Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sounds in the Sky

Remember the Orbs meme? It's already a dead meme but exofantasists were happy about it.

Now, nobody talks about these orbs that were nothing but a digital cameras optical phenomenon.

Now, we have a new Meme: The Sounds in the Sky.

Of course it's easier to make a video and include a sound in it. Just try and have fun.

By the way Richard Boylan, self proclaimed Councilor of Earth, wrote that the Extraterrestrials were trying to make us understand that there is someone else there, in our skies.

As usual, the aliens are never there, like the gods of different theistic religions they are just a reference.

A sign composed by a signifier but never a signified.

These extraterrestrials, as shy young girls, insinuate themselves but never show the real thing.

Why? Simply because there is no real thing. There is only TEXT, words, imagination, fiction, beliefs, pseudoscience, charlatanism and delusion.

Tomas Scolarici