Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The perpetual promise always unfulfilled.

What is a fact?

A fact is something that actually exists; reality; truth. Something known to exist or to have happened.

A fact is known by actual experience or observation; is an event known to be true.

You see, facts are always things that happen now or in the past.

 That's why those who deny the real world and instead give us imagination as factual, always talk about the future.

So, facts are for the fantasists and myth makers, events that will happen in the future.

Facts are a promise that is never fulfilled.  

The ETs will come, and the ascension will take place tomorrow, have some patience please.


Read this:

"We are planning on the Ascension Age which is named for the date to begin on December 26, 2012. We had an age ushered in on December 26, 2004 with a Tsunami after an earthquake that killed thousands. Let us all hope and pray that our positive energy believing in the Omniverse will assure us a place in history with a new beginning on this date."


Do not ask yourself what Ascension Age means. It's just New Age gibberish to keep you waiting, waiting.

Sometimes the EXO fantasists talk about events that took place in the past. Do not worry, about this because they never have evidence for those factoids, like the Time-jump of Andy Basiago when he was a kid.

Remember that if you ask for evidences, ipso facto you will be a debunker, psyop, cabal, and who knows what else.

Do you believe in the Omniverse? Of course not, since we don't even know what that Omniverse is.

But perhaps you are a light worker? If you are, please turn the light off at night. Thanks.

Please, see this video. A modern version of Macbeth (Tomorrow soliloq.)ENJOY.