Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mutual Deception in Ufology

Some of those who follow the "revelations" of charlatans and cosmic gurus, send us messages justifying their irrational adherence to the charlatans' nonsense.

In these emails  the true-believers recognize that those ET messages are more or less elaborated fiction, but they enjoy those fairy-tales without believing in them.

In a few cases the justification was just pity..! Not so true-believers let me know that the questioned contactee is an old man or woman, and that even if what he or she says is obviously fiction, they let the fantasists believe that they believe in all that nonsense.

This shows the situation of a dialogue between gurus and followers, based in mutual deception.

The relationship between self proclaimed contactees and some members of their groups consists in a mutual lack of confidence that of course remains undisclosed.  

The Guru believes that his followers are stupid enough to believe in him/her, but truth is that the followers let the "Guide" believe that they believe in him.