Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Those who are ready will see.

A beautiful dancer is dying in a lawless city. Her supply of food is destroyed by an astonishing parasite. With the help of a stubborn outcast, she must uncover a secret in order to avert disaster and save her adopted people.
A shadow will battle the invisible warrior in the Twilight Garden.
The fate of the world depends on the outcome.
The end time charted by the passageways of the Great Pyramid in the forgotten beach indicates the year 2032 for the beginning of a dreadful chaos.
Another king shall arise in the west, born from the exile, the over thrower and destroyer of the human race.
A clergyman conveyed in the dark corners where black monoliths are taken: Their progenitors will create completion of the execution before dying.
In the outskirts of the Moon Sphinx an enhancement of the contrast will brought recognition, but a war will begin, to last twice seven years and one.