Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DR. Michael Salla denial of Extraterrestrial existence..!


Everything that Dr. Michael Salla says and writes about extraterrestrials is based only in a possibility. As you will read below, Dr Salla recognizes this.

But what is a possibility? This is the definition of the word.

Possibility is the condition or fact of being possible. The Latin origins of the word hint at ability. Possibility also refers to something that "could happen", that is not precluded by the facts, but usually not probable.

Dr. Michael Salla wrote in his article Misperceptions and fables about Exopolitics :

“There has recently been a number of misperceptions and fables circulated about leading figures in exopolitics, and of the exopolitics movement in general. These misperceptions stem from a diverse number of criticisms over claims that intelligent life was recently proven to exist on Mars; lack of support for the Billy Meier case; or for supporting the claims of Alex Collier. In response to these criticisms, I need to first point out that exopolitics is a distinct disciplinary approach that rises beyond belief in the authenticity of any single case, whether it be whistleblower, contactee, UFO sighting event, document, NASA imagery, psychic source, or researcher for that matter. EXOPOLITICS IS SIMPLY THE STUDY OF THE POLITICAL ACTORS, PROCESSES AND INSTITUTIONS CONCERNING EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE. THAT DEFINITION OF EXOPOLITICS DOES NOT PRESUPPOSE THE EXISTENCE OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE, ONLY THE POSSIBILITY OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE. Those interested in exopolitical analysis consider ALL evidentiary sources pertinent to extraterrestrial life whether as a theoretical possibility; credible evidence; or concrete facts covered up by various government and corporate entities. While cooperation in the exopolitics field is highly desirable, unanimity is neither necessary nor healthy. What follows is my personal reaction to some of the criticisms that have emerged, and the misperceptions and fables upon which they are based.”

This confession denies absolutely everything that Dr. Michael Salla writes about Extraterrestrial existence and presence as a fact.