Sunday, July 1, 2012

Open Letter from Atlantean Cabal to Richard Boylan, self proclaimed Councilor of Earth

What a magnificent contribution to the True Human History.
Yes, it's true, the Cabal in all his power and magnificence is old and has unlimited power.
Many times, at night, you ask yourself what happens with the Star Nations?
Ahhh, Doctor H.T., truth is that we were in contact with them 20 thousand years ago, and that contact remains. Father Boylan, you will never defeat us.
(By the way, you are 72 or 73 years old right?) Yes...time goes by.
Anyway, with the help of a couple of ladies, one thousand four hundred Star Nationals and the Source, perhaps you c an do something. (Honestly our 20 thousand years of experience have some value, right?)
You must know that we enjoy your efforts. (That's why we do not use "heavy psychic artillery")
Besides, we want to know how you will convince those few ladies that the Star Nations are active.
Dear Richard, have a great day and night, and give our regards to the ladies. Oh..! and take it easy.

Certum est quod certum reddi potest.

Supreme Atlantean Cabal Council of the Elders. Lemurian rite.
condemnant quod non intellegunt