Friday, September 16, 2011

Fwd: Richard Boylan denies his own credibility..!

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From: James Black <>
Date: Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 4:05 PM
Subject: Richard Boylan proclaims he is unreliable.

Dr. Richard Boylan used and abused his presumed psychic powers many times: Thanks to his "readings" he banned members of the UFOfacts group, pointing them as "cabals".

Without giving any rational evidence, he wrote about alien bases, star ships, cabal paraphernalia, conspiracies and future events. The credibility of the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth was untouchable. Any doubt about his statements was forbidden.

Now however, he recognizes that the "cabal" masked and confused my attempts to get accurate readings of those "five future quakes". 

But there is more: Boylan writes that the Cabal projected yet another recent false impression into Fran's mind, supposedly from Star Nations: that a mothership would make an appearance over a large American city this October.   

In his own words, the "councilor" informs  that even Fran, the Incarnated Mantis, is under control of talented Cabal Psychics.

Obviously, if this is so, all his readings are meaningless and the credibility of the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth is CERO. 

Why should anyone believe his future "readings" if he proclaims himself unreliable?



 Boylan's post in UFOfacts



  Long ago last year my close associate Fran told me that she received a message from Star Nations advising of a series of very large quakes to occur in the Appalachians this year in early September, 4, 5, 6, 7, 2011, with an aftershock. I posted this advance notice.

    When these quakes did not occur, I have been prompted today to look into that "prediction" and subsequent developments. 
    What I discovered today is that Fran was the target last year of sophisticated Cabal psychic thought intrusions, (which continued). 
    And not by just any old Cabal psychics, but ironically by those at the Cabal Super-Psychics Arch-Coven at Syczyrk, Poland, and at the 544th Intelligence Air Force Base, Colorado Springs. (These are the two groups which my Inner Team took out with a pair of Team Joint Psychic Exercises on June 29th and June 27th respectively this year.) Not soon enough. 
    These are, of course, not the only talented Cabal psychics; they are others left who have been in action since my Team took out the Arch Coven and the 544th Intel Group.
    The Cabal's psychics knew in advance last year about that 5.9 large quake which occurred August 23 this year at Mineral, Virginia, adjacent to the North Anna Nuclear Power Station. 
    They very cleverly superimposed the psychic impression of "five very large quakes in early September" adjacent to the real quite-large 5.9 quake in late August, so that the energy signature of that late-August 5.9 quake would "support", and disguise the non-existence of, any attempted reading of the supposed "five early-September large quakes". Thus making the Cabal deception harder to detect.
    To further complicate detecting any deception, these additional findings I discovered today have emerged.
    That Cabal Earthquake-Engineering Relay Station near Summersville, WV, which my Inner Team deactivated with our Team Joint Psychic Exercise on Sept. 10, was real. And the correlated Cabal earthquake-engineering elements of the originating negative-gravity field transmitter at Sandia National Labs, Albuquerque, and the terminal receiving devices placed down vertical shafts deep into the earth, (and which the Summersville Relay Station relays the scalar energy package from Sandia to), are real. (See 1st attachment for Summersville Relay Station.)
    The Cabal have emplaced at least five such deep-shaft devices at the five locations which I mistakenly dowsed as the epicenters of the "early September" quakes. It was easier for me to dowse those as future earthquake sites because the Cabal has prepared those sites as the location of potential future Cabal-engineered earthquakes, if such fit into their overall plans for chaos operations. 
    Once again the energy signatures of "emplaced devices" and "intended future quakes" masked and confused my attempts to get accurate readings of those "five future quakes". 
    When the first four "predicted" early-September earthquakes didn't happen, Cabal psychics then telepathically transmitted the idea that the September 10th Quake would soak up all the energy of the quakes which didn't happen and consolidate it into a 10.1 Super-Quake. They psychically focused this false impression onto their Petersburg, WV emplaced-device site, and thus induced me to mis-dowse that site as the location of the Super-Quake. (See 2nd attachment map.)
    The Cabal psychics also continued to put into Fran's and James's and my minds that the date of the Super-Quake kept creeping from Sept. 7 to Sept. 10, to Sept. 11, and to Sept. 12. 
    Only today (9/13) have I been prompted to step back, reexamine everything, and put before you the readings and conclusions I now have derived with hindsight. 
    Not content with this disinformation-fear-confusions ops, the Cabal projected yet another recent false impression into Fran's mind, supposedly from Star Nations: that a mothership would make an appearance over a large American city this October.    

    Trusting this supposed future-viewing, I as Councillor selected the city as Philadelphia, and the date as United Nations Day, and asked "Star Nations" through Fran if those were agreeable, and got an affirmative answer. (All false and deceptive impressions from the Cabal psychics, it turns out.) Thus, no mothership will park over any American city this Fall that I have any reliable knowledge of.
    (By the way, I rescanned that future-vision from associate June about a mothership parking low over Cleveland in the Fall of 2013, and 
that event continues to read as real and truthful.)

     The Cabal brilliantly and deceptively achieved their principal objective: the utter trashing of my credibility, especially at the U.S. Government level, so that the US Government would never want to deal with me as Councillor of Earth. 
    The Cabal will do _anything_ to keep Star Nations official diplomatic relations from commencing with the U.S. Government, and then with the United Nations; and thus the Cabal have tried to take out Star Nations' diplomatic designee, the Councillor of Earth. 
    They have unsuccessfully tried multiple times to assassinate me. They keep trying innumerable times to character-assassinate me. But now they have succeeded in trashing my credibility with some, including in Washington.

    So, now I have some apologies to make to the public and the members of my several groups: an apology for any confusion and upset occasioned by the Cabal earthquake deceptions which I unwittingly passed on.  


    What does the future hold? I do not know.
    But I do know it will be a much steeper and more difficult path. 

    in the light,

    Richard Boylan, Ph.D, Councillor of Earth