Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Message from the Andromeda Council.

Current Changes in Our Solar System
Universe is changing, evolving and creating right in front of those of 
us who are paying attention to what's going on out there. In the next 
few years, our solar system will discover itself, stretching its 
boundaries of self awareness. Conscious life forms will make decisions 
regarding their motivations, then at some point create a vision of what 
will best serve their personal agenda, journey or growth. 

Some of these changes have already occurred on the 9th, 10th, 11th and the new 12th densities. Let us explore one probability of our solar systems future which also includes us here on 

We here on 3rd density are just beginning to experience
the feelings of change. We have not yet begun to experience the real 
movement and display of change in our galaxy as of yet. What will the 
changes be? How will we experience them, when and how? While these are 
all good questions, unfortunately, no one has all the answers yet. There
is one answer to be considered, that is by 
the end of October 2013, according to the Andromedan Council, 
all consciousness will become fourth density. 

All consciousness that is third density, whether it is on
this planet or any where else in the universe, will be fourth density 
consciousness. Some of us will be carrying fifth density light bodies, 
and we will have experienced a natural pole shift on the planet of 70 
degrees. It has been said that the new north pole would be Saudi Arabia.

We are about to discover the real power and love of Creation, Isness,
GOD, Generator of Dimensions, whatever you choose to call it. What's 
been discovered and/or experienced since March 23, 1994 in our linear 
time is that the 
essence that creates energy that we use to create and manifest our belief systems can be found both 
inside and outside our universe. 

This is the first time it has been actually discovered by other dimensional beings. The
Andromedans and other races are aware of other dimensional
universes within our universe, some that are completely physical 
universes and other dimensional time continuum. They are also aware of 
their vibratory rate and other basic elements which are completely 
different than our own universe. All this fits together, so let's break 
it down and take a closer look.

On March 23rd of 1994, nineteen suns in our 
galaxy went through pole shifts. The north and south poles of these 
particular suns experienced either a 90 degree slip or a 180 degree 
slip. The
Andromedans see this as just a beginning. Out in the 
universe this event was a very significant event, while it may not seem 
like a whole lot here just yet. This was the first time this has ever 
happened, and it all happened at once. Indications that support this are
the changes occurring in all the stars that are 8 billion years old or 
older. They also feel that 
our suns will experience a pole shift in our near future. Apparently there are things going there, but the specific's have not been shared with me yet.

This phenomenon occurred simultaneously with the emanation of a 
sound and color frequency 
being carried into the universe from all of the black holes in our known
and explored universe. For the first time that's ever been recorded, a 
sound and color vibration is actually coming out of the black holes.
Nothing has ever come out of the black holes. In fact, they crush and 
pulverize any form of energy or light whatsoever. While they are still 
doing that, at the same time, sound and color vibrations is coming out. 
What is even more mystifying is that this frequency is coded with 
program data that is effecting all of the energy frequencies and 
dimensions in the universe. 

According the Andromedans, there are 11 prime 
creational emanations in our universe. There are also evolutionary 
densities within each of the prime creational densities. Apparently, 
what is happening is that this new vibration, 
this 12th, is coming in and it is connecting in a very 
different way, all of the densities all the way down. Instead of your 
having to change your physical form to evolve into another form that is 
totally different for that particular density, my understanding is that 
based on their preliminary finding, certain souls will literally be able
to walk into the next density, instead of having to change the physical
form or the make up.

This frequency carries the color of aqua-marine on our 
third density level, and another color on the other dimensional levels. 
Evidence of this may be witnessed very soon when the rains begin and the
rainbows appear. According to the
Andromedans, we will start to see the color aqua-marine on our rainbows, so watch for this. 

Even though this frequency is only one color and one 
sound, it's different on every other dimension. The encoded frequency 
carries, from the 
Andromedan perspective, profound wisdom and change. In other 
words, prepare for a 
huge consciousness leap. It is coming whether we are ready or not. It's 
coming and it is out of everybody else's hands, as well. They are about 
to experience the same things, maybe in different ways, but they are 
about to experience them.

What will this consciousness leap really be like? 

How will we know that it has happened to us? 

Vasais has said that it will be an awareness. It will be 
sudden to some and complete in its effect. A lifting of the veil will 
occur and you will remember your true essence; you will suddenly know 
everything. To others, it will be experienced and expressed differently.
For some it will be slow, and suddenly they will realize that painting 
has been on the wall for two years, or the color of their car is white. 
Little things that suddenly they just become aware of in their 

What has been observed thus far is that this particular emanation coming from the black hole is a 
holograph that is re-integrating present dimensional levels into a
new frequency pattern. A lot of this sounds scientific, but that's how 
they (the
Andromedans) talk sometime. The Andromedans are just now 
observing the changes on their level of consciousness which are the 
levels 3 through 6. They are just beginning to feel the changes there. 
The same holographic frequency carries a different color to each 
dimension, as well as maintaining its new color integrity. 

The other colors here, what is here I do not know, it is 
not something that I can describe. My own personal experience, 
travelling with them is that once you go into forth density, fifth 
density, everything different. Totally different. There are colors there
that cannot be described, our language here is extremely limited in 
dealing with the realities that are waiting for us when we make this 
leap. So it will be the first day of school all over again.

