Friday, June 3, 2011

Dr.Richard Boylan's messages about torture to his star kids group..!

Boylan is well old enough to know better than to promote such things. A responsible person, especially someone who was a doctor and still claims same should not be promoting visions of torture, or sexually oriented messages on a star kids group where not only 17 year olds but much younger children read the messages. I have seen enough messages of this nature he mailed to starkids hangout group as well as his adult group. In fact this message talking about horrible mutilation was also sent to the kids group. This is abuse and is been investigated.


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This report will share with you a zero-advance-notice Emergency Joint Psychic Exercise we conducted May 29 during the Star Kids & Star Seeds Advanced Workshop in Philadelphia, and why.

The circumstances were such that we had to spring into immediate action, with no time to send out over the Internet any notice of the JPE for others to join us.

Here is what happened.

During lunch on Day Two of the Workshop, teen Star Kid Tabi, 17 got a sudden flash image placed into her consciousness by Star Nations. It was a most disturbing imagery. She was shown that at that moment, in a U.S. state whose outline she was shown and the name of which begins with a W, a young boy Short Zeta was being tortured by Cabal operatives. The form of torture is that they had cut off his arm midway between his wrist and his elbow. And the operatives were not done torturing. They were prepared to keep cutting his body into pieces until his parents, also held captive there, provided advanced technology information which the Cabal coveted and wanted to turn into weaponized form.

Star Nations flashed this scene into Tabi's mind so she would alert me and the other Star Seeds attending the Workshop to spring into action.

We quickly left the eatery and walked back to our hotel and to its courtesy computer center. With Tabi's guidance, I determined that the state outline she was shown was Wyoming - its southwest section. I called up computer satellite imagery of Wyoming, and used down-sized dowsing rods placed near the computer screen to narrow down the location of this atrocity to its precise location.

That location of the Cabal underground installation where this horror was occurring was just south of the Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport's Runway 9/27; (precise coordinates: a location 765 feet directly south (233 m) of a position 1970 feet (600 m) to the west of the eastern end of Runway 9/27. The satellite photo revealed that the installation was not above ground, therefore underground, and situated underneath some low scrub hills running near the southern boundary of the airport.

We hurried downstairs and reconvened the Star Kids/Seeds Workshop into an emergency-session Joint Psychic Exercise. Everyone agreed to participate. And Star Nations assured us of their co-participation. Fran provided real-time remote-viewing of the underground room where the boy was suffering.

I divided the attendees into three action groups. One undertook to send psychic healing and comfort to the tortured boy. A second group provided psychic shielding of the boy from any further torturing. A third group undertook to create havoc in the installation, for instance telekinetically disrupting electrical power, and pyro-kinetically igniting paper in wastebaskets to set off fire alarms and generate smoke. Fran reversed the installation's automatic door-closing mechanism (upon outside intrusion) so that instead the doors all opened up.

Star Nations sent down a rapid extraction team to rescue the Zeta boy and his family and whisk them off and up into a waiting starcraft to take them home. While in transit the Zeta crewed reattached the boy's severed arm and did rapid healing of the injury site, leaving it, as Fran put it, "as good as new".

After the Cabal personnel in the facility evacuated to escape the fires, Star Nations destroyed the installation.

Thus, the Cabal failed yet again in their efforts to capture, bully, and forcibly extort information from Star Visitors.


Star Nations: 1

Cabal: 0.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.