Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Richard Boylan ANTISEMITISM?

This message from the Jewish Tradition Protection :

In Jewish culture Kabala means reception, that is the Knowledge that is given from mouth to Ear, that is also known as the TRADITION. This tradition, in Judaism, is a discipline and school of thought concerned with Jewish Mysticism.

Cabbala is a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between an eternal Creator and the universe (His creation.)

Kabbalah originally developed entirely within the realm of Jewish thought, and constantly uses classical Jewish sources to explain and demonstrate its esoteric teachings.

In the XVII and XVIII Century, the apparition of organized Antisemitism produced the synonym.

Those who meet to discuss the Jewish Mystical Though (the Cabbala) became the “cabalists”, the “Elders of Sion”.

Those cabalists ,in anti-Semitic circles, were not wise Rabbis anymore, but Jewish conspirators.

Consequently, the words Cabal and Cabalist, have a clear, historical ANTI_SEMITIC content, and must be suppressed, as was suppressed the repulsive word “nigger” for the African-American people.

Those who insult the Jewish Mysticism as a conspiratorial activity are, indeed ANTI-SEMITICS

and must be repudiated as crypto-Nazis.

Jewish Tradition Organization.