

[UFOFacts] My June 26 JPE Report

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vilma cisse

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Once I did my usual preparation and shielding I focused on Carlos Slim and stared directly into his face. His limousine was parked on the side of a wide boulevard. It seeded to me that he was attempting to get into the left hand side of his car when I called out his name several times and recorded it with the "Watchers" of the four directions of the universe. I informed him of his options and consequences. He attempted to get into the car. I increased the intensity of the drumbeats to separate him from his ill-gotten wealth. His briefcase immediately either broke or snapped open and tons of US dollar bills flew everywhere. My drumbeats immobilized him. He could not move so he leaned against the opened door with his chin resting on his crossed arms. He became dumbfounded. I saw beads of perspiration roll down his face. His clothes were drenched in sweat. Money flew everywhere, strangely there was no wind. The dollar bills seemed to pick up an invisible

I saw a group of very young street children arrive and started scooping up the money. Carlos Slim had no power to stop them The street kids were very dirty and shoeless. A young boy about 6 years old wearing a ragged dirty grey tank top and layers of dirt on his face jumped into the back seat and started digging into the briefcase. He shouted to the others that he had found a gun. It was a revolver. I shook at the sight of it. A few other children jumped into the front seat and began to play with all the fascinating gadgets, bells and whistles. Carlos was still standing motionless against the door as if his soul had left his body. The left view (outside) mirror had effectively frozen his spine and that could be the reason he could not move.

I caught a glimpse of someone wearing a starched white shirt and dark coloured pants. I imagined that he was the driver. He did not turn around. I could not see his face. He was standing on the pavement.

Two men dressed in black (either leather or shiny synthetic fabric) arrived. Their faces were masked and they wore black gloves. They took Carlos slim away. The two men were not very tall (about 5/7 or 5/8). I followed them to an old colonial building nearby. The right inside wall of the building was rough and the plaster falling off. A noose hung from the ceiling over the stairs leading down to the basement. They took Carlos there.

He looked a broken man, absolutely terrified. I believe he sensed that fate was not in his favor.

I'm crying inside for the children. I wish I could take them home, bathe them, feed them, sing them a lullaby and nest them into bed. Despite their penury, they are so alive and smart. Their sheer exuberance give me hope and courage to serve humanity, come what may.