Sunday, June 3, 2012

Secret Disinformation Tactics.


The following methods are effective in most of the cases if the agent follows the rules included below.
Disguised Contradiction: Two or more statements are combined in the following way: The "enemy" is described as absolutely evil, but also as infinitely powerful.

This narrative is combined with a complementary disguised contradiction:

The "Extraterrestrials" are described as good and ready to help humans but, at the same time, these aliens are shown defeated again and again by our attacks and by their own mechanical failures.

So the whole sequence of events shows that the evil ones always wins. On the contrary, the powerful good aliens are in fact weak and fragile. Sample: An old Second World War plane will be able to destroy the alien craft.
Besides, these "alien" crafts are obviously accident prone. The psyop discourse always will make reference to multiple alien ships crashes.

The listener will find impossible to solve these contradictions in a rational way.
However, if the believer talks or writes about her/his doubts, the psyop acting as pro-ET, will act against the "heretic" banning him from his group or sect.

This ruthlessness can then be justified with the scapegoat maneuver (the bad ones deluded me.) This is
important because it shows that even the psyop acting as "guru" can be manipulated by the "Evil Ones" but not protected by the "Forces of Goodness."
This technique will reinforce all the contradictions exposed above.