Sunday, June 28, 2009


Andrew Hennessey

We often come across the internet jungle Discordians – like chaos merchants hungry for controversy and the disease of their contradictions. Their victims are seen outpouring and in fits of self-vindication and we often note their artificially created bouts of credibility spouting amongst the injured parties they so unreasonably attack.
Very often we all might knowingly smile and say aha .. its some paid and educated spook or agent provocateur of the Corporations or some well-groomed MK'd member of a space cult.

I would like to present another alternative to those explanations.

I hypothesise that the people engaged in surreal and contradictory behaviour are either partly or wholly subsumed by the dark Reptilian mind or are themselves dark Reptilian.
What is a dark Reptilian one might ask ?
A dark Reptilian is a being who when fully juiced up with life energy can bi-locate, create multiples or doppelgangers, and who can easily flit between the resonant dimensional islands and curtains just beyond the human perception and who practises predatory life draining telepathy.
The dark Reptilian [Anunnaki or Nephilim] being disconnected from the loving Way of the Father and His family does not absorb free energy in abundance from the Source like the uptake of water from a rooted vine [John 15] – they instead have massively invested themselves in predatory feeding mechanisms and artefact storage devices and walled themselves in against the ocean of love and light and are a vampiric and predatory consciousness.
When and if they run out of juice, energy slaves and full storage devices – they no doubt die – so part of their racial and Imperial commitment is to hatch out as many ancestral swamp lackeys as they possibly can in their endless quest to eat the Universe and everybody elses good stuff.

You can see the research on their Phoenix rising from the Human ashes stuff at

All good beings including good Reptilians do not have to ever worry about Gods abundant love and life as being the love that they are – are never wanting for power and never find themselves without God's blessing – their cup is always running over.

With that in mind therefore dark beings e.g. some Greys and Reptilians have evolved clever ploys to milk the eternal stream of life and love.
[see also Nigel Kerner's The Song of the Greys]
To that end they gather up the creative lives they acquire during phases of conquest and successful cultural assimilations – where they can detach a batch of beings from their connectivity with the Source.
They then set up special planets full of dysfunctional tools, society and social processes and fabrics which they artificially maintain in a cul de sac status and they put the more juicy relatively connected creative souls into dysfunctional DNA straightjackets made of stuff that the Reptilian HU call Men.
These HUman beings, partially blinded by their sensory dysfunction and social disorientation and also invisible interstellar class hardware blanking out their memories and the re-emergence of their real identities – struggle against the unwieldy nature of their underperforming beings – whilst paragons of alien excellence effortlessly swan about in the same time space performing secret and abundant miracles of processing, acrobatics, lightspeed body movement etc at sports and trades and crafts.
The rules of time space and the alleged laws of motion and momentum of handicapped human physics only seem to apply to the handicapped Humans.
I note that on one list a lady was proud to announce that she read the intentions and being behind each email and could visualise each writer as a container from which she would go round and sup their essences .. disconcertingly she would always ask how U were – where U instead of you seemed more symbolic of a container than of a loving soul.
See also the research of Matt Delooze on Reptilian essence collection.
In this jungle atmosphere – Earth therefore is the ideal restaurant and diner for trainee vampires. Young, nerdy and somewhat immature their chaotic behaviour isn't actually so chaotic.

It can be logically shown with a simple model of associations and some sentential logic to be a feeding mechanism.
Here are some things that a HUman is and that the inner core X of what we are connects with the world via various tools and processes and objects Y that we invest in … e.g. a lot of our spirit goes into some of these things. XY

The HUman being is all of X
unconscious HUman with spiritual and psychological energy investments
X1[x1, x2, x3, x4 …xn]
conscious HUman with worldly associations and external expressions and investments e.g.
X2[ya-x1, yb-x2, yc-x3, y4-x4 …yx] where Y is the stuff we like to do with our assets and abilities in the world.

The Repto soul-stripper or vampire in order to milk us requires a contradiction and negation of one of our worldly assertions from the set of Y
e.g. suppose we assert that our video camera e.g. worldly object y4 is really great and that it takes the best video pictures on Earth and that that video camera embodies and is an analogy for all of our lifes capacities and our assumed and intended status.
In order to collect on the investment x4 – the soul juice that drives our extension into the world the Repto soul stripper would have to provably assert NOT y4 [my Video Camera is a no no.] e.g. by use of empirical and obvious counterexamples.
Once the Reptilian feeding spike has been thrust into the locality where x4y4 is visible – then the communally perceived sudden and rapid depletion of credibility of the target HUman would provoke an unconscious and also conscious bout of outpouring as the HUman soul energy equilibrium reasserted itself.
During this outpouring and vindication phase, the HUman is being milked by the Reptilian.

An Introduction to Soul Stripping on Earth
stripping our eternity
invasive telepathy
alien strippers

The only Way out of this soul matrix is faith in Christ – that is to love one another, respect yourself and love God as you would love yourself and others.
If we do not engage the set of worldly objects and its associations and alleged values – we are immune to the milking process – in stealth mode.
John 3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

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