Thursday, September 27, 2012

UFO visits the backyard of a British lady.

Ms. Forsyth, who lives in Selby, Great Britain,  had a rough time sleeping Sunday morning and thought she'd feel better if she smoked a cigarette. At 4:08 AM she  opened her back door and immediately saw a strange, bright light in the sky.

According to the Goole Howden Courier  she said that the weird artifact, obviuously of non-human origin, "looked like a disc, spinning around and flipping over. There was no sound, and it was way too fast for an aircraft. It was going crazy for a minute and a half, then just vanished."

But Lisa kept her wits about her and filmed the object and then sent the video to the press.

Great Britain seems to be a hot-bed for UFO activity during the past few months. The same goes for parts of the US like Arizona and New Mexico not to mention Mexico as well. Each day another story is published about how people are seeing strange, brightly colored, flying objects. Many of these sightings have videos as proof but the governments of the world don't seem to believe what people have said. Or do they?

Keep those eyes to the skies because something could be flying above.