Wednesday, February 22, 2012

UFO, Shamballah, the Chakravartin and the Kingdom of the Wheels.

Tomas Scolarici

Dear friends

Let's consider these possibilities. Ancient legends talk about the Chakravartin that means The Lord of the Wheels. This is a universal ruler, who rules ethically and benevolently over the entire world. Such a ruler's reign is called sarvabhauma, literally meaning "whose wheels are moving", in the sense of "whose chariot is rolling everywhere without obstruction, in the meaning of "through whom the Dharmacakra ("Wheel of the Dharma) is turning"

Now, Nicholas Roerich, (1874 -1947) was a Russian painter, philosopher, scientist, writer, traveler, and public figure. He explored the Himalaya and after the expedition ended in July 1928, Roerich founded the "Urusvati" (Light of the Morning Star) Institute of Himalayan Studies.

Roerich saw several UFOs described as flying wheels in his papers. These flying wheels were vehicles presumably coming from the secret city of Shamballah which in Tibetan Buddhism tradition is considered a secret kingdom (perhaps extradimensional?)   Hidden somewhere in Asia. This secret City could be the legendary kingdom of the Chakravartin, the Lord of the Wheels.

Of course, only those knowing the secrets of interdimensional travel can find this, for us, invisible city.

I think these concepts should be considered carefully when we try to solve the UFO enigma.

(Ideas welcome.)

Tomas Scolarici