Sunday, November 17, 2013

Horary Astrology and contact between Extraterrestrial Intelligences and Humans.

James Black, knowing my experience as astrologer, formulates the following question:
Are extraterrestrial intelligences in contact with humans on our own planet?

This is of course a question for Horary Astrology which is very ancient and also very accurate art. It deals with specific questions and replies with specific answers. 
The horary chart is calculated by the astrologer at the time he receives the question and understands it clearly.

The first house of the horoscope represents always the querent, that is the individual who makes the question. In this case the question (quesited) points to the 9 house which rules the space, aliens, higher learning and superior intelligence between similar other things.

We can see that the Ascendant of the chart is in Cancer and conjuncts with a powerful angular Jupiter, and this planet is also the natural ruler of the nine house..!

The Moon, which rules Cancer, where Jupiter is found, applies to a sextile with Uranus, co-ruler of aliens, universal life and Cosmos.
However, Moon is conjunct to a very malefic star called Algol, and also Jupiter is retrograde, and retrograde planets represent show retreats that contradict original plans.

The Moon is also applying to a square, an evil aspect to Mars, a well known planetary expression of wars tensions and conflicts. Jupiter trine to Saturn talks about distrust
So, my interpretation is this one:
The answer is positive. There are contacts between ET intelligences and humans, but we also can see that these contacts are conflictive and uneasy. Also there are unclear intentions but it’s possible that prudence and some form of understanding perhaps unsatisfactory will prevail at last. Also there are many things that humans ignore or cannot understand.