Monday, December 19, 2011

The revolution has nothing to do with serial liars and imaginary ET.

Here we have real disinformation and manipulation. 
People in the streets are fighting for their rights, and against a system of exploitation and abuse, and
this revolution has nothing to do with the rants of Richard Boylan.

This revolution is human, and has nothing to do with cabals, aliens or serial liars and abusers.
Obviously, the capitalist system is in crisis, and the people’s fight will have the last word of redemption integrity and freedom.
We, the citizens of the world, will defeat the merchants of War, Hunger and Inequality.

We, Humans, will fight for real justice against the forces of greed, darkness and hypocrisy.
The real cabal, Dr. Richard Boylan, is Capitalism; and the greed of Corporations, Banks and multibillionaires has nothing to do with your fantasies.  

Friends of Truth