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Fwd: [RationalUFOLOGY] How to buy good books about UFOs.

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Subject: [RationalUFOLOGY] How to buy good books about UFOs.
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How to buy good books about UFOs.
First of all read the title. If it looks sensationalist and sounds like a class B propaganda of pulp fiction, put the book back in its place between Tarot manuals, Haunted Houses, Easy Magic for Housewives and How to talk with Angels.
If the title seems serious, just open the book.
If you see the words "Roswell", "Betty and Barney Hills", "Adamski" or "contactees", waste your time no more.
The book (, as most of those about Unidentified Flying Objects,) are a repetition of the same inventions, anecdotic stories, unreliable whistle blowers and "contactees". In other words, those who "know about UFO and Aliens" are writing the same book ever since the 50's.
Open Charlatanism
Beware of those who write presumed messages from the Extraterrestrials. Read one of those messages and you will understand how the thing works. Those messages are a blend of occultism, religion and pseudoscience, with a touch of "How To…" nonsense.
Close that literary concoction as soon as possible and keep the money on your pocket.
By the way, do not believe in whistle-blowers. Write the names of these well-informed Sergeants and anonymous Colonels and do some Google.
You will find that the Internet gives you the same "knowledge" than the book for free.
Tomas Scolarici
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