Sunday, September 25, 2011

Alfred Webre .Same old trick.

This is how irrational Ufology works.
Alfred Webre  tells us that the Republicans (and Obama) evade ET disclosure. So, if you don´t practice the simple art of thinking, you will believe that the ET presence in our planet is a fact. But the only problem is that there is nothing to disclose.

Let me suggest some similar statements.

ONU evades the disclosure of Fairies.
GOP evades the disclosure of Ghosts.
NASA evades the disclosure of Santa Bases in the Arctic. 
DEMOCRATS evade the disclosure of Unicorns.

Sounds nice...makes some selected ignoramuses believe that there is something they know and keep secret.
There is no such thing. 
The UFO phenomenon exists from the beginning of times, and THERE IS NOT A SINGLE EVIDENCE of extraterrestrial origin. If you have such EVIDENCE, please SHOW IT TO US, rational, adult people.


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