The energy or frequency is consciously magnetic., in that
as it continues to form and build its polarity, it is drawing the 
existing primary densities up to it. In other words, the single 
frequency is responsible for the conscious evolvement of all life on all
present dimensional levels. It is drawing everything up to it. It 
contains profound awareness, it is starting to filter down into the 
lower levels of our densities. It has apparently changed the awareness 
level of the 11th, 10th and 9th densities radically, in a very short time.

This new density also carries individual conscious awareness. 
New souls have appeared developed in awareness beyond anything known
in our universe. A lot of this information comes from dimensional 
beings higher that are talking with the
Andromedans, because the Andromedans can't be there for 
themselves to see it. These 
new souls have not made contact with any beings on any density as of 
yet. They are in an observational mode. They may be the real first 
angels of our universe. There is no name given to them as of yet, 
because nobody knows what they are. They haven't attached anything to 
them yet, as far as a label, or a symbol, or anything.

Because of this new frequency evolvement of all 
consciousness has been sped up ten-fold from its normal evolvement 
state. A lot of you are experiencing things just moving very quickly, on
all kinds of different levels. This frequency does no carry a balance 
of positive and negative polarities. This fact implies a specific 
purpose and direction. What that exactly is at present is unknown. All 
that is known is that everything is being drawn up into a higher 
consciousness almost overnight. In their terms overnight, to us years, 
because things move a lot slower here.

This shift, or ascension,
for a lack of a better word, is occurring at four other universes at 
the same time and in similar fashion. Completely different physical 
universe are experiencing the same thing. We on the Earth are going to 
become much more aware of how unique our planet is in our galaxy. We are
all going to receive an increase of awareness on our individual 
environments. Many people will feel a very strong impulse to leave the 
cities and move into rural areas. When I was given this information, I 
was given the rest of this, and it is predominately about us, based on 
the fact that everything has been sped up.

We are all about to discover who we really are. Not only 
true spiritual being of essence, by 
also our physical-ness. We are all experiencing in some form the 
pressures of crisis both inside us and around the world. We are in a 
time or period of technological leaps and discoveries beyond our wildest
dreams. We are also experiencing philosophical understanding which will
result in the change of all of the world's religions to a very personal
relationship with self, nature, and creation. We have also created an 
ecological disaster that is absolutely going to require the attention of
everyone, in order to pull it through. 

This will help to unite most of the common man with the 
good of humanity. Why are all of these happening at the same time? Part 
of it has to do with the changes we've already discussed. But also, the 
fact remains that it is time for humanity to leap on a conscious level. 
It was time anyway. We were moving in that direction anyway, long before
this started to occur. So we can't blame it on anything else, it was 
happening anyway. Its just now that someone has pushed the accelerator 
for us.

Our physical form has been holding us back because of 
misplaced genetic coding or manipulation done to us hundreds of 
thousands of years ago by extraterrestrials for
Orion and Draconis. No folks, they tell if just the way it is, so
take if, if it feels right, great, if it doesn't, you can put it on the
shelf or something. It's time to grow - Now. In fact, yesterday it was 
time to grow. Planetarily speaking, 
our growth has been on hold by forces that fear change. That's our present government, that's the 
Orion Group which are a group of extraterrestrials, 
the Greys (DOW) and Draconis. 

They have literally been holding this planet back,
not only this one, but 21 others in our galaxy who are having to deal 
with the same kind of garbage that we have been dealing with. Who are 
just now beginning to find out, on some level, about how much they have 
been manipulated as well. So we are not the only ones. 

This is the restlessness that we all feel. Most are experiencing feelings and are seeing that our 
religious systems, political, as well as social and economic systems have not really evolved individually
or interactively with each other to the point where they are serving 
the purpose foe which they were created. In other words, we are seeing a
lot of things simply falling apart. 

And particularly in our country you are seeing our 
government just throwing money at it. But that's not going to fix it. 
And actually is making it worse. Instead of reorganizing it and spending
the time to figure out what the needs of the people are, they are just 
throwing more money at it, and saying that'll fix it. And its happening 
all over the world. On different levels. We all know we need to 
cooperate together as a global family. But we are very suspicious of all
leadership of this global government and/or family. And very well we 
should be. It cannot be trusted. What is in place now absolutely cannot 
be trusted.

We as a race, in the most fundamental way, are going to 
experience the most all encompassing perception and understanding of who
we are as individuals and as a global race. In other words, 
big shifts are coming. Big shifts, that are going to totally change our 
perspectives on how we look at ourselves, how we look at our day to day 
lives, to look at what we are doing with our lives, what our goals are, 
everything is going to change. Radically, 
and in a very short time period.
What will this awareness be? 

It will be an awareness that in our efforts to always 
strive forward and create technology, comfort, and advertised packaged 
answers for all of our problems, we ran over our past on a freeway of 
ridicule and contempt, and enduring suppression of our ancient legends 
and myths. We can not know where we are going unless we can fully 
appreciate where we've been. And there is so much denial apparently on 
where we've been that that's one of the reasons we are lost as a 

it does not fix the control patterns or program patterns of those in 
control here. In other words, if it empowers us not them. It is time 
that our past as a planetary race was genetically created by 
extraterrestrial races. 

To shed light on all contradiction that we find in our ancient history and on our present identity.