Thursday, May 3, 2012

Richard Boylan was wrong, as usual.

As always, Richard Boylan, was wrong. The massive eruption of Mexican Volcano Popocatepetl he predicted, didn't happen at  5.30 EDT.

In the list of Boylan's failures we have earthquakes, eruptions, tsunamis and similar catastrophes.

He will now find one of two justifications: either the Cabal stopped Popocatepetl eruption, or the Altimarians did this.  ( Altimarians and Cabal can be found only inside the mind of Boylan. Both are products of his imagination.)

We must recognize that the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth is the worst prophet in the whole web.

Included is the message of the "councilor"


[UFOFacts] Warning: major explosive eruption of Popocatepetl Volcano Wednesday around 4:30 pm, CDT 1

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012 4:02 PM



    This photo of Volcano Popocatepetl was taken right before noon, Central Daylight Time (CDT) today.

    Tomorrow, Thursday, Popocatepetl will erupt explosively around 4:30 pm, CDT with a force greater than that which devastated Mount St. Helens!

   4:30 pm CDT (Mexico City; Chicago) equals 5:30 pm, EDT (New York); and 2:30 pm, PDT (Los Angeles), and 21:30 hrs., Greenwich Mean Time (UTC).

    Please advise any Mexican authorities you may know and anyone living in villages near Popocatepetl to move away before tomorrow, Thursday afternoon (03 May).

    Thank you.


    Richard Boylan, Ph.D, Councillor of Earth