Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fran, the Incarnated Mantis, is back in Richard Boylan’s group.

Fran Obsidian Harris, known as the Incarnated Estican Mantis and Star Nations Councilor is back into UFOfacts group.

There are several suggestions about her return to Boylan’s group.

1) Fran mission is to substitute a defeated and out of control Boylan as Star Nations Representative and Councilor.

2) Fran was recruited by the Cabal, and she will work against the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth.

3) Fran will help B. to turn the mythology of the Star Nations into a comfortable cult that doesn’t require shows or predictions that never work.

Here is her first new message posted in UFOfacts:

Yes, I'm back! This message is two-fold..

First of all, interesting site. However, I think that Judy Carroll needs to learn to clean her language up a bit. Unless she states that it was the publisher that inserted the "grey" into the work. I would think she knows better than to stoop to that level.

Secondly, interesting time out. And talk about having henchmen of the power elite cabal writing to you after leaving WOW! Certainly brings them out. And what Lies they spew! I do not want to be around when their Karna hits them.

Enough about that.. well time to get to work. Take care all.

L & P in Service