Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Will Aliens reveal themselves openly to Humankind?

This question comes from a friend of mine: Will Aliens reveal themselves openly to Humankind?
Those aliens are presumably the entities that are behind the UFO phenomenon, the ufonauts in the words of James Black.
Aliens are ruled by the 9th house, and some modern astrologers suggest that extraterrestrials are signified by Uranus.
Planets and stars must tell me more about this, I think.
The first house always rules the querent and looking for the Ascendant we see it at 6 Libra 55’, so that the ruler is Venus and also as Mars and the Moon.
If we consider the 9th house which is in Gemini for the aliens, we have Mercury as ruler of the question itself.
Venus, ruler of the aliens 9th house conjuncts the Fixed Star Vega, and this conjunction tells us about entities that are hard-hearted, cold and miserly and suggests ugliness or deformity.
Mercury in the sixth house of service, illness and servitude, applies for a trine with Mars, so indeed we have a very concrete contact between rulers of querent and quesited houses. This shows a positive answer to our question.
Venus not only conjuncts the evil star mentioned above, but also conjuncts Pluto, a planet related to chaos, conflagrations and nuclear energy. Both planets are in the 4th house which in Horary Astrology rules the end of the matter.
Moon is very strong here, in her own sign Cancer, separating from an opposition to Venus and applying to a square with Mars, so she is translating the light between these two signifiers.
Also we must consider that all the planets ruling this question are angular, and therefore strong even if afflicted.
The answer is YES, these aliens will reveal themselves to humanity
(Please remember that in Horary Astrology with more than 4 thousand years of experience, we do not see what we want, but what is there.)