Thursday, July 23, 2009

EXOS against EXOS and the Big Hoax.

Dr. Salla sent this post to his groups, showing again that in the EXO Universe,
Everything is just a big Show, and the Circus has no more value than a big Hoax.



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The message at the end of my letter, circulated on the Internet by Michael
Horn, U.S.
media representative for reported UFO contactee Billy Meier, is an Internet

I am not presenting any material on UFO/ET abductions at the European
Exopolitics Summit. My topic is Exopolitics and Solar Cycle 24: 2009-2020.

I have spoken to Dr. Michael Salla and Paola Harris, and the topics they are
presenting at the Summit are:

Ranking Evidentiary Sources Of Ufo/Extraterrestria l Information For Public
Policy Analysis (Dr. Salla)

Establishing The Protocols For Contact: The Einstein And Oppenheimer Letter
(Paola Harris)

Exopolitics As A New Paradigm For Analyzing U.S.
And International Public Policy Concerning Extraterrestrial Life (Dr.Salla)

Thank you.

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, Med


Sitges Spain

July 23, 2009




A Special Message to the members of Exopolitics World Network (EWN).

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Subject: Major announcement from Exopolitics leaders: Evidence proving Alex
Collier real Andromedan contactee to be presented at opening of
European Exopolitics Summit

Dr. Michael Salla and Paola Harris now free to present startling proof
they've had to keep secret for years
July 21, 4:14 PM
Exopolitics World Network Offices

With mounting pressure on some leaders of Exopolitics from certain critics
in the UFO field to provide proof of their well researched claims, the
European Exopolitics Summit has been chosen as the venue at which such proof
will finally be revealed to the entire world.

For years courageous researchers, Dr. Michael Salla and Paola Harris, have
stood steadfastly in support of Alex Collier being a genuine UFO contactee
and his lifelong contacts with several beings from the Andromea
galaxy. They, along with Mr. Collier, have endured harsh criticism by
uninformed persons, while they alone were privy to the real evidence in Mr.
Collier's possession.

In order to not prematurely reveal too much information, several years ago
Dr. Salla and Ms. Harris only provided Mr. Collier's predictions, as the
best evidence of his authenticity. While they knew that this would draw the
fire and the ire of critics, they also knew that the time wasn't right to
put Mr.. Collier's hundreds of clear photos and films of the Andromedan space
craft, some taken decades ago, on the table. Nor was it time for them to
bring forth his other physical evidence, the testimony of dozens of
eyewitnesses, or the volumes of specific, important and prophetically
accurate information that the Andromedans had entrusted to Mr. Collier, some
since his childhood. All of this effort was deemed necessary in order to
prevent certain intelligence agencies from prematurely interfering in
disclosure, as well as endangering Mr. Collier's life.

Due to his still being under intense surveillance, it isn't known yet if
Alex Collier himself will be able to attend this historic event, where a
human being from earth is absolutely proven to be in contact with
extraterrestrials. However, if not in person, Mr. Collier will narrate and
describe each piece of his stunningly clear evidence (which is now safely
under guard) in a live TV hookup from a secure location. And with Dr. Salla
and Ms. Harris also presenting extensive eyewitness testimonies for all the
world to see, it's certain that they too will finally be recognized
as courageous leaders who have risked their entire professional and personal
reputations in support of Mr. Collier.

While this is certain to be a focal point of the

, and of worldwide news coverage, additional vitally important evidence will
be presented by Alfred Webre. Also for the first time, Mr. Webre will reveal
the evidence heretofore only known only to him and a small number of other
people, which is proof of the actual existence of benevolent
extraterrestrials who have, for some time, been literally walking among us
here on earth. He will also present documentation that contains the names of
many of the one billion human beings who have been abducted by negative
aliens, as well as disturbing, graphic proof about the Reptilians that have
been abducting and eating large numbers of children who have, until now,
simply been presumed to be "missing". (Actual photographs, and many other
pieces of physical evidence, of both the benevolent and Reptilian aliens
will be presented by Mr. Webre as proof positive of the unimpeachable
truthfulness of his recently published exposes of the alien presence on

With the European Exopolitics Summit providing the perfect opportunity for
momentous revelations such as these, a new era of openness in
disclosure will begin, putting in perspective the relationship of the alien
presence to matters that recently have grabbed international headlines, even
including the upheaval in Iran, the U.S. economy, the Swine Flu, etc.

The voices of the critics will be silenced once and for all, as the
abundant, irrefutable evidence validating the claims of Mr. Collier and the
leaders of Exopolitics will now be presented to the public.

For the latest updates leading up to the

: http://www.exopolit icseurope. com/

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