Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fwd: Dr. Michael Salla solves the UFO Enigma.

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From: James Black <>
Date: Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 2:32 PM
Subject: Dr. Michael Salla solves the UFO Enigma.

Dear friends, forget about disclosure and the rest of the alienologists and exomythologists rhetoric. The 'cosmic visitors" enigma is solved, since they are in control.
That's what Dr. Salla found in his investigations. Read below please:

"Dr. Michael Salla's research provides the answer to this scenario.

Dr. Salla confirms that certain extraterrestrial races have reached agreements with secretive extraterrestrial affairs liaison groups in governments, that have even collaborated in a number of joint projects with aliens.

Dr. Salla further elaborates:

The extensive set of interlocking agreements between these races and the 'shadow government' in the U.S. and elsewhere suggests the existence of a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex of interests. The military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex (MIEC) of interests currently controls most information concerning the extraterrestrial presence; and dominates government institutions around the planet, financial interests, the mass media, and is responsible for systemic global problems.

According to Col Corso, regressive aliens were involved in agreements with the former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower administration that military officials saw as a form of 'negotiated surrender', where regressive aliens gained permission for abducting civilians and 'expanding' their biological program.

Dr. Salla elaborates that the aliens who are abducting humans are being in turn "supervised" by another regressive alien group which is: "very active in controlling human elites, institutions and financial systems; promoting militarism; creating a climate of scarcity, struggle and insecurity."

In other words, alien technology is not being used for the "good of humanity", but instead to instigate and perpetuate environmental problems, along with human rights abuses and social injustices.

The Pacific Ocean over 400 miles away from Fukushima is the apparent outcome of Mr. Good's assertion.

Dr. Salla suggests that alien technology is not being used to help redress Fukushima because the destruction of Earth is consistent with the agenda of the aliens with which governments are collaborating, based upon Timothy Good's representation of having obtained insider information from official sources."

So, if this is true. (of course, nothing is true...I know.) either we organize a revolution against the Alien-Capitalist system, OR we submit to them. 

Truth is that we must recognize that Dr. Salla's perception puts an end to all the "they are comming" nonsense, and 

disclosure demands. 

The government will tell us nothing about aliens because they are Aliens themselves. 

Tomas Scolarici